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  • Twins 4.... (MBb incest)  (20k)
    (date posted: Friday, May 30, 2014)

    ... put a towel in front of him for Danny to kneel on and one behind him for myself. After playing and examining Pat's stiff teen meat for a moment Danny happily started sucking away. Pat's"wow, he's a great little cocksucker"brought a happy little smile...  little smile to his 5 year old face.. I got down on my knees, pulled Pat's cheeks apart and started teasing his anal opening with my tongue.." Shiiiiiiiiit, this is gooooood"the boy moaned as I was first pushing my tongue as far...  prostate, and as my new lover moaned deeply and his sphincter cramped around my finger, I saw Danny swallow his first load of teen boy-cum." Ohhhhh"Pat moaned after nearly losing control over his knees"you guys are the best!!" "Are...  My Cheshire cat wide grin must have given me away, and within seconds my arms were filled with an alternating laughing and crying young teen.... Chapter 14. After dinner I did send Richie to his new bedroom as he was still on his week of...  to develop a similar relation with Pat and maybe later with Danny as third. I love to fuck, but I also enjoy a teen boy's dick up MY ass... As I was filling the bag with tepid water it hit me that in the near future...  over 2/3s of the bag on Pat and refilled the bag." Did you ever fuck somebody"I asked the young teen as I worked the nozzle up my rear passage. I smiled at his negative answer"Good, tonight you can fuck both me...  before but I really liked the feeling when you did it"and a moment later I was treated to the delicious feeling of his teen tongue rimming my ass, first carefully, but soon he was trying to get it as far up as he could." Fuck...  spurted his teen-age cum up my ass. It took Pat only seconds to return from his cum and, with the lovely stamina of teen boys, his cock did not even soften enough to slip out of me, instead he started happily pumping away again. Suddenly he...  looked at Pat"Will we let him be or...???" With a naughty grin on his face my teen lover moved his head from side to side"I think you should fuck his little ass, like he asked for when we started...  boy moaned"I could do this every day". Pat laughed," I'm up for it"and indeed, his beautiful teen rod was stiff once again." Another idea"he laughed, getting a pillow from beside the bed and working it under my... 
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  • A Memoir of Seasons, ch 1.... (b/m, mast, oral, bond, passing mentions of M/W)  (16k)
    (date posted: Monday, April 18, 2016)

    .... I could do sex stuff too. Everything suggests that sex stuff feels good. I could feel good! I looked at the teen sitting next to me and knew, thanks to my research, that he was masturbating." Hmmm..." I mused...  understatement. He began to yell and scream, his body thrashing weakly as the handcuffs held him nearly in place. I knew the teen was probably scared. In his mind, he had been jerking off a split second earlier before he found himself handcuffed to his bed...  and the salty bitterness tasted wonderful! I swallowed enthusiastically. I SNAPPED back several more times, enjoying the sex play with this unknown teen, before I finally decided to call it a day. The last thing I did, though, was slide up and straddle his... 
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  • Porno Loving Daughter, ch 1.... (M/f inc, pedo, voy, mast)  (52k)
    (date posted: Thursday, February 19, 2015)

