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  • Across the Street and One House Down ch 3.... (Nudity)  (26k)
    (date posted: Friday, November 02, 2018)

    ...." "No, I like them just as they are," Caitlin claimed." I'm just glad neither my dad nor stepmother are home to see me in them. They'd kill both me and you." She slipped them on. Impossible as it seemed... 
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  • Holiday Stories Mothers Day Delight.... (Fm woman/young boy14, ped, mast, oral, sex)  (10k)
    (date posted: Saturday, May 12, 2018)

    ... though they were totally disinterested in any of us freshman boys. But one person, who did seem interested in me, was my stepmother, even if it was only in a maternal sort of way. She pampered and treated me as if I were her own son... "Well we're going to fix all of that then. Let's start by taking a shower together," she proposed. As my stepmother started to get undressed, I just stood there in disbelief, unable to even move." Well are you going to get undressed... 
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  • The Gang ch 63.... (Nudity, underage sex, domination)  (29k)
    (date posted: Sunday, April 22, 2018)

    ... to his parents in which case Helen would claim he had done something very rude, the girls would back her up, and his stepmother would humiliate him in a very painful manner, and very likely in front of these very same girls. Neither option was desirable; neither... 
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  • Watching Daddys Little Secret part 3.... (M/gg8)  (21k)
    (date posted: Monday, April 02, 2018)

    ... get so mad for no reason? Bailey said Bill was a nice guy. And she knew her father's wife (who was Tony's stepmother, not his real mother) was mad at Tony a lot and Tony was really cool. And Bailey's mom's parents got mad at... 
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  • Watching Daddys Little Secret.... (M/g8)  (30k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 29, 2018)

    ... breath and explained." About ten years ago - just when you were going off to college, I was feeling resentful toward your stepmother. You were moving out - okay for college - but she was damned near doing victory laps around the house. Anyway, I...  her on my phone," Ed informed him as he reached for his device." Otherwise, I'd have to explain to your stepmother why I had a bunch of pics of some kid on my phone if she was ever looking." Tony sighed. Whatever his... 
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  • JuraSex Park III Labia Land ch 1 Introduction and Area 1 The Oedipus Housing Complex.... (ped, Fb, Mg, first, oral, mast, pee)  (35k)
    (date posted: Thursday, August 24, 2017)

    .... The setting is a complex of suburban homes for single moms and their fantasy sons. Experience: You will assume the role of single stepmother to a virgin eleven-year-old middle school boy. Your role is to teach your stepson all about sex, culminating in taking his virginity by... . The area consists of a complex of suburban homes for single moms and their fantasy sons. You will assume the role of single stepmother to a virgin eleven-year-old boy. Your role is to teach your pretend stepson all about sex, culminating in taking his virginity by the...  tried to cover himself with his hands." It's okay Nate. I've seen naked men before and after all, I am your stepmother. Besides, I'm here to teach you all about sex. We might as well start now," I said, as I... ." Can you excuse me a minute?" Nate asked." I think I have to pee." "As your stepmother, I'm here to help," I said." Come over to the toilet. When he did, I lifted the toilet... 
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  • Summer Vacation At Dads Place ch 3 The Littlest Masochist.... (Tease, Slow, Cons/Semicons, Pedo, g/F, Stepdaughter/Stepmother, Fdom, Oral, F/g Mast, Mild BD, Mild SMslap)  (105k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, December 13, 2016)

