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  • One Man Two Young Girls and No Waiting.... (Mgg, MFFgg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, oral, anal, ws, science fiction)  (38k)
    (date posted: Saturday, September 15, 2018)

    ...Man Two Young Girls and No Waiting It was never supposed to happen. I know that now. The two young sisters, 9 years of age, were supposed to stay hidden in the safe house in the woods. No one except the man who put them there was supposed to know about them. And they were not supposed to be able to wander more than 30 feet from the house. The security systems were supposed to prevent that. But the systems didn't, and the girls did, and that's how a dirty old pedophile like me got to enjoy the most earthshattering sex imaginable with two underage girls. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me begin at the beginning. My name is Steven Olsen. I'm pushing 50 and I'm no prize in the looks department. I've had my share of women-good, bad, and indifferent. After my early and too-hasty marriage crashed and burned a dozen years ago, I played the field until I got tired of the games, the bitchy attitudes, and the poor prospect for anything better. So I took my balls and went home. Home to my internet, my porn collection, and my fantasies. Especially my fantasies of having sex with little white girls. All men have sex fantasies. They begin when you're a boy and only become more elaborate as ... 
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  • Vacation Surprise.... (M/f Man/young girl, cons, oral)  (29k)
    (date posted: Sunday, September 09, 2018)

    ...Surprise I was taking a vacation in southern California at a rather posh hotel. I'd just broken up with my long-term girlfriend after four years together. To be honest, I should have seen it coming. I can be a workaholic and over the last few months, we'd grown apart. I was working 60-hour weeks, and she wanted to party and do things. I won't say the split was amicable, but at least nobody threw stuff. Anyway, I realized that I was really at fault, what with the extreme workload, so I decided to take an extended break and simply chill out and get my head screwed on straight. I booked a lovely ocean view suite in a hotel, which touted private balconies in the top floor. Anyway, I wandered down to the pool and discovered it was a little crowded. I finally found a recliner facing the sun and asked the woman in the next recliner if this one was free. She looked over her sunglasses at me, smiled, and immediately said," Yes, of course. Make yourself at home." It helps to be just over 30 and pretty buff and good looking. She looked a little older than I look, and reminded me of a saying in England, 'She was mutton done up as lamb, ' which means, ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 29.... (Beware of all nasty things happening)  (62k)
    (date posted: Monday, September 03, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 29 by SFWS with the assistance of Neel Down -"Stay back, I'll handle this!" Starsky yelled, running into the gymnasium and rushing over to Summer's motionless form." An ambulance is on the way." "Who the hell are you? And how did you even know we needed an ambulance?" Coach Means yelled as Starsky began to check Summer's vital signs." I don't need an ambulance," Summer insisted groggily, slowly opening her eyes." Just stay where you are and don't move," Starsky insisted." You might be injured and not even know it. The ambulance is already on its way, so let them at least check you out so it won't be a complete waste of their time. Do you know what happened?" "Not really," Summer admitted." I remember Chris passing the ball in bounds, and me thinking that the blue team was taking its good old time getting in position and not paying much attention. I decide to take off for the basket. I guess my big feet must have tripped over each other." "You don't have big feet," Starsky insisted." They are dainty and adorable just like the rest of you." At that moment the ambulance crew rushed in and Mr ... 
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  • Cunt Farming 01 Raising Little Girls to Love and Serve the Men Who Own Them.... (M/g, M/F, M/ggg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, first, oral, anal, watersports, scat)  (18k)
    (date posted: Sunday, August 19, 2018)

    ...Farming 01 Raising Little Girls to Love and Serve the Men Who Own Them DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - I'm extremely proud of what I do. I am a cunt farmer. I raise little girls to become the personal property of men men who then use the little cunts for their own sexual gratification. I perform a great public service. It's an honorable profession. I've never wanted to do anything else. My girls are of the highest quality. They are all white, and all beautiful. Most are blondes, because blondes are the most popular. Most have blue eyes for the same reason. I do raise redheads and brunettes too, but those are less popular than the blondes. The girls range in age from 7 to 12. They are all highly trained in the sexual arts. However, their vaginal virginity is guaranteed. Every one of these little cunts has an intact hymen. The girls are trained using sex toys, and by watching pornographic videos. I also train them personally by making them suck my dick, swallow my cum, and take my dick up their assholes. I also make the adult women I own serve as teacher for the little cunts. These sex slaves do not have sex with the girls ... 
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  • Uncle Gary.... (M/F Man/Woman, rom)  (40k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 18, 2018)

    ...Gary Sitting there, unable to move, I stared into his blue-green eyes, mesmerized. Something in me, I don't know what, pulled me in, like a moth to a flame. What the fuck was I doing? I mean he was almost old enough to be my father and here I was thinking about actually FUCKING him! No, it was more than that I knew. A whole lot more. Somewhere between the two of us a connection had been made. I could feel it and from the look in his eyes he was feeling something as well. His left hand squeezed mine lightly; it had been there to move my fingers correctly on the frets to get the chord right. But that squeeze sent a jolt through my body, a stab of pure wanton lust and unbridled passion. Still though, I didn't move away like I knew I should. At that point I really didn't think my body would have obeyed any commands I might have given it. Stone statue still I sat there, gazing into those eyes. What the fuck was I thinking? I couldn't do this! No matter what my body wanted, there was no way I could sleep with him. Age aside, he was a good friend of my father's and I doubted dear old Dad would approve of me sleeping ... 
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  • KinderPorn Playground 03 How Many Child Whores Can You Fuck at Once.... (M/g, M/F, Mggg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, oral, anal, watersports, scat)  (27k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 11, 2018)

    ...Playground 03 How Many Child Whores Can You Fuck at Once PREVIOUS STORY IN THIS SERIES: 1) KinderPorn Playground 01: Your One Stop Shop for the Best in Child Pornography 2) KinderPorn Playground 02: Please Visit Our Child Whore Brothel! - DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - CHARACTERS: Platinum blonde, blue-eyed, beautiful Madam Brenda Busten (age 28) and her similarly blonde, blue-eyed daughters, Allison (age 12), Cynthia (age 10), Eleanor (age 8)... and YOU! SCENE: You are sitting in a beach chair on the shaded deck of an exclusive beach house reserved for special guests at the KinderPorn Playground Brothel. The air is fragrant with the smell of the sea, and the sweet odor of flowers blooming in flowerpots suspended from the awning framework that shades the deck. BRENDA: Just look at those naked little whores scamper to the beach. My girls fit right in with the dozens and dozens of other naked young white girls frolicking in the surf. There's nearly a hundred of them, from the ages of 6 up to 16. The teenagers older than 16 are still in school or servicing our male customers. The twenty-something year old women like me are either teaching those teenagers in class or servicing customers. ... 
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  • Booty Shorts.... (man/boy, man/girl, woman/girls, anal, oral, incest, bdsm, gay, lesbian, bisexual, golden showers, pedo, restraint, scat)  (145k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 10, 2018)

