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  • The Happy Place ch 8.... (Mg7)  (63k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, December 04, 2018)

    ... concerned around me but she was very cautious around anyone she didn't know. It took her years to feel comfortable with allowing Walt to babysit her from time to time. Another missed opportunity. I listened outside of our bedroom door and smiled as I heard the soft sounds... 
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  • Kaylas Creamy Incest Adventures.... (M/g Man/young girl, b/g young boy/young girl, g/g, oral, vaginal, anal, incest)  (90k)
    (date posted: Saturday, December 01, 2018)

    ... I mean Michelle." = = = = = = = = = = CHAPTER FOUR"Hey! I just got asked to babysit Kayla and Logan?! OMG! Come over... NOW!" That is the text Rachael sent to her brother immediately...  Kayla over to the daycare center?" "How about she just stays here with me? I'm not feeling sick enough to take babysit her. I don't mind." "Uh, ok... How do you feel? You don't look sick." ... 
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  • For the Love of Money part 12.... (Man/teen, drugs, prostitution, gangbang, incest, brother, uncle, father, interracial, creampie, size)  (53k)
    (date posted: Monday, November 19, 2018)

    ...?" "I need for you to watch Brooke, keep her out of the living room." "You want me to babysit?" "No, not really, just keep her from going into the living room." "Why?" "None... 
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  • Cub Scout Secrets from 1943.... (b/b young boys, b/g young girl, M/b Man/young boy, F/b Female/young boy, masturbation, oral, anal, vaginal)  (64k)
    (date posted: Thursday, November 15, 2018)

    ... likes the smell of shit when he fingers his hole and twiddles his Twizzler, and he can't wait for that high school girl to babysit him again. After they fuck, he's going to ask her if she'll squat on the toilet and poop for him while he watches... 
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  • What Flavor is My CooCoo Grampy.... (M/g5 Man/young girl, grandpa/granddaughter, incest, oral)  (12k)
    (date posted: Monday, November 05, 2018)

    ... that as soon as she was old enough to talk. My single daughter works the 10-to-6 shift, so I've been coming over to babysit Harley since she was born. During diaper changes, I'd always lick my pinky and tickle her slit, saying," Coochie-coochie coo-coo... 
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  • Familys Magic.... (Incest, F/D, Ir, Grandpa/Granddaughter, oral, anal, DP)  (51k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, October 30, 2018)

    ... tee shirt with some silly logo on its back, over my shorts that just finished below my full ass. I had promised to babysit for Parkers. Jon and Bessie Parker are highflying professionals and have umpteen social and business commitments. They had nannies but made sure they...  I sighed that was never going to happen. I found my older sibling finishing her homework," Cassie, I am going to babysit for Parkers." "Oh, Maybe today you will let Jon take away your silly virginity and you might lose your silly attitude... 
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  • The Gang ch 188.... (Nudity, underage sex, domination)  (35k)
    (date posted: Sunday, October 14, 2018)

    ... Who's Chloe?" asked Margaret." Girl next door, she's a year younger than Martin, wanted to know if I could babysit"said PC White." And you were spanking Martin?" asked Lizzie." No, I'd already done that"said... 
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  • Just A Taste Is All It Takes ch 17 Answers.... (Mf Male/young girl, Paraormal)  (17k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, September 19, 2018)

    ... Why am I turned on by the thought of enslaving and fucking, my cousins, Aunt, and the young girls Lacey and Erin babysit? Is the power getting to me, is it corrupting my thoughts and desires. He started to rise from the table, when... 
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  • Dr Miagos Little Girl Sex Stimulators ch 2 Vibrating Stick Unicorn.... (Mg, Man/preteen girl 10, ped, mast, sex, first, pee)  (16k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2018)

    ... apartment complex. Since I was new in town, I didn't have any friends yet. It was for this reason I agreed to babysit weeknights for the neighbor across the hall. She was a single mother who worked every day from afterschool until midnight. Her daughter was...  mounds but her butt was round and her legs were already shapely. Frankly, having free time wasn't the only reason I agreed to babysit. From the moment I first saw Holly playing on the apartment steps, I was attracted to her. At the time she was...  and fantasized, understanding that this was the only acceptable way to deal with my preoccupation. So when I was offered the opportunity to babysit for little ten-year-old Holly, I jumped at the chance. *** Holly was a precocious little girl. She often needed to be entertained... 
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  • Lexi.... (f/g teenage girl/toddler, nepi)  (7k)
    (date posted: Monday, August 13, 2018)