    ... like you were." Now Emily began to tremble slightly in fear of the adult that's she'd barely met but knew to be her stepmother. The little girl was used to manipulating her real mom and her siblings to get what she needed, but this new woman was...  FUNNY AND GET SO..." Again Emily clamped herself down hard. The tears slowed and she sat in front of her stepmother shaking slightly and trying to look brave. Inside, the child felt sick and wondered if she was about to throw up. This...  bare notch of her tiny privates was something that she found she didn't like at all." You get so?" The girl's stepmother prompted softly." I..." The third grader made up her mind and let out a deep whooshing breath." ...  a spectacular orgasm to flood through her hypersensitive, wildly aroused and soaking wet young cunt, but she did understand that the things her stepmother was saying was making her vagina, her pussy, tingle, her tummy do flip-flops and her mind to picture really nasty forbidden things...  on. Emily's eyes went huge with surprise at the swampy wetness of her hairless little private place and she looked back up at her stepmother in amazement while strumming her tiny clit between her fingers." I'm..." "Fucking soaked by the look of things...  adult answered coldly." Take it off." "WHAT?" Emily exclaimed, eyes going huge. She stared at her stepmother as if the woman had suddenly grown an extra head." I can't be outside in just my underwear!" "Those can...  a torrent of tears flowing over her cheeks and dripping in rivulets from her chin, her lower lip trembled with terror over what her stepmother was making her do, here out in the open. Fear and... some thing more. As the third grader reached...  throbbing between her legs, in her vagina - her twat, the child mentally corrected, trying to think now in terms that her stepmother had told her to use - in her twat, or pussy. Her panties couldn't have been any wetter now even if she'd pissed...  as good and even more intense. She was deeply embarrassed, humiliated even, to be naked in public in front of her new stepmother whom she'd only just met awhile ago, but at the same time those very sensations were sending in ignorable messages to her pussy and...  and flicking it instinctively with her tongue. The child found she enjoyed the forbidden titty kissing, and liked it even more that her stepmother was making her do it. She felt really naughty, and liked the sensation. The child moved her angelic face from one of... 
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  • Summer Vacation At Dads Place part 2 Thoughts and Fantasies Some Fufilled.... (Tease mm/f F/f, Oral, Cons, Mast, StepMother/daughter Voy, WS, References to Incest, SM/BD)  (74k)
    (date posted: Thursday, November 17, 2016)

    ... At Dads Place part 2 Thoughts and Fantasies Some Fufilled"That's one way of dealing with the issue." Hanna Chadwick, Kim's stepmother, giggled as she watched her husband Matt's fat pink cock spew piss all over the thick notebook full of rules that his ex-wife Caroline...  ' Kim, sitting by the barn not far away but under the cover of trees, thought to herself as she watched her new stepmother very visibly lap the last droplets of pee from the tip of her father's cock. The seventeen year old was shocked that Hanna would...  the count, at least for awhile, and her recently satisfied pussy began to clench up again in liquid heat from observing what her stepmother was doing across the way with her dad. 'God, licking pee off a guy's dick. ' Kim told herself silently. 'That...  But I don't think I'll need to pee anytime soon. Although... ' The teenager thought back to the way her new stepmother had licked a drop or two of piss off the head of her father's fat prick. She wondered if the two of them could... 
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  • Lipstick Boy Jason.... (Mbb MF bb Fbb pedo incest rom cons)  (13k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, November 16, 2016)

    ... and his mom seemed to have a very close relationship... almost too close. As a joke (supposedly), his stepmother took a picture of Jason smiling while wearing a dress and holding a sissy book titled"Daddy's Little Bitch". Jason was in... 
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  • Summer Vacation At Dads Place ch 1 Friendly Greet With Meat.... (Incest Sis/bro17/3)  (77k)
    (date posted: Monday, September 26, 2016)

    ... a bra! Sam felt the hard on that had been beginning in the car spring to full bloom as he looked over his new stepmother. A little bit taller, hippier and with bigger tits that his real mom, she also exuded - something. The boy wasn't...  slightly dazed. His hard on was tenting out the front of his slacks and he knew, the woman, Hanna, his new stepmother, must have felt it during their hug. He just knew it. Sam had the idea he was going to enjoy it here...  what was going on. The sound of the rear door opening made her freeze though, as did the sight of her father and stepmother, Hannah, walking out into their back yard. Kim had thought that it would have been impossible for her to be seen from... 
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  • Female Pedo Files part 3 Mothering Stepmother.... (Fm, mast, first)  (12k)
    (date posted: Sunday, January 24, 2016)

    ... Female Pedo Files part 3 Mothering Stepmother My name is Dianne. I am thirty-six years old and married. I read The Pedo Files and am here to tell you that...  My name is Dianne. I am thirty-six years old and married. I read The Pedo Files and am here to tell you that stepmothers have as much access to their stepsons, as stepfathers to their stepdaughters for the purposes of underage sex. My pedophilic experience stemmed from...  the time of this story. Paul was twelve when I married his father. It took him a while to accept me as his stepmother. At first he was kind of standoffish. He never seemed to trust me or let me get close. That changed gradually as... 
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  • Wife Swapping 3.... (M, f, f, cons, rom)  (87k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 15, 2016)