    ...Shorts This is a series of short stories that center around the topic of anal. All are self-contained, but if there is enough interest I would be willing to write more stories based on any of the scenarios. Besides anal sex and anal play, which is the general focus of each story, this work also contains elements of oral, rough, gay/lesbian and bi sex, mild bdsm, mild scat... and of course, pedophilia. I hope you enjoy these five tales, and as always, please use the contact form on my author page to send your comments and suggestions, and let me know if you'd like to see any of these stories expanded upon! 1. Gavin was a faggot. Not simply gay, though he was that, but a real fag - what the other boys called a"sissy." They had said that about his looks even before they knew what a homo he really way. At 4'0 tall and 48lbs, the 8-year-old was small as it was, with milky, soft flesh and lips so pink it always appeared like he'd just been sucking on a cherry popsicle. His reputation had been sealed on the first day of 3rd grade, when he came to school wearing a skin-tight pair of blue biking shorts and a thin white tank top that ... 
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  • Replacing My Wife She had it Coming.... (M/F, M/ffff, M/baby, snuff, torture, rape, necro)  (16k)
    (date posted: Thursday, August 09, 2018)

    ...My Wife She had it Coming Comments_for_readers: BEWARE: This is a very brutal story with content that will be objectionable to many. Read at your own risk and feel free to comment if you desire. I would like to know if there are other readers out there who enjoy this type of material and would like more. - So Samantha and I got married young, or at least she did. I was 15 years older and happy to have a 19 yo hottie for a wife. She produced a beautiful little girl, Laura, shortly thereafter and I was happy to stop our family there. She wanted more. She really wanted a boy and when we had a hard time getting pregnant, she became frustrated. Then it finally happened 5 years later. Unfortunately for her, another girl. I told her we needed to stop, but she"forgot"her birth control pill and soon we had our third daughter. She repeated this charade as soon as her body allowed and Gracie soon entered the world. I knew it was no mistake as nobody would continue to"forget"the pill that often. I decided that if she was going to be sneaky, then I would as well. Before a two week business trip, I had a vasectomy, so I would be healed up by the time ... 
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  • KinderPorn Playground 02 Please Visit Our Child Whore Brothel.... (M/g, M/F, Mggg, Mdom, Man/preteen girl, ped, oral, anal, watersports, scat)  (24k)
    (date posted: Thursday, August 09, 2018)

    ...Playground 02 Please Visit Our Child Whore Brothel PREVIOUS STORY IN THIS SERIES: 1) KinderPorn Playground 01: Your One Stop Shop for the Best in Child Pornography - DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Nothing in this story actually happened. Ever. To anyone. - Dear Sir, Thank you for your business. We are so happy that you enjoyed your first visit, which you allowed us to record and share under the title"KinderPorn Playground: Your One Stop Shop for the Best in Child Pornography". We are happy and grateful that you enjoyed your visit and your time masturbating to our child porn videos in your private viewing room. There was no need for you to apologize about spending 8 hours viewing our child porn and jerking off. It was our pleasure and honor to serve you. And please do not even think about paying for the room service food and alcohol. All of that is on the house-our compliments. I must say, however, that we read your Thank You message with some concern. You apologized when there was no need to apologize. You apologized for not going immediately to our little girl Brothel right next door to our Porn emporium after your porn viewing session was over. We quite understand. Believe us when we tell you that you are not the first man to spend so much ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 28.... (This chapter contains mainly nudity and underage sex)  (43k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 28 by SFWS with the assistance of Neel Down -"Nothing is ever simple, is it?" Lily said, just before being interrupted by the shouting and yelling of potential players making their way up the steps from the locker room to the gymnasium." Holy shit," a redheaded transfer student shouted as he entered the gym." Naked fuckin' cheerleaders. I love this school." -"They're not cheerleaders numb-nuts," Billy retorted to the boy." I'm not sure why Jessica is here, but Summer and Lily are trying out for the team." "Can they even do that?" Eddie, the red haired boy, protested." Can girls play on a boys' team?" "They can if the district doesn't have a girls' team, and we don't," Josh answered." Well, I guess it doesn't truly matter," Eddie surmised." Girls suck at sports, so they won't make the team anyway. But shouldn't they at least be required to wear something? Them being nude is gonna be kinda distracting." "If you're distracted now wait until Lily's beautiful jugs start to bounce around when she runs," Billy declared." And I wouldn't write the girls off so fast if I were you. Lily's five nine ... 
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  • A Rainy Night in Paris.... (M/F Man/Woman, lots of sex)  (153k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 07, 2018)

    ...Rainy Night in Paris Introduction It had been raining all day. It was a grey, steady, depressing rain that seemed to wash all the colours from the city, reminding you just how much of the city was built of stone, solid gray and unyielding. Paris had survived the rule of Louis XIV, had watched her citizens rebel in the French Revolution. She had been witness to the German tanks on the Champs Elysées, the very same streets that Napoleon had marched on. But today she was shrouded in rain, bearing witness to beginnings and endings. The Seine, seen from the Pont Neuf was black and heavy as if oil rather than water were flowing through its course. Tonight, everything seemed depressed, or maybe that was just their mood. Paris, the City of Lights. Gay Paris. People fell in love in Paris. Tonight there was very little happiness, despite the romantic setting. It was their last night together; she was flying out in the morning. He had to be in London by lunchtime which meant he had to be on the morning TGV. They had promised no regrets, only fun, but as the reality of the end loomed closer, the weather only helped accentuate their inevitable feelings. The cafes and bistros, which were normally boisterous cauldrons of hectic energy, tonight ... 
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  • Midlife Camping Trip.... (M/f Man/young girl, inc, con, rom)  (102k)
    (date posted: Saturday, July 28, 2018)

    ...Camping Trip Divorce can be a funny thing. For many it means a failed experiment. For me it was simply moving onto a better situation, though I didn't know it at first. My wife and I were like everyone else I guess. We kind of fell in love, kind of got along, and had a child in hopes that it would make things better but it didn't. I really gave it everything I had but I was also building a construction business as well and I don't think I gave my wife the attention she was hoping for. After our daughter was born things got better, but eventually little Francesca (Rene named her) became a real daddy's girl and that slipped away too. She had competition for my attention and that didn't suit her well at all. We separated and Rene got everything but the business. I didn't blame her or get mad at her, you had to care to get mad and in truth I stopped caring about her before the divorce. I also didn't mind that she took everything because that meant Franny, as I called her, had everything she would need. If there is one thing a man learns in construction it's that you can always build again and better. Well that is what I did. Over the next few years I rebuilt my life ... 
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  • Hannahs Innocence Lost.... (Fm Ff mf oral creampie first incest mother daughter son teens)  (62k)
    (date posted: Monday, July 23, 2018)

    ...Innocence Lost"Ready to go, stud?" Jennifer Cox said to her 15-year-old son Adam. Adam blushed, but his cock twitched a little." Yeah." Out the front door and into the car they went. Adam rode shotgun as his mother drove to the Interstate. Twenty minutes down I-40 and a few twists and turns into the West Meade neighborhood and they were pulling into a driveway. Adam's heart raced, and his cock hardened completely as he anticipated what he'd be doing. Jennifer and Adam were part of the latest trend in parenting. Moms and dads were making blind dates for their young teenagers to help them learn about sex. Jennifer had met Lisa Strong through an Internet site that helped families find each other when their children were ready for sexual congress. Lisa's 14-year-old daughter Hannah was developing and feeling sexual urges. Lisa told Jennifer that Hannah was masturbating and probably fooling around during sleepovers with other girls. Lisa felt it was time for her daughter to go to the next level with a boy. For Adam, this was his third blind date with a young virgin. He'd enjoyed the first two immensely, and his mother had coached him on his technique. He was confident he'd be better than ever today. Adam lost his virginity in a similar manner to experienced 16-year-old Kayla Taylor a ... 
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  • My Wedding.... (M/f father/daughter)  (22k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 22, 2018)

