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  • Tender Young Alice.... (ffg/f whipping tort anal nearsnuff)  (85k)
    (date posted: Saturday, June 14, 2003)

    ... with the back of her hand lightly caresses nipples, belly, pubis. Amy's legs spread of their own accord and Alice uses her oral skills on Amy's pussy." Oh, God, I AM lesbian," Amy cries. She cums, completely against her will...  a whole new dimension. Liss squealed when Alice first kissed her nipples. Always a quick study, Liss kissed back. The two teens traded kisses and touches while Miss Jones shifted in the chair only enough to get a bit more comfortable. Dee assisted in relieving Alice...  a whole new dimension. Liss squealed when Alice first kissed her nipples. Always a quick study, Liss kissed back. The two teens traded kisses and touches while Miss Jones shifted in the chair only enough to get a bit more comfortable. Dee assisted in relieving Alice... 
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  • Joey.... (M/b, incest, anal, oral, rape, b/d, milking)  (38k)
    (date posted: Sunday, November 20, 2011)

    ...* * Hi, my name's Joey and my daddy is a very, very dirty pedo. I used to call him that to his face, but for some reason saying that would make my little peepee get so stiff, and then daddy would grab me and fuck me. I'm only seven years old, so I'm way too little to always be getting fucked by a cock as big as daddy's. But he says he has to do it because I'm always getting stiffies. Mine's not even two inches long, though and doesn't have any hair on it like grown-up man cocks. It's so embarrassing and I try not to get stiffies, but I can't help it around daddy. He's always acting so perverted and always has his cock sticking out of his pants real hard and drippy, showing off what a big one he's got. He even took the zippers off most of his pants, because he says they get on his nerves and he doesn't need them anyway. He even shows it off when we go into town. He just wears these tight sweatpants with no underwear so everyone can see his big cock and balls and everything. He always gets a big smelly wet spot on the front of them where his cock leaks his fuck sauce, but he doesn't even bother to cover it up. Whenever he ... 
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  • For The Love of My Daughter.... (dad/9yold daugh/pedo/)  (32k)
    (date posted: Sunday, February 11, 2001)

    ...daughter, Becky, was the most important thing in the world to me. I did everything with her. I changed her when she was a baby and bathed her, I attended all her ballet recitals, I watched every one of her little league games, etc. There was no part of my daughter's life that I was not a part of. She was my whole meaning for existence and the only reason I put up with my wife whose love for me had grown cold over the years. Samantha, my wife, was everything that Becky was not. She was mean spirited, nasty, cold hearted and an awful woman to live with, but unfortunately she hid all of these sides of her character until after Becky was born. I could have accepted all of that, but she was mean to our daughter as well and I could not accept that. It was only a matter of time until the love I felt for my daughter and that she felt for me blossomed into something sexual, something taboo, but I never felt guilt from the first time I made love to her when she was seven-years-old to the very end. Nor did Becky feel guilt. She was perhaps the warmest, most passionate lover that I ever had and our sex became like an unquenchable thirst that we could not put ... 
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  • The Club.... (M F)  (11k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, July 26, 2011)

    .... I rolled over and asked Sherry how she wanted it. She said," I like to get warmed up with a little oral first. you've had the 'Donna' intro, how about a little pussy eating?" "My pleasure, I love a hot pussy... 
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  • My Sister Joan.... (MMM/fff inc bro/sis)  (36k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 28, 2004)

    ...realized that he loved his sister when she was six months old. He didn't just love her. He also lusted after her. He could remember the day it happened. Jeff watched his sister out of the kitchen window. The two year old is on the deck in her playpen. He turned back to remembering that day... Jeff's mother asked him to watch his six month half sister. He is eighteen years old. He is home from college for the weekend. His mother asked him to baby-sit his half sister while she and her second husband go to a party. Jeff agreed. Jeff waved goodbye to his mother. He turned and walked over to the playpen and looked inside. Joan's blue eyes sparkled back at him. The tiny blonde girl rolled over. The doorbell rang a few minutes later. Jeff opened the door to find his two friends standing in the doorway smiling. He asked Mickey and Larry over to keep him company while he is on babysitting duty. The three friends watched a movie and started talking about girls. They laughed about their experiences with girls. Joan cried in her playpen. Jeff walked over to his half sister." What's wrong, honey? Are you lonely?" Joan stopped crying." You were lonely. Come on sweetie. Lets go meet ... 
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  • Lisa Finishes Her Community Service.... (MffM, oral, mast preteenteen, semicon)  (48k)
    (date posted: Thursday, September 07, 2000)