    ... Jason and it was granted since he was wasn't getting out in her lifetime. She was also granted custody of the girls as their stepmother and in truth it seems to be working out for all of us. There was one time Wanda asked if I could find a... 
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  • Wife Swapping 2.... (M, F, f, cons, story)  (87k)
    (date posted: Friday, December 04, 2015)

    ..."You both come out of it better than you deserve. Consider it my gift to Rose and Lilly. They get a new stepmother instead of a father in court. Oh, and I will be keeping the house. I'll take over the payments and I might... 
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  • Sorority Little Sisters Story 2.... (FFF+/gg6, 4)  (15k)
    (date posted: Thursday, October 08, 2015)

    ... current marriage. She got along well with her step-mom - actually much better than she did with her own mother. Her father and stepmother had been pleasantly surprised when Tanya offered to take the girls to stay with her at her sorority house on campus. But since Tanya's... 
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  • The Raid.... (M/g, F/g 411)  (40k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, September 29, 2015)

    ... torment subsided within a year when he re-married, this time to a daughter of a fisherman who provided a respectable dowry. Guendolen's new stepmother quickly bonded with the girl and shortly after the wedding became pregnant. Late in her pregnancy, it was clear that she could no... "Guendolen heard a hard slap she was quite familiar with. There was a movement of bodies and then a pained cry from her stepmother. Then more familiar sounds followed - the sound of flesh on flesh and her father's heavy breathing. When it stopped, she could... , flat belly." I don't know. Probably in a few years, yet." Remembering Edmund's cruelty to her mother and stepmother, Guendolen suddenly felt cold in the warmth of the bed." What if I only have girls?" she asked as a... 
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  • Little Miss Rich Bitch.... (teen, cons, incest)  (99k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, March 04, 2015)

    ... I loved her very much, I realized. Shit. If my dad wasn't a borderline jerk, she might end up being my stepmother." Chelse," I said again." Daddy knows we fuck. He asked, and I told him. He said... 
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  • My Brother My Lover.... (teen, intergen, lesbo)  (46k)
    (date posted: Saturday, January 10, 2015)

    ... her parents come up the stairs, and shut their door. Good, she thought, she didn't want to have to confront her stepmother wearing this thing. She finally said goodnight, and crawled off his bed, and out the door. As she turned down the...  She was in a mood, but she tried not to let it show. It had not been a good day. And her stepmother... ugh, that woman. Dawnielle did not wear her cute little nightie tonight. Her father and stepmother were still up... . And her stepmother... ugh, that woman. Dawnielle did not wear her cute little nightie tonight. Her father and stepmother were still up, and after the argument she'd had, with them both, she did not want to risk the woman seeing her... "Wanda, the wicked witch of the West," she clarified, and dialed their home phone number. She explained to her stepmother that she was going to spend the night with Grayson, on his first night in his new apartment. Yes, she said,...  poison. Oh shit, she thought. She knew who it was just from the way he acted. Sure enough it was her stepmother, reminding her that she hadn't taken her clothes out of the dryer last night, and that she should get home at a reasonable... 
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  • Brown Water.... (teen, enema, incestous thoughts, nosex, nasty shit)  (14k)
    (date posted: Friday, January 09, 2015)

    ... bathroom, her dad did notice that. Apparently it didn't do her much good. Finally, a little before seven o'clock, her stepmother put on her"going out"clothes and headed for the bingo parlor. November breathed a sigh of relief. The stupid bitch... 
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  • Naughty Nina.... (Mf13, inc, fath/dau, cons, anal)  (83k)
    (date posted: Saturday, November 08, 2014)

    ... committed myself to Cathy. I'd married her. I'd opened my life to her. Even more important, I'd let her be the stepmother to my child and she'd betrayed me. FUCK! ********** The front door slammed with such force my office door rattled. For once... 
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  • Our NotSoSecret Secret.... (Mf13, inc, fath/dau, cons)  (196k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, October 14, 2014)