    ... Lexi I never babysat much when I was younger, but a friend recently asked me to babysit her toddler while she was on a date. The little girl, Lexi, is four years old with shoulder-length brown hair and a... 
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  • Jennys Couch Book IV A House In Gross Disorder part 14.... (Mg, M+ g, MFg, Fg, cons, nc, ped, gangbang, prost, ws, drugs, bd, tort, oral, anal, inc, tg, utter psychological destruction of a vulnerable child)  (38k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2018)

    ... looked mildly ill and more than a little horrified, as she observed the effect of the injection on the little girl she'd used to babysit. Karen knew that Moira had been drugging the little girl for some time, but she'd rarely seen them administered except for when we... 
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  • de Rosaschool 3.... (bi mast pedo kinderporno cp MF gg b baby)  (52k)
    (date posted: Monday, July 23, 2018)

    ... uitgedaan en haar kutje en kontje met een washandje lekker opgefrist hoor"." Goed zo schat, je bent ook al een goede babysit merk ik". Anette kleurde van verlegenheid over het complimentje. Ze liep, samen met Kaatje, naar de bank waar Johan zat... 
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  • The Gang ch 117.... (Nudity, underage sex, domination)  (58k)
    (date posted: Monday, July 02, 2018)

    ... Mrs Baxter before and she guessed, from what she had said, that she rarely ever went out in the evenings. Victoria did babysit for other families in the village though and she had a reputation for being reliable and sensible; people trusted her. She dampened some toilet... ." So?" he said sullenly." So... It's illegal"she said"Next time I come to babysit you I'm going to bring a piece of software that will safely wipe all this stuff off your computer." "No! It's...  eyes closed, desperately hoping the lecture would end soon and he could retreat to the privacy of his bed." Next time I babysit for you I am going to examine your computer for illegal pictures, Cameron, and every picture or video I find is going to... 
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  • Eight Year Old Becca Likes It Rough.... (Father/8yo Daughter, Anal, Vaginal, Throat, Rape)  (137k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, June 06, 2018)

    ... give." You know Tommy, Daddy?" I think a minute." The kid down the road that Mommy used to babysit? What is he now? Twelve? Thirteen?" She nods." Yeah, him. He's thirteen." She pushes... 
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  • Cherrytown part 2.... (M/g Man/young girl, daddy/daughter, incest)  (37k)
    (date posted: Saturday, May 05, 2018)

    ...," ... Yeah, I've always wanted to do that with you. I remember one time when you came over to babysit Allison and you had on a short little shirt that let me see your titties..." Allison saw her father turn his... 
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  • Naturally.... (pedo, incest)  (85k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, April 04, 2018)

    ..., and since Daddy was away, the baby was cranky and needed help. He said she offered for him to come over and babysit anytime he wanted, but she would appreciate it if he would let her know ahead of time so she could think of some reason... 
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  • Cumslut Family ch 1.... (M/F/f Man/Female, young girl, inc, pedo, childporn, vibrator, ten year old girl)  (56k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, April 04, 2018)

    ... know and since she had a young daughter, maybe he needed to find her a place close to his, so that he could babysit on occasion! As he strolled into his front door, Rose called out that she was in the bedroom. Wearing a big grin... 
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  • Mei.... (M/g Man/young girl, 12yo, virgin, cons)  (59k)
    (date posted: Friday, March 09, 2018)

    ..."see," I said." Don't worry about them. There are Mr. and Mrs. two. They used to babysit me when I was little. They're nice." I kissed her again on the four head and said," I had a... 
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  • Fuck Pig part 1.... (FFM Male/Female, humil, size queen, sissy, video)  (16k)
    (date posted: Sunday, January 14, 2018)

    ..., I guess it would depend on the circumstances." "When I was younger," she replied," I used to babysit quite a lot here in the local community. All the parents loved me and I kept pretty busy." With that she hit... 
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  • A Baby in Bella.... (M/g Man/young girl, b/g young boy/young girl, g/g young girls)  (49k)
    (date posted: Thursday, January 04, 2018)

    ... knew she didn't mind knowing I will probably sexually abuse that baby growing inside her someday. I'm sure my dad will let me"babysit"his future daughter-and-granddaughter. Oh, I could go on about all my adventures, but I'll end it here. There is a... 
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  • Holiday Stories New Years Eve Delight.... (Mg, Man/girl 12, ped, oral, sex, first, incest, pee)  (14k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 31, 2017)

