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  • My Daddy Needs Me.... (fm)  (47k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, December 22, 1998)

    .... He also had reached back and turned the shower off. I actually loved this. I would learn I am very, very oral orientated. I took my other hand and began to massage my own pussy. It was itching and just needed to be played with... 
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  • Little Miss Blackmailer, ch 3.... (ped, gg, voy, cons)  (12k)
    (date posted: Saturday, July 21, 2007) over a week before Tabby comes back to my house. During the intervening time, I spend a few wonderful afternoons with Susie making long slow love, reassuring her that she is the girl for me and that she cannot be replaced not even by her pretty friend Tabby. Her love-making is particularly energetic, her perky little body perhaps attempting to prove that she is the better lover. She convinces me entirely and she beams proudly when I tell her that she is the sweetest lover in the world and does not have to worry at all about me leaving her. Secretly I have planned that on Tabby's return I would get both girls into bed with me at once rather than making love to one and letting the other one watch. I can personally think of nothing more exciting than the prospect of frolicking in bed with a fifth grader except the idea of frolicking in bed with two fifth graders at the same time. The girls arrive, their cheeks rosy with the winter air. I give my beloved Susie a long, sweet kiss. Tabby waits her turn and gets a kiss as well, though not quite as long and sweet as the one I gave Susie. My cock is already swelling in my pants once I have kissed the girls' cold lips and I watch with pleasure as they strip off their coats ... 
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  • Can I?.... (Mg9, dad/daut, inc, cons)  (56k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 05, 2012)

    ...No! It's not fair!" Looking at Angela, I had to hide my grin. Her pout and revolt against authority was cute. Pointing to the door, I ordered her again," Bed. Now." I added a firm expression despite wanting to smile at her determined resistance." Fine! You're MEAN!" she grumped, rising from the couch and stomping out. I loved my daughter something fierce. I loved sass and spunk. I loved personality. Angie had it all, in spades. It made it very hard to maintain discipline. Trying not to smile at her cute frown, or persist with an order when she'd pout, was very taxing. There was something so cute about a nine year old trying to stomp; she was just too light to make any major impact with the floor. We'd been alone for a few years, her mother off finding herself with a local accountant. It had come as a surprise to me that Phil, the accountant, had enough personality to even attract attention, let alone my ex. Then again, perhaps his personality was exceptionally long... or thick. Fortunately, Angie was only six when Margery took off. A few rough months followed and all was well in her world. I overcompensated by doting a bit, letting ... 
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  • Polish Fun.... (pedo, n/c rape, incest extreme viol, snuff)  (16k)
    (date posted: Thursday, October 31, 2002)

    ...powered business man? Well yes I suppose you could call me that. I am 34, I never had time to marry, I had made it, I was reasonably well off, comfortable you might say I was on a business trip to Poland, I had arranged for an interpreter and guide, someone who really knew his way around, he turned out to be a real ass licker, nice enough chap, but he knew which side his bread was buttered, he'd seen how I liked to spend the previous night, when we had gone for a meal and drinks, and he liked to be where the money was, we'd gone on to see a show, where there were strippers, and as we got drunk I mentioned how tame I thought the show was, in the drunken state we found ourself I remember him saying that he could take me to any type of sex that I could desire. In the morning I had just a bit of business to clear up then I was going to take few days to see the capital. I woke with a 'head' Stephan came calling he seemed unaffected by the nights revelry, after some black coffee I felt better, he approached me about the conversation we'd had and whether I was serious, I really had to search my mind top remember," ... 
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  • Orcs.... (M/M M/m M/b Relc anal oral slave fantasy)  (19k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, April 12, 2016)

    ... if the orcish scent had not been present to enthrall the human captives, the constant hammering at their prostates and the frequently induced full-body anal orgasms would have been enough to make even the most resistant man an addict to orc dominance. Those powerful and enticing orgasms became more... 
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  • Family Voyeurs.... (M/f inc, pedo, voy, mast)  (45k)
    (date posted: Monday, March 24, 2014)