    ... her. She'd been hugged and cuddled and loved her whole life. She'd seen how I preferred to be with her rather than her stepmother - that relationship fading very soon after wedding vows were exchanged and access to bank accounts gained. Karen was my mistake, a harmless...  by a never-ending stream of conversation acting out each stuffed animal's role and instructing me what to say; or our walks to the park, stepmother not invited, just Daddy and daughter to waste away the lazy weekend afternoon on swings and seesaws," Whee, higher, Daddy...  my actions. Leigh Anne would sigh quietly and whisper how my touch felt good and made them ache less, and every time her stepmother appeared, she'd draw my hand away, rise from my lap and kiss my cheek before leaving the room. Karen was blissfully ignorant... 
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  • My Daughters and Me part 5.... (Mg, Mtoddler, oral, anal, deflower)  (18k)
    (date posted: Friday, August 01, 2014)

    ... again honey." She said as she stepped into the strap on and cinched it close to her hips. Brooklyn looked at her stepmother. Seeing her with her perky tits and a large eight or nine inch cock made Brooklyn's pussy twitch in such a naughty way.... 
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  • My Daughters and Me part 3.... (Mg, Fg, Lesbian, oral, anal, incest)  (15k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 27, 2014)

    ... accepted her hot tongue into her mouth and groaned as she rolled her tongue around the groan woman's. Brooklyn liked kissing and kissing her stepmother was even more naughty than kissing her Daddy. It was so different than kissing Bruce, her lips were very soft and she had... 
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  • Just A Taste Is All It Takes ch 10 Expectations.... (mg, mF, Incest, Mc)  (26k)
    (date posted: Saturday, November 02, 2013)

    ... she could feel her master's presence in the back of her mind. She could feel his desire for her, Lacy, and her Stepmother. She knew that the few of them would not be enough and that she would have to find others to add to the fold... 
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  • The Eighteen to Eight Law Story 3 Rich Girl Cynthia 9 Years Old.... (MMF/g, photography, bondage, anal finger, oral sex, fingering, vibrators)  (104k)
    (date posted: Sunday, September 22, 2013)

    ...Eighteen to Eight Law Story 3 Rich Girl Cynthia 9 Years Old comments_readers: Here is story number three. Please share any suggestions or comments. STEPMOTHER'S SCHEME"That's right, Mrs. Jones," Albert said," Cynthia is not too young to model. She will turn ten in a couple months, which is almost 'middle age' for my models." He laughed." We do specialty videos with girls your daughter's age and even younger. Some girls start at age seven, so they have videos we can release as soon as they turn eight. I liked the pictures you sent me along with your Audition Request form, which is why I sent you the check for a hundred dollars, which binds our agreement to let Cynthia model for us. It's kind of like traveling money. No nudity in the pictures you sent, but still, I can tell she is very pretty - slim and blond, blue eyes, just getting little bumps on her chest. I'm glad you had her model a tight T-shirt when you took her pictures. I especially liked the fancy dresses. They give her such a 'classy' look. So, she's nine and a half? That's plenty old enough. Do you know if she's getting any fuzzy pubic hair yet?" "No. I'm not sure. I've gone ... 
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  • Poor Little Rich Girl.... (M/f14)  (90k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, January 09, 2013)

    ... a Shakespearean drama. When Megan was born her mother died of complications and her father had always blamed Megan for the death. The stepmother hated Megan and wanted to ship her off to boarding school in Switzerland to get her out of the way. And Megan was left... 
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  • How We Started Swinging.... (MF swingers)  (28k)
    (date posted: Monday, December 31, 2012)

    ... Slowly Bart reached out and took my wife's bikini panties, then brought them to his nose, his eyelids heavy, watching as his stepmother reached down and began stroking her pussy." Get undressed, too, baby," she said to Kristen." Don't you... 
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  • Danielas Dreams and Desires.... (Mg12, inc, fath/daut, cons, oral, 1st, ped)  (54k)
    (date posted: Thursday, November 15, 2012)

    ...? Is that why she hates me so much? Just because I love you?" she asked, triggered by memories of her stepmother screaming at her, 'You'll never be anything but a little slut! ' I looked at my daughter, wondering where the question had... 
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  • Clitia the Pompey Slave Girl.... (preteen fingering, spanking, beastiality)  (32k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