    ... their legs and she was soon massaging her very wet groin, feeling more excited than she'd ever felt before. The next magazine featured anal sex. It was called," Butt Fun"and that shocked the innocent child. She touched her own ass, which didn't...  out of her ass and resumed reading. A photo that made her cunt cream was captioned," Mom and daughter both like it anal." It showed a woman and girl both on their hands and knees and behind them, a young boy had his cock in...  most families wouldn't find acceptable. The woman ran her fingers through her daughters crotch, licking them when she was finished, telling the teen," Ok. Show them." Ronnie sat on the picnic table with the man and woman on either side of her,...  side. All eyes were focused on the space in front of the table, which was a big, open sandy area. The teen brought over a huge gray German Shepard. She had it sit and knelt before it as the dog began to pant and whine.... !" Paul also felt a visceral thrill slam into his guts. He'd never before seen any bestiality, but to have a stunning teen girl performing it made his cock stand as erect as was physically possible. He put a hand on his daughter's thigh, feeling her...  girl." Becky? Why don't you do it." With a yelp of glee, the ten year old knelt by the teens side and reached in between, grasping the dog by it's prick. She hissed," Oh, mommy! It's so hot!...  child merely groaned, sitting cross legged just two feet from where the other girl was getting savagely fucked by her canine lover. The teen girls head flew back as she cried out in climax, taking on the depraved cock of a dog. In the background, Ronnie...  deep inside the girl beneath him. His furry flanks rippled as he raised his snout and rutted for all he was worth. The teen cried out, feeling the thin dog semen spraying her vagina and she quaked, taking another massive orgasm deep in her cunt. She'd...  however, as it smelled hot cunt and it knew that there would be a lot more fucking before the week was over. The teen rolled onto her side, breathing heavily. She pulled her legs wide apart, giving the camera a perfect view of her cum filled... 
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  • Mr. Vibrator for Dilly.... (M/gg 11)  (15k)
    (date posted: Saturday, October 08, 2016) Readers: A nine year old girl masters the piano, a vibrator, and her wonderful teacher's cock. - Note: This is a gender reversed version of the story titled"Mr. Vibrator for Pookie"... Dilly sat near the end of the sofa. Her red dress and her sheet music were on the other end. She was nearly naked. The only things she was wearing were the red and white leggings that she loved so well. They started high up on her thighs and enclosed her curvy short legs until they ended over the toes on her dainty feet. She had her pretty legs spread really wide with her right leg over the armrest. She was very relaxed; she had been in this position a number of times and loved it. Mr. Jamison had told her that after another lesson today with Mr. Vibrator, he had a wonderful surprise for her. Dilly could hardly wait. The eleven year old shivered with the thought of something even more wonderful than the small black vibrator that shook her insides so delightfully. She looked at him eagerly. She wanted less talking and more shaking! Her piano teacher gazed upon his prize pupil. All she needed was some whipped cream between her legs and she would be the most delicious dessert in the world! He got on his knees as ... 
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  • Spring Break Day 1: Jenny's Couch Book II, part 26.... (Fg, Mg, reluc, nc, humil, forcedexhib, spank, tort)  (27k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 27, 2011)

    ...What's with the dye job?" I asked Moira when she led a stark naked and dripping wet Lilah back to our campsite from the open-air solar shower. The sun was bright and the air was temperate but the seven-year-old still shivered when the mountain breeze set the tree limbs and the long grass to rustling. She hugged her elbows tightly across her pale torso and glanced back anxiously at the small crowd of rough-looking men admiring her skinny, breastless form. They had been raucously appreciative of her ablutions, cheering when Moira held the little girl under the lukewarm spray. They'd gone reverently silent when she took hold of the back of Lilah's neck and bent her over, at the same time kicking her bare feet apart with one of her own. The child's skinny butt cheeks peeled apart, baring her tight pucker, and Moira scrubbed it with a washcloth and then reamed it gently with a soapy finger until it was pink and clean as could be. But a thorough wash hadn't been all Moira had in store. Her ditty bag had disgorged several bottles of shampoo-in temporary hair color. Engaging the little girl in a discussion of what colors she wanted had temporarily taken her mind off the fact that she was naked in the midst of strangers and had just been told her clothes were going to remain locked away for our entire ... 
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  • Janitor and Jacob.... (M/b 11)  (19k)
    (date posted: Saturday, October 01, 2016)

    ... a drape on the back wall. He closed the doors to the inner and outer room and handed Jacob a camera. While the teen looked over the camera, Marcio stripped off his clothing until he was dressed in only a body shirt and training briefs. He posed...  Jacob felt like lightning was sparking from his nipples directly to his brain. He arched his back. Marcio pinched one nipple and the teen screamed into the man's mouth. Jacob pressed his breast into the man's hand letting him know the boy liked the pain. He started...  both lost in the moment. He kept one finger in Jacob's ass and brought the other hand to the front. Marcio lifted the teen up using his asshole. Marcio grabbed his own cock and guided it to Jacob's asshole. A finger was being traded for a cockhead...  shook. His ass seemed to vibrate on Marcio's cock. They both were in heaven. Jacob's ass was still very tight but the teen was very determined to get more of his lover's big cock inside him. Those last few inches were very important to Jacob. He...  most willing, most wonderful lover he had ever had. He could not imagine anyone better than Jacob in the whole world. The teen was perfect on and off his cock. Marcio was so much in love. The next day when he told Jacob that loved him... 
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  • New Gomorrah - Slave Auction: Owner's Manual.... (Aliens/g 7)  (16k)
    (date posted: Monday, December 05, 2016)