    ... He had positioned Jenna so close, Lisa's hair was brushing against her face as she watched Jerry's 8"cock begin to enter her oral passage. Jenna stared as Jerry began to fuck her mouth. She saw Lisa spin her wet tongue around and around his purple veined... 
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  • Threesome With a Mother and Daughter.... (M/F/f, inc, mom/dau)  (15k)
    (date posted: Saturday, March 15, 2003)

    ... moaned her approval. Her well conditioned cunt muscles relaxed with each inward thrust and tightened each time I pulled back. Dianne continued her oral assault on Maryanne's clit and had replaced her fingers with a long thick dildo, which she pumped in and out of her mom's cunt... 
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  • My Slut Wife.... (reluct/MMM/F)  (106k)
    (date posted: Saturday, January 02, 2016)

    ... push it inside her ass ring as his friend continued to finger her clit and pussy, finally he managed to push past her tight anal ring and inside of her. Jane stated to moan and move, encouraging him to push fully into her ass as his friend was... 
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  • Laura.... (M/f stepdad/stepdaut, romance, Love)  (19k)
    (date posted: Saturday, March 09, 2002)

    ... in her classes. She loves music, boys, clothes, makeup, and the mall. But what sets her apart from other teen girls is the fact that she would rather spend time with her family than her friends. Much to our happiness, her mom and...  back riding for the first time. I took her shopping whenever she wanted. On more than one Saturday I sat through some boring teen movie because she wanted to see it. I was home every night right after work to be with her and my wife. Even... 
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  • A Quick Visit.... (MF/f inc)  (44k)
    (date posted: Sunday, January 09, 2000)

    ..."Lesley called, her back beginning to ache with having to push her bum out. Jack pulled himself from the trance her little anal rosette had caused in him and, taking a deep breath, gently anointed the little star using his soapy finger. He loved the...  all her little privates to the two eager adults. Now though, it was June's long and slender hands that framed her little girl's anal ring, gently pulling digits tugging apart the four year old anal ring until it pouted slightly, revealing a well cleaned and bright pink... , it was June's long and slender hands that framed her little girl's anal ring, gently pulling digits tugging apart the four year old anal ring until it pouted slightly, revealing a well cleaned and bright pink inner area." That looks just fine," June smiled...  his penis and just hold the throbbing member while, with the other hand, she drew his buttocks apart and pointed to the dark anal ring for her daughter." Rub it first with your soapy fingers," she murmured to the little girl who stared wide eyed... 
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  • At The Sign Of The Mandrake And Maiden.... (Mf, MMMf, Mffff+, etc pedo, yng teen, teen extreme caution)  (181k)
    (date posted: Friday, December 17, 1999)

    ... through five years in Margate, Danielle was one of the most popular 'H'-girls. Though not a masochist, she was very submissive and anal. Nude, Danielle carried two small Lucite dildoes. Vivienne was coming, moaning, clutching her cunny. Danielle helped her to her...  order. I had lost over a third of my wealth. She was barely conscious, and blood trickled from her torn anus. Oral urination is not allowed, but someone had indulged. Danielle unstrapped her, and I took her in my arms. Bleary, I...  remember if I had possessed them. A lovely word, _possessed_. 'He possessed her. ' _We possess nothing. _ The comely teens left me when they saw that I wasn't in the mood. A deputy with an Uzi nodded to me and opened the main door...  belly exposed." Shoes?" "Sorry, no shoes... we're taking a taxi." Bradley, who treats anal injuries every day, is a veritable miracle worker, and with the anaesthetic, Vivienne was able to walk. I was a little... 
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  • Frank's Fabulous Fortune Cookies.... (M/g/g/pedo/oral/sex/anal/6yo and 8yo)  (26k)
    (date posted: Saturday, February 10, 2001)