    .... It started when I got a phone call from my brother Ned. He heard that I was free and asked if I could babysit for my twelve-year-old niece Piper so he and his wife could go to a New Year's Eve party. He explained that it would be... 
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  • The Futanari Babysitter part 2 Good Guy or Bad Guy.... (Noncon TG/b Transgender/boy oral shemale trans taboo pedo)  (23k)
    (date posted: Saturday, December 09, 2017)

    ... while we watched movies. You always loved being my"little buddy". But last weekend that all changed when I got to babysit you overnight. Something scary happened to you that you still don't understand. Now you are sitting by the television, scared to be... 
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  • The Futanari Babysitter part 1.... (Noncon TG/b Transgender/boy oral anal shemale trans taboo pedo)  (30k)
    (date posted: Friday, December 08, 2017)

    .... She has babysat you since before you could remember. Every time your parents go out for a romantic dinner she comes over to babysit. You watch movies together, play video games, and you always get to snuggle with her. Tonight will be a little strange...  bathtub and pulls you over to her." I want you to start taking off your clothes for me. I've never gotten to babysit you overnight like this, have I? Usually we are only together for an hour or so. This is the first time I've...  Okay, let's go start your bath now. I want you to start taking off your clothes for me. I've never gotten to babysit you overnight like this, have I? Usually we are only together for an hour or so. I've never even given you a... ... well..... do you want to be my boyfriend sweetpea? Maybe just for tonight, while I babysit you. We can be boyfriend and girlfriend. How does that sound?... (pause).... oh... 
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  • Babysitting Jessica 2.... (MM/g pedo noncons tort spank humil ws anal)  (23k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017)

    ... that he'd follow me down, when we got down there he said;"It's so great that I know I've got somebody who can babysit Jessica when I'm at important business meetings, would like a memento of your time here?" and with that he carefully gave me... 
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  • Babysitting Jessica 1.... (M/g pedo noncons tort spank humil ws oral)  (17k)
    (date posted: Monday, November 13, 2017)

    ... Babysitting Jessica 1 Comments_for_readers: When Jim agreed to babysit Bob's 7 year old daughter, so that Bob could attend a business meeting, little did I know how similar Bob and I were...  lay in store at Jessica's expense. - Bob, a work colleague of mine, was in a fix. He needed somebody to babysit his 7 year old daughter whilst he attended a dinner meeting with an important client. As a 35 year old single man, I'm... 
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  • The Haunted Complex part 7 Halloween Coins I.... (teen boy girl supernatural rape)  (30k)
    (date posted: Monday, October 30, 2017)

    ... call them. When you were thirteen you molested the chunky ten year old next door. What a little angel you were offering to babysit for a cheap price telling her mother that you liked the peace and quiet of her house to help you study while she went out... 
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  • Hot Daughter Wild Neighbors ch 1.... (M/f/m inc, pedo, three way, voy)  (64k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2017)

    ...Daughter Wild Neighbors ch 1 As Tom drove off for his date, he felt a lot of mixed emotions. He knew his daughter hated having a babysitter, but since she was only eight, there was no way he could leave her home alone. At least tonight she'd been pretty good about it, so he hoped that this new girl would be the ticket. He grinned, admitting to himself, at least HE'D be happy if Ginger hung around. He knew he shouldn't be interested in jailbait, but the thirteen year old had a rockin' hot body and a face to match. Besides, judging by her mothers place, they could use all the money they could get and he was happy to overpay! He just hoped his night would end up with him naked and fucking since this was the third date with Bethany and he'd been so damned horny that he was more than ready for some hot lovin'. While her dad drove off, eight year old Sarah sat fidgeting. Normally, she hated having someone there to watch her, but the last time Ginger was here, she'd had her boyfriend come over. The teen thought she'd been sleeping, but Sarah had been laying in bed furious with her father for leaving her, when she heard the front door open. She'd thought it was her dad coming ... 
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  • Skylars Awakening Full.... (Mg8, fg8, mg8, blowjobs, incest, oral)  (102k)
    (date posted: Sunday, September 03, 2017)

    ... on Friday I need you to watch your sister, I am going to a night out with the girls so I need you to babysit," she said." Oh, Mom! I don't need a babysitter anymore, I am almost nine!" "You... 
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  • Olivia and Ben.... (Mg9)  (36k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, August 30, 2017)