    ...the Pompey Slave Girl Marishka, the 10 year old daughter of Angelina Joli, accompanied her famous mother into the suite on the third floor at the Lakeside Best Western. She was very excited because today they were going to pick the girl who would be her body-double for the upcoming stage play based on a slave girl who had been recently identified in Pompey, Italy. Marishka really wanted to meet the girl who would have to do all the nasty things that the script demanded, being naked on stage, being fingered right on stage, things like that. Who would want a job like that? Marishka didn't know. But it was going to be so, so neat to decide who would have to felt up, just because she didn't have to. It was very exciting. She had wanted this day to come for weeks and weeks, ever since she and her mom had read the script. Marishka grinned happily and smiled at her famous mom, who smiled back, encouraging Marishka's scorn of the wannabes. Her mother's friend, the Indian director Pushit Deepa was producing and directing the play and had asked Angelina if Marishka would be interested in taking the lead as Clitia, the little slave girl. Angelina had looked over the script and had agreed as long as they provided a body-double for some of the more ... 
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  • Beckys Gang Bang.... (MMMMM/g6)  (20k)
    (date posted: Friday, July 13, 2012)

    ... mother and her mother's friends - was still deep in their alcohol-fueled slumbers. Most of the time, Becky lived with her father and stepmother. It was fun and she felt cozy and safe there. Unlike in the fairy tales, Becky's stepmother was quite nice and enjoyed...  lived with her father and stepmother. It was fun and she felt cozy and safe there. Unlike in the fairy tales, Becky's stepmother was quite nice and enjoyed cuddling with her stepdaughter with some hot cocoa and a story book over the winter. But it was summer...  it. She still wasn't sure why she had been so sleepy yesterday, but she looked forward to going home to her daddy and stepmother more than she regretted the loss of a day in the water. After breakfast (another Becky Gourmet Special of Captain Crunch and milk... 
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  • The Incest Gene part 4.... (F/d, first, rom, con)  (20k)
    (date posted: Monday, July 09, 2012)

    ... bodies time to recharge. Bill and Kathy's story was replayed countless times in bedrooms all over the world, as stepfathers and stepdaughters, stepmothers and stepsons, were able finally to join the ranks for family lovers.... 
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  • How To Become A Slut.... (Slutty Life)  (19k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 01, 2012)

    ... remember talking about boys and their cocks, only I think we called them penises. The big surprise was the computer my father and stepmother bought me. That was the beginning to my life as a slut. After I said goodbye to all my friends, helped my...  made sure she didn't dress or act slutty When my folks were around. When I was almost 16 I couldn't handle my father and stepmother always bitching about where I was all the time. I was skipping a lot of school to make movies or go hooking. I... 
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  • Jill Pays a Debt.... (MMM+/g8)  (33k)
    (date posted: Monday, January 16, 2012)

    ... as she was in an attempt to look like her big sister. The girls had spent the last two weeks with their father and stepmother. Both adults had been distant with the children; their father more intent on hurting their mother than actually wanting his daughters. Additionally,...  positioning Maddie's feet, they heard the front door open and the heavy sounds of feet. This was odd in that their father and stepmother usually weren't home at this hour on a weekday. Maddie yipped in fear when she saw some of the people who had visited before... 
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  • My Tape Recorder Diary.... (Mf)  (90k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 04, 2011)

    ... about what happened to me now that I am a big girl. Today I got my first bra! My new mummy - my stepmother - took me downtown to have it fitted. I wondered if I really needed a bra, since I am only eleven. When... 
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  • Sleepovers.... (Mf)  (34k)
    (date posted: Sunday, December 04, 2011)

    ... water shot into the pool." It's like when you let the Tpower shower' squirt on your clitty," she explained. Amanda's stepmother Sharon joined them and took her turn standing in front of the jet of water, standing with legs apart and holding her cunny lips... 
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  • The Day My Best Friend Walked In.... (teen, oral)  (6k)
    (date posted: Wednesday, November 09, 2011)