    ... Ann nodded at that, thinking back to the night before where she felt hot sperm splashing across her cunt. He told her about anal sex, oral sex and things like lesbianism, bestiality, threesomes and orgies. Her eyes sparkled when he talked about voyeurism as she'd...  that, thinking back to the night before where she felt hot sperm splashing across her cunt. He told her about anal sex, oral sex and things like lesbianism, bestiality, threesomes and orgies. Her eyes sparkled when he talked about voyeurism as she'd developed a real... . When she felt his mouth on her cunt, she groaned, getting a wild thrill from the forbidden act. She'd heard about oral sex from a girlfriend and had loved the idea, but it felt even better than she'd imagined. While his tongue lapped at her...  she could relax, her naked dad turned the vibrator back on and slowly inserted it into her slit, even as he continued his oral assault, making her scream as another even more powerful orgasm ripped into her underage body. After that, Jerry sat back and surveyed...  of tubes of lubricant in flavors followed which made the girl giggle naughtily. The final thing he pulled out was a matching set of anal beads. He'd always wanted to try them and he figured his daughter just might want to as well. He explained all of this... 
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  • Helena.... (Mg/MF/Fg/MgF incest, anal, oral, rape)  (61k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 17, 1999)

    ... garden tub in my mom's room. We spent the rest of the weekend caressing, sucking and licking each other. We even had anal sex two more times and each time became easier and more satisfying for the young girl. But I didn't fuck her pussy, still... 
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  • Jenny's Couch, Book II, part 1 (College Visit I).... (Mg, ped, reluc, humil, exhib, cons, oral, anal, prost)  (26k)
    (date posted: Sunday, November 15, 2009)

    ... lightly-furred vulva. It was still swollen and bumpy with rash - she'd had a busy week, which was why tonight was to be oral only. Her knees gave way slightly when I tweaked the prominent bud of her clitoris, but she scowled at me in the mirror...  partner. She was completely uninhibited with me. I had never heard that you could inoculate a child against shame, but my occasional anal injections of semen seemed to serve that purpose. I rubbed the injector against her slippery slit now. Her breath caught as the rough... 
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  • The Enabler.... (MF/Mf/Ff/Fg/FgM/FfM/FfgM oral, anal, incest)  (64k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, July 27, 1999)

    ...woman are like that. They are malleable, easily influenced and for whatever reason will do what you ask. The way that you ask. This can be a good thing or a bad one, depending on how you work it. I met my neighbor, Dottie, during a severe thunderstorm. The lights in our complex had gone out and during a pause in the rain I went outside, beer in one hand and cig in the other, to watch the lightening. Dottie was also outside, similarly loaded, except she was drinking something from a large, plastic cup. She was older, I was guessing 40-ish, but she had respectable breasts and just the tiniest little tummy-butt. I wasn't looking for kink anyway; I was there to watch the storm. Still, my groin stirred almost imperceptibly as I thought about pounding her doggie-style. Call it an instinct." Some storm, huh?" She said to me as she walked up behind me." Yeah. Looks like power will be out for a while," I responded. I took in her cheap perfume and glazed eyes and realized that she been drinking for a while - the perfume was a failed attempt to mask the cheap gin she'd been consuming. We chatted about nothing for some time, and then I decided it was time ... 
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  • Getting Directions, Story 12.... (M/gg 9, 5)  (12k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2016)

    ... Even tastier was the outline of her buns through the panties she was wearing as she was on all fours. Getting hot from Marissa's oral efforts, Chyna weakly called out to the man." You can take her panties off." Byron's penis had been thickening from... 
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  • Getting Directions, Story 11.... (MMM/g7)  (20k)
    (date posted: Thursday, June 23, 2016)