    ... myself and will only come back around midnight. So what shall we do? Do you think, Ben, you could manage to babysit her? And Olivia, do you feel safe with Ben?" My heart leaped. This was a gift from god! I... 
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  • Young Lothario or When I Was Young part 2.... (b/gggggg anal oral dog romance rape incest)  (309k)
    (date posted: Sunday, August 27, 2017)

    ... on some job or something, which was why he was worried to leave me alone, but I said you'd be home soon to babysit me." "I should take a shower," I told her, checking in with my body to find I was really... 
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  • Nympho Neighbor Girl.... (M/g8)  (40k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 12, 2017)

    ...?" Laughing I said," Well I don't think we can do it in the park but perhaps your mother will let me babysit you again some time." (Little did I realize how soon that would be and how incredible it would be too?)... 
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  • Vaseline in the Virgin.... (b/b, M/b, anal, first, virgin)  (19k)
    (date posted: Saturday, July 01, 2017)

    .... # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # When I was about 13, I used to babysit my little cousin Charlie, who was about 7 at the time, only it was a two-for-one sale, because Charlie had this dirty...  and Marky's mom, sensing a free opportunity, used to dump Marky off at Charlie's house when she knew I was coming over to babysit Charlie." Oh, he's just coming over to play for a few hours," she'd say." Bullshit," I'd... 
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  • Dads Bathrobe.... (MM MMM bb mb mbb ws inc pedo oral anal exhib voy cons)  (84k)
    (date posted: Monday, May 15, 2017)

    ..., or Italian. I introduced myself, explained that I lived in the building across the alley, and said I was available to babysit if necessary. She seemed pleased to hear from me and said she would give me a call if she needed me. I excused...  and then I taught Charlie how to suck me, and I sucked him too. A few times Charlie's mom actually asked me to babysit, which meant I would have a whole evening of uninterrupted play with this cute little boy. We would lay on the couch in... . I peed all over his body and he giggled and squirmed. He enjoyed it so much. After that, whenever I would babysit him, we would pee on each other. ("Dad! That sounds just like me!" "I know, son... 
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  • Momma Told Me To Cum.... (Fb FFb incest)  (73k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, April 26, 2017)

    ... Jimmy? ' 'Jamie' 'Oops, pardon me. I'm Jackie, do you remember me from when you were little? I used to babysit you, you weren't such a BIG boy then, you always had you little baby hand down your nappy, do you remember?... 
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  • Lickety Split I Licked Her Slit.... (M/gg68)  (48k)
    (date posted: Monday, April 24, 2017)

    ... parents of Faith and Hope from next door were invited to a company management retreat for the weekend. They were wondering if I would babysit the three girls for the weekend." If you can't do it, we understand. I will stay home and look after the... 
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  • The Hot Days of Summer part 3 Mira.... (Ff, Mf, mgg, fg, Fg Fm, incest)  (27k)
    (date posted: Monday, April 17, 2017)

    ..."Coming weekend she will be here won't she?? Ask Mary to stay over the weekend, and let the two of us babysit her as you go"visit a friend"... Come back after an hour and if all goes well, you'll find... 
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  • Popup Book Daughter Ashley.... (M/g 3)  (15k)
    (date posted: Thursday, April 06, 2017)

    ... old had fallen in love, first with Fido, and more recently with Joe and his precocious daughter. Joe had recently volunteered to babysit the five year old. He told her parents that he had some wonderful popup books for her to read. Life for the lovers... 
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  • Little Girl Mini Tales 4 Babysitting My Niece.... (Mg, ped, mast, first)  (9k)
    (date posted: Sunday, March 05, 2017)

    ... was my brother's stepdaughter. He was going out of town for a few weeks with his new wife so he asked if I could babysit Carla for them. That was fine with me. I worked out of my apartment and things were slow in summer and I had... 
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  • Snow Bunny.... (M/g12)  (41k)
    (date posted: Monday, February 27, 2017)

    ... I said." I'm Margaret and this is my husband Frank," she replied." Mark, we cannot expect you to babysit a couple of fogies like us. We can muddle on. Please, I insist that you go and enjoy yourself." I... 
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  • Young Mothers The Conclusion.... (M,+ f, cons, preg, rom)  (47k)
    (date posted: Friday, February 17, 2017)

    ..."She said forlornly." Yes, she will be on her own, but she will not be alone. She will still babysit Chastity much of the time, she will be coming over here and be a part of our lives. This isn't an end,... 
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  • I Fucked A 6YearOld And Her Mother Too.... (m/g6)  (32k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2017)