    ...Day My Best Friend Walked In It was bound to happen. I knew we'd be caught eventually. My best friend, Gloria, would catch us together. We couldn't keep this a secret much longer. Gloria and I had been friends since kindergarten, through elementary and middle school, and then high school. We were now seniors and would soon be graduating. Over the years, we shared secrets, but this was one secret I could never share with her. Unbeknownst to Gloria, I had been spending time with the one she loved most in the world." Spending time"is not really being completely honest. A better way of putting it would be"messing around." We were spending a lot of time in bed together - a LOT of time. Every time I knew Gloria wouldn't be around, I went running to him, and soon we were in other's arms. Don't misunderstand. We messed around, but we hadn't consummated the relationship yet. I was determined to save myself for marriage - to him. But we did find ways to express ourselves sexually with each other. Usually, it took the form of oral sex. I loved it when he went down on me, licking my pussy, bringing me to orgasm with his talented tongue. As for me, I liked ... 
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  • Cindy.... (M/g12)  (54k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, April 05, 2011)

    ...?" "Ryan, there is a young girl, my neighbor, who has a pretty brutal family life. She has a stepmother and stepsisters who have banned her from going to the 'Artists Ball' on New Year's Eve, even though her father has given his permission...  her dad had bought one and it was still at the dress shop being altered." Perfect"I replied," So your stepmother has never seen it - right?" She nodded and I hugged her to me and told her I'd pick it up if she... ." Okay, her name is Elizabeth and your mom is finishing a 'make-over' on her now. She is really scared that her stepmother and stepsisters will recognize her and cause a fuss, so when she points them out to you, make sure you keep steering her...  away from them. Lastly, you have to leave at the stroke of midnight and bring her back to my place. If her stepmother suspects anything, I know she will be coming to my place to confirm that Cin... umm Elizabeth is at my place...  like to think it was due to the sex, but George, in his e-mails and phone calls said it was due to the stepmother and stepsisters being gone. Privately, Cindy agreed with me. As she said"It's the sex, Kevin. It's definitely the... 
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  • The Farmers Granddaughter ch 9.... (M+ f, m+ f, Mf, gi, Pedo, Coercion, Blackmail, Drunk/Drugged, Hetero, Incest, Bro/sis, GB, IR, anal)  (42k)
    (date posted: Friday, March 04, 2011)

    ..., my thoughts returned to what Rebecca told me earlier, about my father getting her pregnant. In a way she's almost like my stepmother, minus the wedding. I smiled thinking about what I did to her. I would have loved to stick around to see her... 
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  • Beach House part 3 Ft Lauderdale.... (M/F/ffff cons, oral)  (101k)
    (date posted: Thursday, February 10, 2011)

    ... your mother said to you. That was really mean and cruel. I'm sorry." "She's not my mother, she's my stepmother"said the girl through gentle sobs." Well, it was very cruel of her to say that. What did you do... 
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  • Social Climbing 1.... (MFg furry noncons viol inc)  (12k)
    (date posted: Friday, December 10, 2010)

    ... TV on, get online, and wouldn't show her face until the next morning, to avoid the"polite conversation"with her stepmother, guest, and hated little half-sister. It wasn't unusual not to see her for a couple of days - homeschooling was, to... 
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  • The Fateless ch 1 Fates Gifts.... (anal M/F M/f F/F mc ncons)  (42k)
    (date posted: Saturday, October 16, 2010)

    ... her father owned a local credit union. She had two younger sisters, Ann, fourteen and Jennifer who was twelve, and a stepmother Jessica. Her original mother had died five years ago of breast cancer and Jessica babysat her and her sisters while her father and mother...  had become good friends with Jessica and loved having her around, two years later Jessica and her father were married. Emily loved her stepmother very much and the whole family was quite happy. Emily dreamed of being an actress and was in her school's drama club. She... 
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  • Barry Learns.... (mg, Mg, MMMg, Fm, Fg, Ped, Anal, Oral, inter, FemDom)  (60k)
    (date posted: Monday, October 04, 2010)