    ...Wedding I wonder if they can see my knees shaking. I know they can see my bottom. The attendants and our families are behind me, and my exposed orbs must be the center of their attention. My breasts are exposed to the minister, the nipples hard and pointing at him. If he looks down, he can see the lips. Are they wet? But for some reason, it's my knees that concern me. My parents haven't seen my bottom since I was a girl. No one else here besides my groom has seen it at all. Yet now it's fully exposed, framed by the garter belt and the stockings white, of course. I'm also wearing my white shoes, my veil, and my white cotton gloves. Everything else is gone. I am exposed to the gaze of about 20 people. They will soon witness my subjugation. I am scared because I don't know what is about to happen. I wanted this situation. Yes, I asked for it. But I don't know what events are before me. I shiver with anticipation. You might know me as a stock broker. That's what I do in the real world. I'm young and just getting started. It's high-pressure, long hours and lots of decisions. I love it, but it drains me. ... 
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  • Mommy Towel.... (M/f father/daughter)  (20k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 22, 2018)

    ...Towel"A girl's first love is her father," the counselor says softly." She looks up to him, and when her body begins to ripen from a girl into a woman, he is usually the first man she desires," he continues." You are special fathers and daughters because you have come here to consummate this desire." We are gathered in the suite of an elegant downtown hotel in the city where we live. My Daddy is here. So are other girls and their daddies. I'd say there are nearly a dozen of us. Some are a little younger than me; others are a little older. I've looked at them and studied their daddies. A couple of the other fathers are good looking, but none of them is as handsome as my Daddy. I think he's a hunk, and I really love him. Waiters have cleared the tables after an elegant dinner in a private dining room. We sit at tables for two with candles and crystal. A harpsichord at least that's what I think it's called played in the corner, but now everyone is gone except for us girls, our daddies and the counselor. Daddy let me drink wine, even though I'm not nearly old enough. On one level, I feel warm and relaxed. But I can also hear ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 27.... (This chapter contains mainly nudity and talk of underage sex)  (43k)
    (date posted: Thursday, July 19, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 27 by SFWS with the assistance of Neel Down - NAKED AT SCHOOL Summer Spring hated getting up early in the morning, and so it was a rarity that she smiled at the sound of her alarm clock going off. But that was exactly the case this morning, and with good reason. Well, with good reason if you happen to be Summer Spring, a naturist, exhibitionist and slut extraordinaire. Admittedly, she was still working on that last one, but making bang-up progress. She had been a nudist and exhibitionist her entire life, and so she had those two pretty well down pat even though her entire life at present had only existed for slightly over eleven years. She stretched and rolled out of her large bed. Large in the sense that it was twelve foot wide, twice the size of a king size. It was good she had a large bedroom. When she slept alone, she was practically lost in the covers, but she preferred to sleep with others. Saturday night all the Amigos had slept at her house in this bed, and there was still lots of room. She was getting a dog in a few weeks, a young Rottweiler, and she hoped her mother would allow the dog to sleep with her and keep her company. Well, hopefully perhaps ... 
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  • Porno part 1.... (M/f Man/young girl, M/m Man/young boy, Monster/f, Beast, F/f Women/young girl, SciFi, Con, NonCon)  (23k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, July 17, 2018)

    ...part 1 Year 2021 Robert Malkin paced back and forth in front of his bedroom window before glancing at his watch. It was 11:51 on June 7, 2021. One minute had passed since the last time he had checked. He sighed." You've been nice to everyone you know, right? Haven't cut anyone off in traffic? Haven't made any waves?" His wife, Charlotte, asked from across the room. She was pacing as well, though she was close to the bathroom as she had endured several episodes of the dry heaves. Her nerves were getting the best of her." Yes. You? You haven't pissed anyone off?" He gave her a look. His wife, he knew, had a bad temper and had often gotten on people's nerves back before the world changed." No. I've been good! I've had to be! I just don't want... I don't want her to have to..." "I know," Robert said, staring back out the window. In the darkness, he could see bright lights floating way above the earth and he clenched his teeth. They were up there. The Titans. From this vantage point alone, he counted four of the massive stations in orbit. He closed his fist, feeling the ... 
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  • The New Girl.... (M/f, Man/preteen girl, MMM/g10)  (31k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, July 11, 2018)

    ...New Girl The new girl looked nervous as she stood by the teacher's desk. When Miss Lewiston introduced the girl as Ashton, the newcomer was greeted with a chorus of bored hellos back. Not that any of the kids were being mean, but it their late-morning apathy during the joys of long division had already sunk in. As the only empty seats were toward the back of the room, Ashton walked down one aisle hugging a notebook to the front of her loose-fitting blouse. Janie felt sorry for her, especially when she realized she had seen her on the school bus this morning and hadn't said anything to her. Being a little shy herself, Janie was mortified at the thought of being a stranger in a new school and desperately hoped that her mother would never decide to move to a new school district. Waving just enough to catch Ashton's attention, Janie smiled and indicated the empty desk next to her. Ashton looked relieved and grinned back before plopping her backpack under the chair and sliding into it. When she placed her notebook on the desk and drummed her fingers on it, Janie noticed her nail polish. It wasn't brightly colored some the few girls her age wore it (Janie didn't have the nerve) but more of a clear gloss like adults sometimes did. Like her nails, Ashton's dark brunette ... 
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  • Wisdom ch 2 The Goddesses.... (Man/Preteen boy/Preteen Boy Girl Solo Masturbation Girl/Girl/Preteen Girl Boy/Boy Boy/Girl Preteen Boy/Preteen Girl/Transsexual Incest Pedophilia Watersports)  (309k)
    (date posted: Sunday, June 17, 2018) 2 The Goddesses I slept like a rock. I must have dreamed but, when I awoke, I couldn't remember a scrap of whatever had passed through my mind during the night. As my eyes fluttered open, I could see the dull light of the oncoming morning seeping around the edges of the black curtain that covered the glass doors at the far side of the bedroom. But all that told me was that the bedroom faced east. Having no idea where in the world I was, I couldn't judge the time. It took me a few moments to realize I wasn't anyplace that resembled a prison and so, feeling like an idiot, I looked over at a clock on a nightstand and saw it was before six o'clock. Normally, I worked long hours, chasing this story or that - and that had certainly been true these last few months, even with all the traveling thrown in. Before, when I had been at the newspaper, I was always up with the birds, tapping away at my desk in the newsroom, fueled by coffee and the occasional snootful of blow snuck in the restroom, or scrounging in every dark corner or well-lit office where scraps of information were to be had. The evenings I spent drinking with my ink-stained buddies, grousing about our editors, sharing not-so-old memories ... 
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  • Shopping for Sex Slaves A Visit to the Temple Whores.... (M/F, M/g, F/g, Man/preteen girl, pedophile, vaginal, oral, anal, scat)  (76k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, June 13, 2018)