    ..., sexually playing with them for their own amusement as well as for the customers' viewing pleasure. But the other females were in their teens or later while Rebbie was only six. Undeterred by her delicate age and size, the tentacles thrust into her helpless body in three... 
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  • New Gomorrah - Slave Auction: Tabletop Tot.... (Alien/g 3)  (10k)
    (date posted: Friday, December 02, 2016)

    ...In the future, a world far from Earth was colonized by humans. Its original designation was simply C74-A210ZB, based on a galactic charting directory. After a few decades, it earned the appropriately inspired name, New Gomorrah. Like its biblical namesake, it is a den of iniquity paradoxically combined with centers of culture and learning. Anything is available to the highest bidder - or simply taken by force or by subterfuge. Among the most prized commodity among all races are young human females. By quirks of biology, they can be easily used for breeding purposes for a variety of species as well as for sexual pleasure. This Story: Mara watched as the older girl, Shari, left with a group of gentle-looking aliens. Wishing she would be so lucky, her gut clenched a little more tightly as Feloran, the alien man who seemed to be in charge of the auction, drew Tia to the front of the stage. Patting the tot's light brown hair, Feloran began the next round of bidding." We have a do-it-yourself project with this little one," he announced, drawing some chuckles and a few crude remarks about the girl." You can take your time and train her right or jump right in - you'll not find anything much tighter. Of course, be a little gentle or she might ... 
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  • Island Doctor - Stuart.... (M/g enema M/F anal M/b)  (17k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, September 20, 2016) Readers: A man creates a wonderful life on an island tending to the medical and sexual needs of the inhabitants. - The tiny brown girl was bent over a special table. An enema bag was delivering warm liquid to her asshole. Her belly was bulging and her open pussy was showing pink excitement. Stuart sat beside her gently holding one perfect little foot while talking softly to her... soothing her. His mind drifted to how all this started... *** Stuart's story: I retired to a tiny Caribbean island after selling my business in the States. I now lived in a small village with very limited resources. The area was pretty much crime free which is one of the many reasons I moved there. My main reason I had not experienced yet, but I was patient. When I arrived, I was instantly a valuable island asset because of my wealth. This and the fact that I was the only white person on the island seemed to have granted me instant"elder"status and everyone lined up to ask my advice. I not only gave good guidance but helped resolve some problems requiring financial help. I had several sat-phones, a satellite connected computer, and owned and flew a small plane. With the several boats I purchased, I traveled around as it suited me. I ... 
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  • Memoirs Of A Lady [Early Years Of Victorian Upbringing].... (Incest, Grandpa/Granddaughter, Grandma/Granddaughter, B/S, M/S, F/d, M/b, IR, anal, Watersport, others)  (52k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 03, 2016)

    ... Dahlia's juices. He separated Dahlia's massive soft ass cheeks and bent down to kiss her anus. I bit my lips as my own anal ring clenched. Seeing my aristocratic grandfather licking a black farmhand's anal opening filled me with perverse desires." Ah Sire, please do...  down to kiss her anus. I bit my lips as my own anal ring clenched. Seeing my aristocratic grandfather licking a black farmhand's anal opening filled me with perverse desires." Ah Sire, please do not lick this poor girl's dirty hole. Oh, Sire you...  chair Grandpa bent down to lick young ten years old Leo's anus. After depositing a generous amount of saliva and tonguing his grandson's tiny anal ring grandpa aimed his giant manhood to impale Leo. Grandpa pushed hard and grunted as Leo's tight anus resisted his entry. He pulled... . I could see tears filled his eyes. I was very proud of him. Grandpa forced his young ten years old grandson's tight anal ring with his monstrous manhood and soon his shaft was inching inside Leo's fundament. Leo moaned as he felt grandpa's mammoth girth fill his...  her she passed out. All three men took turns on Poppy again. The custom was to next of family man to take her anal virginity and that pleasure would go to Bako. Bako would make sure over next day or so her back passage was open and ready...  ears turned red. I saw Poppy and hugged her. Her walk was even worse than the day before," Father took my anal virginity and fucked my poor ass all night," she whispered smiling broadly. In the hall, I was disrobed and arranged just... 
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  • Trudy's New Neighbor, ch 3.... (M/ff pedo, 3way, mast, voy)  (42k)
    (date posted: Thursday, January 15, 2015)