    ... eager to serve in whatever way the redhead chose. 1 Barrington Westward didn't like his name. He hated it and he hated his stepmother for giving it to him after his birth-mother died in childbirth with him. Monica Westward was the tall, imposing white woman married to...  the things she demanded and much more, expecting the angry teenager to follow suit. But Barry didn't listen to either him or his stepmother, he rebelled for a while and did what he pleased staying out late at night and coming home in the early hours of the...  the name she had given him though, he planned to change it by deed-poll to Andrew or James when he left home. His stepmother and father came into the living room. Even though his father was a very large man, the red-haired woman towered above him,... . He just didn't have any friends his age and none seemed to live around here. Miss Jennifer Harvey was the new teacher his stepmother had sent him to, he had been with old Mrs Thomas for many years, but she had retired now and this younger,...  isn't that what some girls did? Sucked cock and fucked? At least that's what he had always been led to believe. His stepmother was waiting for him at the front door of their home when he arrived. She looked very pleased, pulling him into her arms... ... Err, I don't mind!" he said without looking at her, feeling his cock hardening again. - His stepmother was very pleased when she got the report from his teacher, Miss Harvey. She was so pleased that she hugged him and kissed...  her and how happy she was at his progress, sending shivers down his body. His father came home from an errand that his stepmother had sent him on, going with her up to their room and Barry could hear their energetic lovemaking. That evening, while he...  hear their energetic lovemaking. That evening, while he was laying in his bed, there was a knock at his door and his stepmother floated into the room, wearing her flimsy, gauzy nightie. He could see her body through the transparent material and even the hair...  left, gliding out of the door. Barry took a long time to fall asleep, when he did, he dreamed about his stepmother laying on top of him, fucking the shit out of him as Miss Harvey and her daughter watched, sitting naked on the same...  still shaky when he got home. He dropped into a chair in the large living room and was still gasping for breath when his stepmother walked into the room and smiled at him." I hear that you've been a very good boy for me!" she said... 
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  • A Touch of Violence.... (m/f M/F incest)  (70k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 21, 2010)

    ..., not about Mary's sexual promiscuity but about her being stupid enough to get pregnant. A seventeen-year-old girl was pregnant and scared with a stepmother whose only worry was how they could support a baby. John awoke one night to Mary's sobbing in her pillow. He took her... 
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  • Tales from the Gym Chucks Blonde Weekend.... (M/gg, g/g, cons)  (39k)
    (date posted: Saturday, August 21, 2010)

    ... girls waved and returned one to them. He sat down to watch the rest of practice. Although he had told his father and stepmother that he would watch both girls, he was secretly bummed. Katie had become more used to sex and could take him a little... 
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  • Katie Becomes a Big Girl.... (M/g, cons, first)  (35k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, August 03, 2010)

    ... was that he had scored a bag of pot shortly before leaving for his father's house. When he arrived at the house, Chuck's stepmother, Ellen, and Katie had just come home from the girl's gymnastics class. Katie had been doing gymnastics since she was three and... , Chuck's father showed him where things were in the kitchen, what phone numbers he might need, etc. After his father and stepmother left, Chuck sat on the couch, staring into space until Katie ran up to him and tapped on his leg repeatedly." ...  some bumps, now," Chuck said. Katie laughed as she rubbed the spunk on her still-flat chest. When Chuck's father and stepmother arrived home Sunday afternoon, Katie was bouncing with excitement to see them. Ellen had no idea that her enthusiastic little girl had been... 
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  • The Apartment part 4.... (M/f13)  (92k)
    (date posted: Sunday, July 25, 2010)

    ... you talk to me. It's a long drive," I replied." I'm used to them not coming to anything. My stepmother hates me and dad's always gone making movies. He wants me to go to private school in Switzerland so that Rachel won't be inconvenienced... 
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  • Enjoyment 101.... (MMMMMMbbbbb/Fg oral, anal, beast, triple penetration, spanking, discipline, bondage, incest, D/d)  (33k)
    (date posted: Tuesday, June 29, 2010)