    ...for Sex Slaves A Visit to the Temple Whores Chapter 1 In the Glorious Restoration of the early 22nd century, feminism was extinguished, and Patriarchy returned in a new, high-tech form. Many ancient practices were revived then, including polygamy and the enslavement of women and girls. Another revived practice was Sacred Sex, or Temple Prostitution. This ancient practice had been common in the Middle East during the pre-Christian era. It had also occurred in the Inca Empire of South America before Europeans arrived there. Temple Prostitution even survived in some Hindu temples of India as late as the early the 21st century. Its new form was quite different from the ancient one, however. That's what my story is about. By the 22nd century, robotics and Artificial Intelligence had practically eliminated the need to work. All the necessities of life, and most of the luxuries, could be provided free of charge by the machines powered by fusion energy and fed by raw materials mined from asteroids and other outer space objects. Some idealists had imagined that the Communist dream world envisioned by Karl Marx was at hand. But as it turned out, the precise opposite happened. A small number of very rich men backed the political programs of other men who seized control of governments and industries world-wide. A global male dictatorship was established. The need to ... 
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  • Your Asses Are Mine Saith the Lord to His Wife and Her Daughter.... (M/F, M/g Man/preteen girl, Mdom, ped, mc, span, toys, rape, 1st, va, oral, anal, ws, scat)  (26k)
    (date posted: Sunday, June 10, 2018)

    ...Asses Are Mine Saith the Lord to His Wife and Her Daughter I've never before told my story, of how I became the anal rape-slave of my step-father, just like my momma. I guess it's time, now that he's started fucking my cunt and got me pregnant. I'm writing this account for my daughter. Someday I want her to read it when she's old enough, before he does the same things to her. I know he will. He promised. My name is Lilly Angstrom. I never knew my real dad. Back in Minnesota, mamma got pregnant when she was 16. Her boyfriend, my dad, was two years older. They both came from old Scandinavian stock. That's how come momma and I are blue-eyed blondes with platinum blonde hair. Pretty faces too, folks say. My parents never married. Her parents were very religious and she was too, kinda. At least they didn't believe in abortion. Momma got her GED. We lived with gramma and grammpa while my dad went into the Army. Momma heard that he got married to some woman he met there. I don't know. I've never seen or heard from him in my life. Mamma was ashamed of getting pregnant outside of marriage. She and my grandparents raised me real strict. I was homeschooled. My ... 
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  • Letter to Teacher Please excuse daughter shes busy fucking her Dad.... (M/F, M/g, M/F, F/g, Man/preteen girl, ped, 1st, va, oral, anal)  (18k)
    (date posted: Sunday, June 10, 2018) Teacher Please excuse daughter shes busy fucking her Dad MOTHER From: witchwayup69 To: gggrlsnightinout Subject: Please excuse daughter she's fucking her Dad Can you believe it?! Darla is not coming to school today. * * * TEACHER From: gggrlsnightinout To: witchwayup69 Subject: re: Please excuse daughter she's fucking her Dad HAHAHAHAHA! You're really taking our talk from last night too far! I got really hot talking about incest with you. I probably had one too many glasses of wine too. Or two too many, many. Your lips tasted so good on mine. Your tongue in my pussy was pure bliss. Your puss-puss tasted good to this girl too! Now you got me imagining what would happen if that hunky husband of yours started doing your daughter. I'm imagining I'm Darla. She misses her real Dad. Your new hottie of a husband is taking his place. And even doing things her real Dad wanted to do but couldn't bring himself to break the taboo. Incest is crazy hot!!! Now that's some hot erotic fiction! Did you already write it up? So why isn't Darla coming to school? Did she catch that bug that's been going around? Oh, by the way, when does your husband get home from his business trip? * * * MOTHER From: witchwayup69 To: gggrlsnightinout Subject: re: Please excuse daughter ... 
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  • Das Elixier des Lebens Antiagabikum Kapitel 2.... (M/b Man/young Boy, M/g Man/young Girl anal, oral, CBT, smell, smegma, scat, implied M/F)  (21k)
    (date posted: Sunday, June 10, 2018)

    ...Elixier des Lebens Antiagabikum Kapitel 2 Das mit den Vorbereitungen war dann doch schwerer als gedacht. Zuerst überredete ich den Vorstand meiner Firma, dass sie mich dauerhaft nach Indien versetzen sollten um dort neue Geschäftsfelder zu eröffnen. Bis die Zusage dann sechs Monate später da war, hatte ich bereits Möglichkeiten geschaffen Firmengelder auf die Seite zu bringen und mir ein kleines Schwarzkonto einzurichten. Auch kommunizierte ich rege mit Ranzid, dem Wissenschaftler in Indien, daß ich für längere Zeit vorbei kommen würde und er alle Vorbereitungen treffen sollte. Der Wissenschaftler berichtet, daß er auch weiterhin stetig Fortschritte machte und die Wirksamkeit nochmal erhöhen konnte, er aber dringend Probanden benötigte, an denen er die neue Formel testen konnte. Ich sagte fest zu, daß ich ihm meine Söhne und meine Frau zur Verfügung stellen würde. Darüber war er mehr als begeistert und schickte mir entsprechende Drogen für meine Frau für die Vorbereitung. Praktischer weise schalteten diese Drogen den Verstand meiner Frau fast völlig ab und sie hörte endlich auf sich zu wehren gegen die Idee dauerhaft nach Indien zu gehen. Meinen Jungen erzählte ich nur das ihre Mama krank geworden sei und wir nach Indien zu einem Spezialisten mussten. Das Haus und die meisten unserer Besitztümer, die wir nicht mitnehmen konnten verkaufte ich um auch Offiziell Bargeld zu besitzen. Meine Geilheit reagierte ich an meiner Frau ab. Meine Jungen wollte ich erst nach ... 
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  • No Holes Barred The Enslavement of Sue and Daughter Sydney.... (M/F, M/g Man/preteen girl, Mdom, ped, mc, nc, rape, 1st, va, oral, anal, ws, scat)  (32k)
    (date posted: Saturday, June 09, 2018)

    ...Holes Barred The Enslavement of Sue and Daughter Sydney I'm not a bad guy. I've got plenty of friends I can count on. They feel the same about me. They all know they can count on me in a pinch. I'd known Sue for over 20 years when she came to me for help. Her husband Anthony ditched her. But first he emptied their bank account and left her with nothing but debts. Sue's house was seized, and she had nowhere to go. So she came to me, begging for help. I'm a single guy with a good job. Thanks to being careful with money and getting an inheritance, I own my own home, I have a solid investment portfolio, and I am debt-free. I don't even need to work for the money; I just do it to keep busy. So I told Sue that she and her daughter could stay with me until they got back on their feet. At the time, I had no idea how long that would take. And I had no idea what would happen in the meantime. Frankly, I'd always had the hots for Sue. She stands 5-foot 5-inches. She has very dark brown hair, nearly black, which contrasts amazingly with her pale white skin. Sue is naturally thin, with 32-B tits, but a nice ... 
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  • Das Elixier des Lebens Antiagabikum Kapitel 1.... (M/b Man/young boy, oral, anal, nc, rape, cbt, drugs, implied M/F)  (14k)
    (date posted: Sunday, June 03, 2018)

