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  • (8 KB)  Wild and Crazy Family (Mf pedo, incest)
    My oldest daughter came down for breakfast right after her mother went. Her younger brother and sister had already left for school. I was still sitting at the table having coffee with my morning paper. As usual, my daughter had almost nothing on. She was wearing one of my old dress shirts again, with nothing underneath. She always wore them around the house instead of a robe, ever since she was thirteen or so. They used to cover her just fine, but not anymore! Where they used to come down to her knees before, now my shirts barely covered her thighs.
  • (12 KB)  "WAGTAIL" by Uther Pendragon (Mf mf zoo rape nc)
    He was nothing before I helped him. Then he was something. Now he is nothing again.To understand what happened you have to understand the physical layout. The houses in our part of town are mostly single-family residences. It is not unusual, however, to have a larger apartment building at the corner. I, for instance, live in a single-family two-story house overlooked by an apartment house two lots away.
  • (4 KB)  The Family Wake Up (M/f, pedo, family, cons)
    The alarm radio switched on at 6.30 and the soft music gently drew Jane from her sleep. She woke to find her husband, Tony, still sound asleep beside her. Not surprising after the athletic performance he managed the night before. He had driven her to new heights of exstacy with his imaginative love-making. Jane was still feeling very high. She gently drew back the covers to reveal Tony lying naked beside her. His prick partially erect laying across his hairy stomach. Jane bent over and took him into her mouth and started to suck his prick to life. He was fully erect before he woke.
  • (9 KB)  Wanda learns a lesson in the Shoe Store by John Bruggeman
    The whole day had gone really bad, first thing in the morning the car wouldn't start and you got to class late. Then you forgot to bring the paper that was due for class. Then while trying to get some research done at the library every book you wanted was either missing from the shelf or checked out. Frustration after frustration, but as you were reading your e-mail, hoping to have something interesting to read you saw his address in the 'From:' field. Your 'Virtual Master' had sent you something. Eagerly you pulled up his message and began reading. By the time you finished you were wet with excitement and shaking with nervousness.
    It was late, almost two in the morning. When I peeped out through the living room curtains, I could see my daughter, Amanda's bare boobs glowing in the autumn moonlight. Her date, Tommy Slater, reached forward with both hands to cup her pert, young breasts, causing Amanda to emit a soft, silvery laugh that touched me to the quick.
    The first naked woman I ever saw in my life was my Mom. In those days we lived in a small two-story house that had two bedrooms, the one I slept in and the one Mom and Dad shared before they got divorced. Both bedrooms were on the second floor and were right next to each other. There was also a door between them that was always kept locked. I never thought much about that door until after my Dad left and my Mom slept in the bedroom by herself.
  • (6 KB)  WANTING MOM. Part I
    The first naked woman I ever saw in my life was my Mom. In those days we lived in a small two-story house that had two bedrooms, the one I slept in and the one Mom and Dad shared before they got divorced. Both bedrooms were on the second floor and were right next to each other. There was also a door between them that was always kept locked. I never thought much about that door until after my Dad left and my Mom slept in the bedroom by herself.
    The first naked woman I ever saw in my life was my Mom. In those days we lived in a small two-story house that had two bedrooms, the one I slept in and the one Mom and Dad shared before they got divorced. Both bedrooms were on the second floor and were right next to each other. There was also a door between them that was always kept locked. I never thought much about that door until after my Dad left and my Mom slept in the bedroom by herself.
  • (67 KB)  WANTON FAMILY by Eros
    The elevator was very crowded on the way down, packed tightly. Terri Stafford felt herself being pressed against bodies, her hands tightly holding those of Mandy and Jimmy. Their small bodies were almost smothered by the people, but they didn't complain. They seldom complained about anything. The elevator was slow, very slow, as if something were wrong with it. However, it was not that uncomfortable. The air conditioning kept it quite cool, and Terri didn't mind at all the scent of bodies so close to her. On the contrary, she enjoyed it. Body scents excited her, made her shiver with a nice feeling, as did the press of them against her.
  • (3 KB)  I WANT THIS PAIN by V.P. Viddler (mf, sm, bd etc)
    "Your nipples are hard, Ann." "I know." "They're really hard. I can see them practically pushing right through your dress." "I know." "Why is that, Ann?" "Because you're hurting me." "Oh? And what does that do to you, Ann?" "It turns me on." "My hurting you turns you on?" "You know it does. You know that. That's why you're doing it." "I'm just pulling your hair." "Yes. Pulling my hair." "That's all. Pulling your long soft brown hair. Like this." "Ah!" "Look at you, Ann. You love this pain, don't you?" "Yes. Yes." "Tell me about it." "Oh, you bastard. Oh! Yes. I love it. I do, I love the pain, I want it, I need it."