    ...Hey, Maxie," Sandra called to the other girl." Are you going to the hill?" "Uh huh." "And how did yesterday go?" Maxie colored and surrendered a sheepish smile. Sandra laughed good-heartedly. Yesterday, she had hooked up one of her regular customers with Maxie, whose self-confidence was pretty low. The customer in question had a pretty randy appetite and loved to make his girl, whoever she might be, cum as often as he did - if not more. To save Maxie the embarrassment of providing any details, Sandra simply told her she'd meet her out on the hill after another stop. Maxie grinned more widely and waved goodbye. Then Sandra turned to a nearby trailer and knocked on the door." Come on in," Chyna said." I hung it out last night so it wouldn't be wrinkled. But you could barely fit into it last year. I don't think you will now." Sandra followed her plump friend inside and answered." It's not for me. Snape came by late yesterday after you and Marissa went home. He asked for Dolly and wanted to do the school thing." Snape was the name an occasional customer used, choosing the character from the Harry Potter series. If the fictional Snape had often been cruel ... 
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  • Travelin' Man -- Email Rape.... (Mf anal, oral)  (39k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, April 21, 1999)

    .... And hell, if it was a true fantasy, I might include a young boy. Maybe. Really though, I like anal sex, getting blown, sometimes a little slap and tickle. I like virgin pussy and well used pussy. I like to have...  It seemed to easy, actually. At the top of the stairs I heard the shower running. There was music playing - some teen bop shit. It too was loud, which I appreciated. I went to Cathy's room, the first on the left. The...  repositioned myself to the end of the bed again. I leaned over and inhaled the deep, musky scent of her sex. The anal sex had left a slightly pungent smell that combined with the lilac scent of her cunt. I lapped at her pussy for several minutes... 
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  • Sons To Rescue.... (Incest, Mother, Son, anal, Father, Daughter, mm/F, M/F)  (22k)
    (date posted: Monday, November 23, 2015)

    ... well that I could feel it relax and wink. Josh placed his mother-hungry cock at my tight anus. Their father and I loved anal sex but both were bigger than their father and much thicker. Moreover, I had my husband's cock in one orifice at one time...  over a decade. I felt a sharp tearing pain that persisted and suddenly it intensified as my son's cock head snapped inside my tight anal ring. I panted and glued my mouth on to Jake's. Josh slowly inched inside me and I felt so full of my sons'... 
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  • Naughty Daughters, Horny Dads, ch 4.... (M/F/f inc, pedo, orgy, beast)  (34k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 24, 2014)

    ... child to her extensive collection of sex toys. She had dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes, some remarkably large, and anal probes, butt plugs and anal beads of many types. She had a variety of lubricants and an entire closet filled with lingerie that...  sex toys. She had dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes, some remarkably large, and anal probes, butt plugs and anal beads of many types. She had a variety of lubricants and an entire closet filled with lingerie that blew the minds of both man...  stretch her to the limit and she rubbed her clit as she contemplated inserting them into her body. While Lisa booted up some lesbian anal porn for the girl to watch, her dad began putting lubricant into the child's rectum and vagina, getting them nice and slick and... 
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  • Worshipped.... (M/g8)  (26k)
    (date posted: Monday, May 02, 2016)

    ...sighed in satisfaction as he put the last of his tools away. His day's work was done and everything was now in perfect order once again. He looked around his orderly workshop and heard it. The silence. And the accusations and shame that hid behind it. When he had first come to America, he had a brilliant career and a charming wife. Along with a few dozen engineers and administrators, they had begun a"Little Tokyo"in the Midwestern town where the company's new plant was built. All was well for a year before it happened. She was a colleague's daughter, eleven years old. And she told about what she and Kaede had done together. Kaede did not deny it for honor would not allow him to lie, even under these lurid circumstances. His wife had left him, returning to Kyoto, and his small expatriate community shunned him. Only the girl's two younger sisters had remained true to him, never letting their secrets with Kaede pass through their lips. In hindsight, Kaede realized he never should have gotten involved with the oldest girl. She was too old to begin such a relationship and didn't understand the magic of secrets that younger children did. Even seven years later, he never heard a hint that the younger girls ever spoke about their time with him. ... 
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