    ...Elixier des Lebens Antiagabikum Kapitel 1 Comments_for_readers: Diese Geschichte ist eine Partner Geschichte zu"Club Underground"von Roy, zu finden auf dieser Seite. Auch wenn die Schauplätze zunächst andere sind, spielt der Hauptteil in der Location, die Roy entworfen hat. Roy, danke Dir dafür und dafür, dass ich meine Version davon ableiten durfte. - Auf meinem Trip nach Indien, der mir von meiner Firma aufs Auge gedrückt worden war, begegnete ich in einer Bar einem recht interessanten Mann. Wir kamen miteinander ins Gespräch und ich erfuhr dass er zwei Söhne und eine Tochter hatte. Er lebte auf dem Land und wollte in der Stadt Sponsoren für sein aktuelles wissenschaftliches Projekt suchen. Er war studierter Biochemiker und hatte wohl so einiges auf dem Kasten, denn sein aktuelles Projekt war höchst kompliziert. Er forschte nach einem Mittel um den Alterungsprozess zu verlangsamen. Ich zeigte Interesse an seinen Forschungen und wir plauderten auch über Gott und die Welt. Als ich ihm berichtete, daß ich auch zwei Söhne habe, lud er mich für das Wochende zu sich nach Hause ein. Da ich noch mindestens eine Woche bleiben musste sagte ich gerne zu. An besagtem Wochenende holte er mich bei meinem Hotel ab und wir fuhren mit dem Zug zu ihm. Ein Erlebnis, welches man sich in Indien auf keinen Fall entgehen lassen sollte. In seinem Haus angekommen, ... 
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  • Cherrytown part 2.... (M/g Man/young girl, daddy/daughter, incest)  (37k)
    (date posted: Saturday, May 05, 2018)

    ...part 2 -Haley's story - At a convenience store, Haley walked in and asked asked for a pack of cigarettes. The man behind the counter did not ask how old she was. Next to her was a twelve-year-old boy ready to purchase a six-pack of beer. Haley was confused. She would know this town was entering a wonderful experimental time, if she saw the local newspaper next to the counter. The top story was featuring the mayor signing a law eliminating age discrimination. Haley walked outside and lit up a cigarette. She walked down the sidewalk wiggling her butt, appreciating the men honking their car horns and construction workers making suggestive comments. Haley felt hungry, so she entered a local bar because she could smell fresh popcorn." Welcome. What would you like to drink, little miss?" The bartender asked." I don't know." She twirled her hair, feeling awkward and unsure in this new situation. It was weird for her to have a man"Can I have some booze or something?" The bartender did his best not to laugh." Yeah, I think we have something like that. Hmm, serving you kids will be something I just have to get used to. Ok, here, try this." He brought her a glass of half apple juice ... 
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  • Mexican Erotica.... (M/F Man/Woman, IR, cum, anal, oral)  (20k)
    (date posted: Sunday, April 29, 2018)

    ...Erotica This is the erotic tale of a fifty year old perverted male we will call Dick, and his thirty something year old girl friend, Delores Ann. We will call her, Dee. Dick is a hale, healthy, and hearty middle age male. He stands an even height of six feet, weighing one hundred and seventy five pounds, has graying hair, and could be considered moderately handsome. Dick is a yacht captain by trade, and an experienced ex-naval scuba diver, and confirmed outdoorsman. Dick is active, trim and fit, with washboard abs. Dee is five feet eight inches tall, with beautiful blonde hair, weighs in at a trim one hundred and thirty pounds, and is endowed with classic beauty, perfect features, long beautiful hair, and wasp shaped body. She has a figure any woman would die for. But like most women, she thinks her tits are too small, and her ass too big. Dee and Dick were on vacation, fishing and frolicking in South Texas, going to the beach, fishing, dining and enjoying the good life. Both Dee and Dick were blessed/or/plagued, with incredible sexual appetites, and neither had inhibitions or hang-ups. Dick was fairly well hung, with a fat six and one half inch cock, and had ... 
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  • Sucking Daddys Bottle.... (M/f Man/young girl, pedo, young, incest, oral)  (7k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 26, 2018)

    ...Daddys Bottle comments_readers: Write to me, I love to hear feedback, and if I reach 1, 000 more hits on my stories, I'll write another one :) -"Hon, Brie needs her bottle now," Janet Morrison groggily stated to her husband Norm when she heard their baby whimper from the nursery across the their hallway at 2am. Norm, while yawning and slowly rubbing the sleep from his eyes, secretly cheered, getting a bottle of formula ready for their 29 month old daughter Brie. These late night feedings were the highlight of his day for a filthy pedophile like himself. He made certain his wife went back to sleep before letting his throbbing erection poke from out of his boxers, letting it lead the way to their daughter's room like some sort of perverse magnet. Norm had no control over his urges; he could stop himself feeding his toddler aged daughter his sperm as much as he could stop his eyes from blinking or his lungs from breathing. He was 100% a pedophile and he had been letting Brie nurse on his cock bottle since the day she was born, leaving his wife completely oblivious to his foul behavior. Over the last 2 years 5 months and 13 days, any time alone with his daughter was time Norm spent nudging her esophagus with the tip of his penis, or ... 
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  • Snow Day part 3.... (M/f Man/young girl, cons, sex, oral, exhib, squirt, light anal, romance)  (28k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 05, 2018)

    ...Day part 3 Abby snapped back to the present and finished her business on the toilet. Each time they had sex, it was great, sometimes it was mind blowing. Sometimes it was just an okay quickie. In any case, she loved it every time. She loved how he could make her laugh, too. He also listened when she had a bad day. Or even a good day. She couldn't wait to tell him things that happened to her at school. He never treated her like a kid or got annoyed by her silliness. He loved her and took care of her. She loved him. Jake was her boyfriend, but better. Like a dad, with the benefits of a boyfriend. She was being weird about it, but Jake is just about perfect for her. Jake heard the toilet flush and his little lover get in the shower. Abby was half humming, half singing some pop song. Jake made the bed and then wandered into the bathroom. He had to pee. His en suite bathroom was pretty nice, and one of the reasons he bought the house. It had marble tiled floors, two sinks, a big freestanding bathtub, and a walled shower that was pretty open, with no shower door. The shower had two shower heads and little Abby ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 20.... (In time just about everything you can think of)  (44k)
    (date posted: Monday, April 02, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 20 by SFWS and Neel Down"Good morning! I'm Lionel Hutz. I believe Doctor Hastings is expecting me," Lionel said, approaching the secretary who was working diligently at the counter." Yes, right this way sir," the nervous secretary said, leading Mr. Hutz to Doctor Hastings office. She knocked on the door and after a few seconds opened the door and showed Mr. Hutz in. Both men waited quietly until Miss Bimbo left the room and closed the door. CHAPTER TWENTY FLOOR EXERCISES"Mr. Hutz, I don't understand the purpose of this visit," Dr. Hastings said, obviously troubled." We've been supportive of Miss Spring from the very start." "Relax Dr. Hastings, I'm not here to make threats," Lionel Hutz assured the hyperventilating man." My clients are very appreciative of all your support. Now that we are on the verge of winning our battle, I'd like to discuss some ways that your district and you personally can profit from Miss Spring's desire to participate in sporting activities in the buff." "You're on the verge of winning?" Dr. Hastings questioned, a bit shocked at hearing this information." Yes! I can't go into specific details at this time, but the FAC is on ... 
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  • Barry.... (M/F Man/Woman, rom, oral, anal)  (15k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, March 28, 2018)