    ..."asked the mother suddenly." Fifteen," I replied, adding a couple of months to my age." Do you babysit?" she asked as she walked towards me. I could see her legs were taut and muscular and she really was a fox...  felt my cock twitch under my shorts. Oh god, I'd walk over fire for a touch like that so I quickly agreed to babysit Vanessa." Oh, what is your name?" she asked as she was about to turn and leave." Chris,... 
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  • Hung for a girl that is.... (inc b/g m/f m/m f/f mast oral)  (44k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 30, 2017)

    ... Class come to order." Have you ever seen a boy's penis?" Alex asked Hannah." Of course, when I babysit sometimes. What's that got to do with it?" "Everything", Alex said." When you are born, everyone...  like her brother used to." This is what Timmy down the street has me do for him in the bath, when I babysit for him," she admitted." His little dickie is about the same size as your clitty." "Have you ever... 
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  • Uncle Jim.... (M/gg11, 12)  (30k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 20, 2017)

    ... buy the necessary supplies and then I'd spend the week fixing everything. Sis would go to work during the week and I'd get to babysit Jodie as well as rewire the old house. The next morning Jodie came into my room and closed the door behind her. I... 
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  • Filming of Naughty Babysitter.... (mf/MFf)  (33k)
    (date posted: Sunday, January 15, 2017)

    ... tonight. It is our secret, okay." "Okay," Mikey said through a yawn." Maybe next time I babysit, we can have more fun." "Okay," Mikey said, as he laid his head on Melanie's shoulder and fell... 
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  • Day Care.... (m/gggggg oral, cons, 1st, mast)  (42k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 09, 2017)

    .... On the Thursday evening Rosa's mother stepped into the house while Rosa was getting her shoes on." Greg, do you ever babysit?" she asked suddenly." Well, I haven't before. Why?" I asked in surprise. Nobody had ever asked...  she asked suddenly." Well, I haven't before. Why?" I asked in surprise. Nobody had ever asked me to babysit before." Juan and I are going out Saturday and Rosa is insisting that she only wants YOU to be her sitter. She...  said as I stepped away into the hall and walked towards mom's bedroom." Mom, Mrs. Sanchez has asked if I could babysit Rosa this Saturday evening. Would it be okay? Would you be okay?" I asked. Mom was as surprised as I...  as I'd screw each of them in turn and then get paid for it. One Saturday was very interesting. I was asked to babysit Katie and then I was told her cousin would be there too. They even said I would be paid extra for the added child... 
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  • Boy Thingy.... (M/g8)  (23k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 06, 2017)

    ... of"No we couldn't ask you to do that," and"Are you sure?" it was agreed that I would babysit Savannah. The next morning Savannah came into my room already naked when she heard her mother leave." Savannah, we have a... 
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  • My Son Stevie.... (father/son, M/b, incest, spanking, anal, oral noncon, con)  (15k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, January 04, 2017)

    ... car parked in the street. Kenny is my son Stevie's tutor who is a junior in high school. I also inlist him to babysit sometimes too. Stevie has been having trouble with 4th grade math. He was a good student until his mother passed away from a... 
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  • Please Uncle A part 2.... (M/b, cons, anal, oral, footplay, rimming, mast, medical)  (43k)
    (date posted: Saturday, December 17, 2016)

    ... prior when I had taken him to a baseball game. This time, Cheryl had plans to go out and had asked me to babysit the day before after hearing raving reviews from both of us about how well our time together had gone. When I got there,...  of from time to time. Okay?" "No! I'm just a stupid baby and now you have to b-be here and babysit me!" "Sweetie, I know this must be uncomfortable for you. It's okay to be scared. It doesn't make you... 
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  • Please Uncle A part 1.... (M/b, cons, edging, footplay, rimming, oral)  (35k)
    (date posted: Monday, December 12, 2016)

    ... the runt of the 8th grade. But when Mom has to go out, he's perfectly happy having Uncle Alex, yours truly, babysit him. When I answered the door, he was standing there on his own. Can't blame Cheryl for wanting to juice every last... 
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  • Still More Pedo Files part 1 Sleepover Chaperone.... (Mggg, ped, mast, oral, first, pee)  (23k)
    (date posted: Monday, December 12, 2016)

    ... sleepover at their house. Since I always got along great with my niece and had nothing to do that night, I agreed to babysit her and supervise the sleepover. *** I arrived at the house just in time to get some last minute instructions as my Aunt and... 
  •  More stories by netman169

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