    ...had lost everything. He lost his wife, his house, his bank accounts and his job all in the space of a week, but you would never know it if you looked at him. Frank was never happier as he left the lawyer's office officially broke, destitute and with a hefty alimony payment. It was all for fucking that cute twelve-year-old Asian girl Sue-Lin down the street. The affair actually started when he seduced her at a tender age of nine. Because her parents were straight off the boat, they didn't either understand just what Frank was doing to their daughter or didn't interfere. It was probably a little of both since Frank was positive they were illegal immigrants in the first place. He just got carried away and stupid. He was already boning her four times a week, but the more he tasted of that little Asian girl, the more he wanted until he couldn't satisfy his appetite for her small, Chinese body and her hairless pootang. Therefore, he started sneaking her into the house and fucking her in his matrimony bed. Not a very smart thing to do for a man as intelligent as himself, but then more intelligent men have falling for lust than all of the bodies have fallen for all three World Wars. Eventually Wanda, his wife, caught him and being the intelligent ... 
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  • The Whoring of Hermine.... (Mf, Ff, etc, mast, teen, best, anal, rough, nc, extreme caution)  (28k)
    (date posted: Thursday, November 11, 1999)

    ... sandals and a g-string - nothing else. He looked me up and down, then stared at my ass. If anyone thinks that anal sex is unnatural, they should see my ass. It was invented for fucking. I used to spend hours looking at my butt... 
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  • Tabatha.... (M/f MM/f non cons drugged rape)  (16k)
    (date posted: Saturday, October 27, 2007) I grew up in has to be one of the safest most boring places on the face of the Earth. It had one small cinema with a single screen, no malls, a single grocery store and a butcher. The corner drugstore and the five and dime were about all the town had to offer. Tree lined streets, picket fences a regular Mayberry. Doc Prichard even made house calls. Even at the age of 12 I knew what dull was because I lived it every day. Most people kept to themselves, friends and families gathered for events and holidays, rarely if ever was there even a good bit of gossip. That was the way people around here liked it. Walking to and from school, cutting through the woods or peoples yards was a common accepted practice. I usually went through the Tinsley yard and down the path by the woods except if it was raining. Mr. Tinsley was almost always in his back yard and would say hi as I went through. Mark his son was almost 30 and still lived at home in the basement. Mrs. Tinsley had passed away years ago and people thought it was nice that Mark stayed home to help his father. During the summer I would still walk down to the school to play and goof off. I was a little over ... 
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  • Feine Leute, teil 2.... (incest)  (19k)
    (date posted: Sunday, February 08, 2009)

    ...Ich erwachte und hörte Lea in der Küche werkelen. Es war Sonntag, und sie machte ihr obligates famoses Frühstuck. Das gab es nur Sonntags. Die Kinder schliefen noch fest und sah sie mir an. Die Kleine lag auf dem Rücken die Beine angezogen und gespreizt, man hätte sie ohne Mühe so ficken können und meine Morgenlatte wurde noch härter! Ich sah ihre Muschi zum ersten mal genau an in ihrer vollen Entfaltung:schwarze innere Schamlippen ragten heraus wie bei einer erwachsenen Frau und es glänzte feucht dazwischen. Die war immer zum ficken bereit! Ich hatte Lust auf ein Kaffee, stand auf und ging in die Küche, meine Frau stand an der Kochecke mit eine Tasse in der Hand, nackt, wie sonntags morgens immer. - Hello mein Liebling wie fühlst du dich? - empfing sie mich. - Herrlich!! rief ich aus. Hast du das Foetzchen der Kleinen gesehen? -fragte sie gleich. -Ja! -sagte ich -Ich glaube, die hatte schon oft einen drin! Bestimmt, meine sah auch schon so aus in dem Alter, denn man hatte mich ja fast jeden Tag drin gefickt, - sagte sie lächelt - Wenn ich nicht so großen Durst hätte, wäre sie jetzt wieder dran! - - Trink mal einen Schluck und dann fickst du mich auch ein Mal! -sagte sie lächeln- sonst vergiss du noch meine Löcher ... 
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