    ...Everyone in wrestling knows that Barry Windham is gay; it's no big deal since a lot of the wrestlers are gay. Barry's father, Blackjack Mulligan, has been a friend of my father's for many years. I have always called Barry my sixth big brother. I have managed my brothers for quite a while and really needed a break from them; my brothers are more than a little overprotective of me, when Barry came to my father with a proposition. Sting, one of wrestling's biggest starts, and had asked him to come to WCW to help get Lex Lugar back on the straight and narrow. Barry helped Lex out when he first broke into wrestling in Florida and was his first tag team partner. He had been getting very full of himself and leaning far on the rule-breaking side of the sport. Barry and agreed and signed a contract with WCW. He came to dad to see if I could go to WCW with him and be his manager. Dad and I both saw this as a good opportunity for me and my brothers to get a break from each other for a while, my brothers had been negotiating with WCW for a while but it would probably be another three or four months before anything was settled. Since dad, along with the rest of my family, and I knew and trusted Barry ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 19.... (In time just about everything you can think of)  (44k)
    (date posted: Friday, March 23, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 19 by SFWS and Neel Down"I know that girl," Chris said blankly, shocking everyone in the room." Not personally, of course, but she isn't anywhere near eighteen. That's Annie Brooks! She's the girl who was in that Lance Taylor video Hot Girls. She's only thirteen now so she couldn't have been more than twelve when that video was made." "It can't be her," Lily insisted." She was a top model and then became even more famous when that Lance Taylor video came out. Why the hell would someone like her be doing porn? It can't possibly be her. It must be an older look-alike. She's way too young and wealthy for porn." "She might be too young for legit porn, but not for illegal child pornography," Harry suggested." Of course that still wouldn't answer the question as to why she'd want to do it." "Maybe she's like me," Summer suggested." Perhaps she's just a little slut who likes showing off her naked body and fucking. I think she just became my idol." CHAPTER NINETEEN FUCKING THE NIGHT AWAY"I wonder how I'd go about contacting her?" Summer asked the room at large." She has a web page and a fan site ... 
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  • Snow Day part 2.... (M/f Man/young girl, cons, sex, oral, exhib, romance)  (48k)
    (date posted: Friday, March 16, 2018)

    ...Day part 2 Abby felt so free, being naked. It felt so natural to just hop up from the bed and hop in the shower. She grabbed a towel and wiped the jizz off her face and looked in the mirror. Her hair in the loose bun made her eyes pop. She hated her ears, one was slightly lower than the other. Her jaw line was pretty great, and she liked her nose, it was small and cute. She thought about Jake, and what he liked about her. She remembered the first time they spent time together as more than neighbors, more than friends. And then she thought about the first time they tried having sex, and her first blowjob. May rolled around and Jake was getting the pool ready for summer. He wanted to get it ready to go in April, but rain kept the pool company from getting out to get it cleaned and ready. Abby couldn't wait for the pool to be open either. She planned to spend most of summer swimming and hanging out with Jake. The two had become nearly inseparable. The pair had already had a serious talk about the kiss on New Year's. The next week or so was kinda awkward, but Jake broached the subject one day. He said that he felt a little guilty about the ... 
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  • Snow Day part 1.... (M/f Man/young girl, cons, sex, oral, exhi)  (57k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, March 06, 2018)

    ...Day part 1 comments_readers: Dear Reader, I wanted to get back to writing more stories and finally took the time and effort and did it! This go round, I wanted to write some hot action, right at the top and then build the relationship with these characters. I hope you enjoy! PLEASE leave me some feedback! Thanks! - Prologue Boo-tik! Jake Cook rolled over and looked at his phone. He heard the signature sound of a SnapChat notification. Roused out of final stages of sleep, he checked the clock. Six-fucking-thirty? Who would send him a snap this early? It was time for him to get up anyway. He grabbed his phone off of his night stand and swiped into the app. Abby sat on her bed, waiting. She saw that Jake checked her message. She got excited. Warm anticipation filled her stomach as she noticed he was messaging her back. She smiled, hopefully. Jake opened the pic from Abby, his eleven year old neighbor. Her blond hair, a little disheveled, perfectly framed her beautiful face. Her blue eyes seemed extra big, and her pouty pink lips were slightly smiling. Her bare shoulders were showing. Was she topless? Jake read the text," School was cancelled, cuz - snow - Can I come over?" ... 
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  • The Guardian part 2.... (M/gg Man/young girls, 11, 4)  (36k)
    (date posted: Monday, March 05, 2018)

    ...Guardian part 2 Note: The beginning slightly overlaps where Part 1 ended. - While scouting the neighborhood where the Chaffins lived, Reese had noticed the realtor sign in the yard of a house that was three houses away from the cul-de-sac that held the Chaffins' home. Instead of risking being seen, he simply checked the listing on the realtor's website. A quick inquiry as to the hours the house could be shown told him that there would be no curious shoppers around when he needed to be there. Aside from one very small target in the house Reese wasn't interested in the neighborhood - too damned middle class. He preferred to live well and had already made a fortune in his trade. But at thirty-five, he still lived for the hunt and wanted even more money to live the luxurious style he preferred. Why rent an opulent villa of an heir or a European noble with more title than ready reserve when he could buy one for himself? A half hour after sundown, Reese eased his red Maserati GranTurismo convertible down the street before backing it into the driveway. Hell, just parking here might have doubled the property value of the place in his estimation. But the housing market quickly fell from his mind as he focused his high-powered binoculars on one of the illuminated front windows of the house. Seeing nothing, he ... 
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  • Savior.... (Incest, m/f brother/sister, M/m father/son, M/f uncle/niece, anal sex, oral, dp and more)  (57k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 04, 2018)

    ...CHAPTER 1 I received a text from my son, Jake, during my morning inspirational talk and trouble shooting session with my large horde of young innovators. I had few advantages of creating a four billion dollar business empire and owning another three billion in personal assets and cash, that work now was truly a vocation. A young busty chunky very curvaceous girl looked at my mobile and whispered," Your son, Ted." No formalities were maintained during these sessions." Dad, coach sick, football cancelled, Free. You??" My son Jake's, who was twelve years old then, text was laconic unlike him and propelled me in action. I stood up to my seven feet and three inches of height and towered in the huge hall like a mythical giant," I am sorry, guys. My son needs picking up. I will have to cut this session short." I had already overrun the designated session by one hour. They all murmured their understanding with long 'AAH' etc. The buxom curvaceous pretty girl rubbed my hand and said," I wish I had daddy like your son has." I smiled and noticed that Tracy [I read her name tag] was actually very attractive and beautiful. I liked big boned full-bodied girls with big curves. Tracy easily ticked all boxes along ... 
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  • Tales of The Library Man One Becky The Natural.... (M/f Man/young girl, submissive, oral, anal, spank)  (74k)
    (date posted: Monday, February 26, 2018)

    ...of The Library Man One Becky The Natural He was chameleon-like in the sense that he was different things to different people. He had that uncanny characteristic about him. To some, he was suave and sophisticated, to others pensive and intellectual, to others mysterious and vaguely dangerous and to others still, seductive and sensual. In fact, regardless of how most people perceived him, no matter how different he seemed to each of them, he always impressed them with his masculine smouldering charisma that rarely failed to arouse. He simply emanated sensuality. That was the single common consistency of Braydon Wells and that he possessed such a gift was surprising to those unaffected by his charm because he was not at that typical age where many men are seemingly at their peak attractiveness, mid-20's to mid-30's. He was 52 and he looked it. While there were women who were attracted to men that age, of course, one didn't exactly see men over 50 on the cover of GQ very often or posing in skimpy Speedos on the internet unless they were extraordinary; famous film, music or industry personalities and Braydon was none of those. He was a simple Librarian in an unexceptional public library branch. But it was not his aging looks that drew people to him. Mature and seasoned with crinkles at the corner of his eyes, a ... 
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  • The Invisible Friend.... (M/f Man/young girl, inc, virgin, consenting)  (33k)
    (date posted: Monday, February 19, 2018)