    ...asked her mom if she'd ask the neighbor man about borrowing a tent. She figured, correctly, as it turned out, that her mom would be completely on board with letting the girls camp out overnight. That would let her mother and Rob spend the evening together with privacy, which also meant a lot of drinking and god knows what else. Based on past experience, they'd be blotto by 10 and she and Cindy would be free to do whatever they wanted. She smiled as her mother took her by the hand and headed next door. Tom answered the door and both man and girl had to pretend not to know each other, although both managed a few knowing glances and a wink or two as the girls mother hesitantly asked him about the use of a tent. He assured the woman that he'd be happy to help set it up and even donate a couple of battery operated lanterns for the evening. As they walked back, Trudy giggled." I think he's kinda cute, huh?" Her mom swatted her playfully." Oh, don't be silly. He works less than Rob!" Of course her daughter knew he didn't have to work, but she only smiled to herself, feeling very grown up by keeping this a secret from her mother. Friday afternoon Trudy and her mother ... 
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  • REL - Vessel.... (Entity/g6)  (35k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, October 11, 2016)

    ... lust in the little girl whose immediate awareness had shrunk down to the cocks wetly ripping into her tight and needful body. With her anal cavity solidly filled, Cassie could feel nearly every molecule of her grossly stretched twatlet as the first cock pounded it. Finally her orgasm...  cunt. Soon, she had Cassie wriggling. Then she turned around, lowering her cute snatch on Cassie's mouth while she resumed her oral hold. It didn't take Cassie long to learn how to be a lesbian. The other girls gathered to watch in fascination as Tanya... 
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  • The Intern And The Boss.... (M/m, dom, sub, anal, oral)  (13k)
    (date posted: Saturday, January 14, 2017)

    ...This is another, slightly tweeked, story from my days at Hand Jobs. Hope you enjoy. I love to get feed back so.... - It was the summer before my junior year in high school when I got a job as an intern at my dad's company reporting to Bob Carlton, the head of marketing. Man! He was a looker: About fifty-five years old and about six feet tall, which is four inches taller than me. He has salt and pepper hair, broad shoulders and a V-shaped torso. He looks so hot in the suits and ties that he wears and I can see the outline of his soft dick through the fabric of his slacks. His most attractive attribute, his ass. For a man his age, he has the hottest bubble butt I have ever seen. What I wouldn't do to get my tongue between those cheeks. As his assistant, I had to do things like get him coffee, pick up his mail, respond to his emails, and other mundane things. I don't mind doing his bidding but sexually I fantasize about him doing mine. See, in our household when it comes to sex, I'm the one in charge. Oh, dad can tell me what to do around the house and such but when it comes to sex, ... 
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  • The Club.... (M, f, inc, cons, preg)  (30k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 26, 2016)

    ...folks my name is William, but everyone calls me Will. They used to try to call me Bill, but no one likes it when a bill comes but most people look forwards to being in a Will. Sorry old joke. Anyway I a pudgy old fart pushing fifty. Can you push something when you're standing in front of it? Anyway a few years ago I lost my wife. She had just started taking these courses at the local community college and then one day she was gone. Still haven't found her, though when the divorce decree came in the mail it said she was somewhere in Nevada. So I signed it and sent it back. Haven't looked for her since. Well as old fools do I was trying to get healthy, a dangerous thing to do, in order to see if I could find someone else. I started going to the gym, eating better and my poor old body went into shock. Where were the chocolate shake? What the hell was I doing on an exercise bike? Well one day while jogging on a treadmill like the other gerbils I saw a little hottie in the mirror and I went down like a sack of rotten potatoes. Long story short, don't exercise, it could kill you. I was lucky. I only twisted my leg, ... 
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  • Cum Craving Daughter, ch 2.... (M/F/f inc, pedo, anal, 3way)  (26k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, December 02, 2014)

    ... her breath, feeling her ass stretching, but once Drew buried himself to the hilt, she hissed, feeling stuffed and aroused. Anal sex was one of the most forbidden taboos and sharing this with her daughter was an even more thrilling thing to do. She gasped...  damn glad he'd already cum, or else he'd have blown a nut already. Grace sure looked eager to feel his boner inside her anal cavity and the thought of burying it in something so small and tight was mind blowing, especially, since her mom would be there...  Her toes curled, legs twitching as she fell back, milking out the best cum of the night. Seeing her mother engaging in anal sodomy had her creaming like never before. She'd always liked putting things or fingers in her butt, but all her friends and even... 
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