    ... for the second time late in life. Sandy, his wife, is a beauty. She is only 18 yrs old and the stepmother of the children. Sandy has long blonde hair, green eyes, full breasts, size 32 EE. Yes, they are extremely...  them to be big and juicy. Truth be told of course it is her daddy who performs this on her, and sometimes her stepmother. Sucking Amantha's nipples is always a joy. Her bare mons protrudes forward, her clitoris prominent from a lot of activity. She...  his dad, and blue eyes also. He is tall for his age, maybe 5 feet, actually the same height as his stepmother. Even though he is only 9 yrs old, he works out alongside his father in the home gym. Edward is slim,...  that lies against his ball sack. Ever since Tom married Sandy, Edward's cock is in a constant state of arousal. Seeing his stepmother naked every day, being able to stare at her monumental breasts that mesmerize him, knowing he is allowed to do things to his...  naked every day, being able to stare at her monumental breasts that mesmerize him, knowing he is allowed to do things to his stepmother that only dreams were made of, and knowing that she would be doing all manner of things to his body, kept his mind...  can play with each other during the night. Sometimes they switch, and Amantha sleeps with her father, and Edward sleeps with his stepmother. Variety is prized in the family. Everyone performs their morning toilets, then join together in the communal shower. Edward is assigned...  suck his cock and cums down her throat, moaning all the time what a great cocksucker she is. Amantha loves to watch her stepmother being pleasured by a lot of men. Her daddy makes sure it happens at least three times a week." Daddy, can... ." "Oh goodie!" Amantha smiles a happy smile, and Edward is thrilled that he will get to sleep with his stepmother and fondle those magnificent breasts of hers while she sucks him, sucks his cock, licks his balls, and sucks his asshole too... , because she wants to please him. And then the next day at school, he'll brag to all his friends how hot his stepmother is, and how she caters to his every need. By the time he gets done telling his story, all his friends' cocks... 
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  • Toy Mom.... (M+/f reluctant humiliation Forced Serious Hardcore)  (29k)
    (date posted: Sunday, May 30, 2010)

    ... couldn't believe she was doing. Something she couldn't believe was making her horny." Well boys... Here is your new stepmother... She has something she wants to tell you fellows... Come on Joan... Don't be shy.... 
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  • Alien 3.... (MFff, MM, m+ f+, MC, some violence)  (134k)
    (date posted: Saturday, March 06, 2010)

    ... It was as if she had been worthless until her body started to develop. The young preteen starved for affection when the father and stepmother started giving her 'attention'. In the beginning, the attention was playful. There would be an unexpected nipple flick or butt slap from...  proud of her was too much and Cherie had her first orgasm sitting on the couch in her living room between her father and her stepmother while they squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. The rest of that night, her parents undressed her and explored her body as... 
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  • Ludi.... (mfg+ semi conc, historic violence)  (76k)
    (date posted: Thursday, November 26, 2009)

    ... was not home was of little note. The Emperor was also away from the city attending to some matter in Transalpine Gaul. My Stepmother had concocted a scheme to marry me off to a good family. Since we were not of an old patrician family but a newer...  could arrange for me though was to meet the parents of a family that had a large number of children to provide for. My stepmother had intimated we might accept the a girl for me to marry without a dowry. I was unsure if my father would agree to...  relieved to find Octavia and Livia were home. They were clinging together nervously and did not know what was wrong but related that our stepmother had received a message and had then gone into a panic issuing contradictory orders to the slaves accomplishing nothing and finally retired to her rooms...  and demanding entrance I received no reply. Several slaves were hovering around nervously so I directed them to break the door in. My stepmother had barred it so it took some effort before it was knocked to the floor. Climbing into her rooms it was ominously silent....  in alarm from the next room. Rushing to the sound I found one of my step mother's serving women standing over her. My stepmother had played the Roman matron at the last. She had retired to her bath and slit her wrists. Thinking unkind thoughts I turned...  though the house. Too much time had been wasted our chance to escape was gone. At first they demanded to know where my stepmother was, and when they found her they shifted to gathering Octavia, Livia and I. Now instead of the slaves I saw it...  or stained as mine had been so it seemed no one had died wearing them. Decia now spoke making me think of my foolish stepmother. She worried less about what Petronius might still have in store for us but about the fact that regardless of the innocence of her...  longing recently. I did not care for this as I knew he got himself all the outlet he needed at brothels. My foolish stepmother only seemed to interest his ambition so I sometimes wondered if his second marriage had ever been consummated. Now the fact that Livia had... 
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  • FatherDaughter Fashion Show.... (MMMMF/g3)  (24k)
    (date posted: Thursday, October 29, 2009)

    ... of the Father/Daughters Club. 7) All applications must be signed by the girls' mothers, if they have them, or stepmothers, if they have them, proclaiming their complete support of the membership, and their desire to encourage their little girls to obey,... 
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