    ...Invisible Friend Friday night - Another toke & time for a scotch refill. Bob paused his DVD and went into the kitchen. As he finished freshening his glass, he stepped over his 11-year-old daughter laying on the floor, legs bent at the knees, feet in the air. He noticed she was talking to her"invisible"friend as she played with her dolls on the floor. Bob sat down in his recliner, leaned back, extending the foot rest." Ann", he sighed, as he took an icy sip from his glass. He picked his roach out of the ashtray." Blast", he said quietly. Too short to do much with. He dropped it into his roach box for use later with his bong. He re-started his movie. He was watching one of his favorite old westerns. He had seen it many times. He happened to look down at his daughter. After a moment he realized he was looking at the gusset of her white silky panties." Jessica", he began, he was going to tell her to close her legs, her panties were showing." What Daddy?" she asks completely, looking at him over her shoulder." Nothing Princess," what's the harm he thought, she's only 11! He liked looking at ... 
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  • Getting Directions Story 20.... (f/g6)  (27k)
    (date posted: Monday, February 12, 2018)

    ...Directions Story 20 In recent years, most of the people who moved into the Knobby Shoals Mobile Home Estates did so quietly; many of them slinking in as they understood that they were pretty much at the end of the line as far as housing choices went. But Louise Thibodeaux was not most people. She had grown up in a place like this perhaps forty miles upriver; a trailer park which lost nearly half of its acreage thanks to a flood and poor civil engineering. The remainder was mercifully plowed under and slabbed in concrete for a power plant. Two years before the flood, Louise had left her alcoholic mother and three siblings (one following in mama's footsteps with the bottle while the other two opted for the more modern crystal methamphetamine) for the city. Within two years of shaking her barely covered (and sometimes not so covered) ass on stage and around chrome poles, she had a steady - and wealthy - set of regular boyfriends who paid for her companionship in different ways. With her looks and carefree attitude, most people dismissed her as an airhead. But she had actually earned her high school diploma - a family first - with a solid C average that called for very little studying. There had only been one class that had truly given her trouble, geometry in her sophomore year. But her ... 
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  • Carls Last Pussy part 9.... (M/f Man/young girl, Hard Pedo, Alcohol, Abduction, Rape, Anal, Violence, nc, snuff)  (13k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 22, 2018)

    ...Last Pussy part 9 comments_readers: I wasn't satisfied with the version of this part that I published here two days ago, so I completely rewrote it. I've never worked harder on a story in my life but this is the final version of this part before I move on to what everyone's waiting to see. - Her skinny body went rigid under him and a loud scream came from under the panties stuffed into her mouth as Carl put all of his strength into anally penetrating her, pushing over six inches deep inside her body before the friction of hot tightly squeezing child anal flesh stopped the brutal advance of his KY-coated cockhead. Beneath him the little girl was crying loudly now, her face flushed and red as he lay on top of her arched tanned back with more than two thirds of his adult cock buried inside of her. Much tighter than he’d been expecting even with all the KY and anal lubricant, her tiny ass gripped him like a vise as Carl gripped her narrow waist even tighter and began the fucking motions with his hips, starting to anally sodomize the young child over the edge of the bed. Going slow at first to get her started, Carl began fucking her little kid butt, groaning and gritting his teeth at her tightness. Beneath him, the little girl started struggling and trying to get away ... 
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  • Chronicles of Nadine Fountain 3 Paradox.... (M/s Father/son, F/d Mother/daughter, Sci Fi/Fantasy Comic book heros)  (47k)
    (date posted: Thursday, January 18, 2018)

    ...of Nadine Fountain 3 Paradox comments_readers: Celebrating 20 years as a Mr. Double author. Read and enjoy! Thanks for your support Please note: This is an incest/sci-fi/fantasy. Don't try this at home, any time or place. Previously on"Chronicles of Nadine Fountain"- Nadine teamed up with Lone Star Man to thwart the efforts of the evil multidimensional being called Roy Moore. He promised revenge on those dearest to Nadine and Lone Star Man. 1. Nadine and her now 15 year old son Jack were in bed. Jack was kissing her all over like he'd done on many occasions over the last few months. Nadine loved her son so much she could not believe it. One of the happiest days of her life was finding out that she was pregnant with his baby. She bore him a fine healthy baby boy. They named him Sonny. It had been many weeks since they'd fucked. Finally the doctor had given the all clear. Nadine could not wait to get some of her son's big beautiful cock. Jack was also very ready to get his mom's pussy. He loved his mom's pussy and he missed being able to feel himself wrapped within it. Nadine was enjoying her son's bed craft. He was only 15, but he'd picked up a lot of lovemaking skills. He ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 14.... (Beware of all nasty things happening)  (45k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 15, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 14 by SFWS and Neel Down"Mom, do we have time to go home before we pick up Lily and Jessica at school?" Summer asked." I'm sorta naked and thought perhaps I should put something on before we go to the mall." "My daughter wants to put clothes on!" Karen replied in counterfeit surprise." Does this mean that you no longer want to be nude in public?" "No, not at all, but I do want to have a good time shopping and not be harassed by any crazies like occurred at the restaurant," Summer answered." Then you still want to go through with the lawsuit?" Karen asked. CHAPTER FOURTEEN WINDOW SHOPPING"Oh, you bet," Summer responded unequivocally." Two completely different situations. I can understand some people may be put off by my nudity being thrust upon them when they are eating lunch. And in all fairness to them, I haven't won a legal battle to be nude in a public restaurant. On the other hand if we defeat the FAC and the schools it represents, I will have won the right to be naked at those games. And anyone who buys a ticket will know I'm there and naked. If they think they'll be appalled by my nudity, ... 
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  • Demoms Angels part 5.... (Ffm/Msd Female/young girl/boy, Man, group, incest, slow, magic, satire)  (18k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, January 09, 2018)

    ...Angels part 5 comments_readers: The mom tries to crack down on her growing addiction, frustrating her eager children, but inspiring her boss to a banging solution. - It was time to lay down the law." Under no circumstances will either of you touch your mommy's clitoris or vagina, ever again! Do you understand me?" The following week was cruel. Howard and Mina fought like never before. Tracy lashed out verbally, often surprised by her own vitriol. Chores were worked mechanically. Food tasted bland. Games and music frustrated. Vanice had seen enough by the following Friday." Here's two hundred dollars, Tracy. Tomorrow, buy yourself a slut dress. Be fully made up by six thirty sharp. I'm dropping Maise at your place, to sit the kids, and I'm taking you out. If we're lucky, you won't be back until Sunday." "This is not one of the corporate perks you promised, when you hired me, Vanice." Tracy joked her reticence." Something's wrong with you, girl. If Saturday night ain't the cure, then I'll step out of your private life for good." "There's nothing wrong with me." "I may not know you intimately, hell you could be a dyke, for all I know nor would I care ... 
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  • Wild Neighbors Naked Daughter.... (M/f father/daughter, F/m mother/son incest, preteen, ws/water sports, orgy, voyeur, pedo)  (54k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, January 03, 2018)

    ...Neighbors Naked Daughter When Gary found the house, he knew he'd struck pay dirt. He'd been divorced for about nine months and had been living in a small apartment since the separation and it was time to move on with his life anyway, so then his ex dropped off Christy, leaving him no choice. She'd be gone for more than a year for her job, leaving him sole custody until she got back, which was fine with him, but a ten year old sleeping on the couch was less than ideal. His real estate broker had looked for the perfect home but had struck out, until he showed them this place. It was only one of two houses that had been completed at the far end of a cul de sac before the developer had ended up in jail, leaving the rest of the place vacant and undeveloped. This gave it a park like feel and since the guy was appealing, it looked like nothing would get started for years. The second home had gone through foreclosure and when he saw what he was getting for the money, he made an offer the same day. Since his credit was stellar and he made a lot of money, the bank accepted and he began making plans. Christy was thrilled by the new place. It had a small swimming pool out back ... 
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  • Demoms Angels part 1.... (F/b Mother/teen son, F/d Mother/preteen daughter, F/b/d Mother/teen son/devil, group, inc, slow, magic, satire)  (39k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, January 02, 2018)

    ...Angels part 1 comments_readers: The first part sets up the story (no sex). Sex slowly takes over in parts 2 and 3. The rest of the story is written, and will be posted as I edit the remaining parts. - 1 - Tracey Nians loaded the dishwasher carefully. It was old and cranky, and if you didn't know where the sweet spots were, dishes ended up dirtier. She couldn't entrust the chore to her thirteen year old, Howard, or her nine year old, Mina. Although, the daughter was more reliable than her son. Cooking and cleaning hadn't gotten easier after her husband's death. Tasks reminding her of her love's absence required extra effort. Tears made the housework easier. Hadn't she had cried them long enough, according to conventional wisdom? Tracy opened herself to a new relationship, but dates felt like adultery, and get togethers with friends and an extra friend felt like nothing at all. She pined for her one true love. Maybe she always would. So be it. There were dishes to wash. She poured the soup, closed the hatch, latched it, and spun the dial. The machine gurgled to life as water galloped through an orifice choked with mineral deposits. The pump groaned and shuddered. The spray holes were harpies screeching dizzily from clunking ... 
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  • Nude Like Me ch 13.... (Nudity, underage sex, domination)  (46k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 01, 2018)

    ...Like Me ch 13 by SFWS and Neel Down"Daddy, am I really going to get to play basketball this year?" Summer asked hopefully." I hope so sweetheart, but I'm afraid your cloak-and-dagger benefactor might be being just a bit pollyannaish," Mr. Spring declared." The legal system moves exceedingly slow in this country. I'm not sure if even a billion dollars can speed it up that much." CHAPTER THIRTEEN BAGGED LUNCH"When do you think I'll actually get to play?" Summer asked concernedly." Assuming you win and the verdict doesn't get appealed, optimistically by the time you are in ninth grade," Summer's dad replied, hopefully." That's two years off," Summer whimpered." I know," Chris Spring said, nodding his head dolefully." And that I feel is being overly optimistic. Supposedly, Mr. Hutz or more likely one of his associates, is meeting us here around eleven. Hopefully, he can tell us what their plans are to make things move abnormally fast." As if having 15 minute appointments, Karen returned at 10:30 and the nurse checked in with them at 10:45. Karen had brought clothing for Summer to wear home, and her daughter loved what her mother had picked out for her." Is that new ... 
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  • Just A Taste Is All It Takes ch 16 Conclusions.... (MF, Man/Woman, Mind Control, Bimbo)  (18k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, December 20, 2017)

    ...A Taste Is All It Takes ch 16 Conclusions Andrew looked down at his young lover. His heart was beating rapidly and he was in a near state of panic. He had felt the flash and now he could feel the young girl inside his mind. He pulled out of her and rose from the bed. He took a step back and shook his head in denial of what he already knew. He had just impregnated a nine-year-old girl. He could see his seed oozing out of her hairless cunny. Grace looked his way and rose from the bed. She knelt at his feet and took his softening cock, slick in both of their juices, in her small hand," What is it you wish master; I am at your service for as long as you would have me? She proclaimed before she ran her tongue along his cock. Andrew watched the young girl clean his member, her tongue running along his shaft several times before she slipped her young mouth over the tip. She licked along the head and his cock slowly sprung to life, gaining size and length in her mouth. Grace slid more of his cock into her mouth, almost as if by instinct," Careful of your teeth," He whispered as he felt a slight scrape long the tip. Grace slid his cock from ... 
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  • Desperate By The Hotel Finding Crystal.... (M/F, Male/Female, con/cons rape, reluct prostitution taboo)  (34k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017)

    ...By The Hotel Finding Crystal Synopsis: In a desperate attempt to raise cash, a divorced homeless Mother of one followed a man into a hotel room to engage in prostitution over the course of four nights. The situation escalated into a extreme taboo on the final night and as both parties went their separate ways, the man became desperate to hook up with her again. Notes: This story is a follow up to the previous two parts, which contain"Nights 1-4." Work of fiction - Finding Crystal, night 1 Following that final night in the hotel room, I was desperate to find Crystal again. She turned me on so much, she was so shy and timid. The events of that last night filled me with guilt in the days following. I fucked her in front of her child. As time went on, I started thinking about it more and more. It kept entering my fantasizes. Picturing the way they both looked at one another and cried. The look in Crystal eyes as I came on her face, the insult I gave her cut so deep." Mother of the year," I told her as her daughter watched hysterical. I couldn't get her out of my thoughts. I wanted to be alone with her again, even without the kid. I got out of town ... 
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  • Ms Flynns Teachers Pet Week 5 Bottom of the Rabbit Hole Finale.... (F/b, b/b, woman/boy boy/boy, teacher/student, romance rape)  (29k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 17, 2017)

    ...Flynns Teachers Pet Week 5 Bottom of the Rabbit Hole Finale Synopsis: Ms Flynn completes her abuse of her young student Evan. She seduces him back to her house by offering him romance and love making. As he falls back into her web, he awakens to find himself in the middle of a nightmare. His true abuse has begun. Story finale. Work of fiction - Monday at school Ms Flynn held Evan in during PE class to"tutor"him. Instead of schoolwork, they sat alone in the classroom and talked. She was trying to convince into faking another sleepover so he could return to her home that Saturday. Throughout the conversation Evan began making excuses. His father wouldn't let him, he explained, for various reasons. He vaguely recalled memories of what she had put him through during their previous encounter. He knew she forced him to perform oral sex on her toy, and him a strong feeling she penetrated him as well. He was sore from the encounter, and deeply embarrassed. Hearing his excuses, Vanessa had a feeling that he remembered things." Do you remember what we did Saturday, Evan?" she asked." I think so." "hmm.... what do you remember?" she quizzed. Evan shrugged, telling her he didn't know. ... 
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  • The Embezzler.... (Mg Man/girl)  (48k)
    (date posted: Saturday, December 16, 2017)

    ...Embezzler Carlson's blood pressure started going up as soon as he saw the audit team member with his boss." Come in Carl," Max said, waving towards a chair. Max looked up at the auditor who was standing next to him." Is this all?" he asked." Yes Mr. Branch," she said. Isabella was an attractive woman, darker than most African Americans, she wore makeup to give her cheeks a slight blush and yellow eye shadow. Her straightened hair was pulled severely back into thick, glossy pony tail. She was tall and thin but, like many black women, she had very nice curves above in front and below in back." OK Ms. Samson, thank you," Max said." For the time being, I'd prefer to keep this strictly internal." "Of course sir," she said. As she straightened up she looked at Carl with an expression that was a mixture of distain and 'you poor mother-fucker'. (It translated in to 'you poor, stupid mother-fucker') She closed the door as she left. All Branch did was hand the spreadsheet across the desk to Carl. It was five pages long, and because it was formatted differently, it clearly showed the data he'd been able to obscure in his own reports ... 
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