  • (135 KB)  
    Gayla Ward was awakened by the incessant buzz of the alarm clock. She was lying on her side, one hand clamped between her thighs, the other rested between her heavy breasts, twisted into the sheer fabric of her pink baby-doll nightie. She groaned softly in frustration. She opened her sleep heavy eyelids and squinted at the dial. 6:45 Monday morning. Time to wake Bill up for work. As usual, he was still sound asleep at her back, lightly snoring, oblivious to the racket. After eighteen years of marriage she was still surprised by him. He could sleep through a hurricane, she often thought. She reached out and cut off the alarm.
    Gayla got Bill out of bed by 7 the next morning, then went to wake the kids. Brianna was already in the shower and Billy was up also, getting his baseball uniform together when she knocked on his door. She went downstairs and made coffee, drinking a cup while making breakfast for them all. After eating, Bill kissed her good-bye, saying with a wink, "See you at about noon." As he left the table, he squeezed Billy's arm and said, "Good luck in your game, slugger." Then he and Brianna were gone, leaving her alone with Billy.
  • (13 KB)  
    Now that he thought of it, he _did_ remind himself not to pack so much this time. At the curb, an army of bellpersons stormed him like so much smoke. "I'm fine, really. I'll handle it myself. Thanks." In unison, the squadron turned heel and scattered. Some of them didn't speak any English, but they all knew "fuck off" when they heard it.
  • (7 KB)  
    The stranger took some time to recover. He sat there, breathing and swallowing hard, for the longest time. It was long enough that the watcher became concerned. "Are you okay?" The stranger shifted his gaze from the ceiling to the watcher's face. His hair was matted, and beads of sweat stood as though painted onto his face and body. What a sight. "Yeah." The stranger was seriously out of breath. "Just need to catch my breath." He paused, drawing deep the musky atmosphere they had created in the room. He moved from his lover's chest and headed, still panting, toward the bathroom. The towel he pitched was gratefully received, and put to work sopping up the sweat and various other fluids. He spoke as the watcher walked toward him.
    Another lonely night. The rain outside tapping on the window pane. How I hate being alone on stormy night, listening to the patter of rain, the booming of the thunder and watching the lightening streak across the sky, have such an erotic effect on me. Finally I decide, what the hell, the beach should be empty tonight and if I go down there in the storm I can watch nature reacting with itself and be at peace.
  • (4 KB)  My Wayward Son
    I have been married now for twenty years and have two children and a loving husband. Gerry my husband is six years older than me and a great lover. We indulge in sex every night and have done for all of our marriage (and for some time before). I grew up with a caring family of my own and until I met Gerry I had only had any form of sexual contact with my own family. That is what I said, I have had sex with my father and also my mother. I was the only child and they loved me a great deal. I was only thirteen when I first felt a mans cock inside me and it was my fathers. I have never regretted it and after you hear my story you may begin to understand why.
  • (13 KB)  My Wife's Black Lovers (wife, int, gang, preg, lez, milk, ws, hum, parts 1 & 2)
    Jim, I have noticed that you have loaded quite a few stories to the Net dealing with husbands that like to watch their wives fuck other men. I'd like you to edit the following story and load it up for me if you would. Actually my story is a three parter that deals with my wife's first extra-marital sex, her first gang-bang and finally my being pressed into service for her black lovers. Maybe I should start with a little background information on us.
  • (22 KB)  Cindy. By Willie Boy
    Two years ago my husband was arrested in Georgia for possession of a small amount of marijuana and is serving a three year jail term. Since we live in rural Pennsylvania, I only get down to see him every six months. We'd only been married six months when Bob got in trouble and being newlyweds we had a very active sex life. Bob had taken my cherry on our wedding night and, as if making up for lost time, my sexual appetite quickly grew and I couldn't get enough of my husbands cock. It's been two years now since we last had sex but unfortunately my sexual appetite hasn't diminished and I'm constantly horny.
  • (19 KB)  WET DREAMS By Eros!
    Sue Morris gasped with shock as she entered the master bedroom. There on the bed was her well-hung husband, Peter, ramming a massive erection into their naked twelve-year-old daughter's upthrust cunt. Peter looked up and smiled, not missing a stroke into his squirming daughter as his wife entered the room. Sue's eyes were glued on the slimy junction of her husband and child's tightly meshed organs. Despite her initial shock, Sue's cunt began to drip at the lascivious sight. Her daughter opened her eyes dreamily and grinned.
  • (28 KB)  Daddy and Me
    This story is about my dad and me and a very special relationship that developed between us when I was growing up. This story may not be appropriate for some audiences. To most of the world it's a subject that's taboo and kept hidden, but it does exist and isn't always non consensual. To me it was a very special time in my life. I've receive lots of comments about this story, all actually complimentary. Please read it with an open mind.
  • (5 KB)  First Wednesday Adventure. By Wifeshare
    I answered the phone on the second ring as agreed. "May I speak with Miss Smith," the caller asked. "Cindi," I whispered, "I've been reconsidering" . . . "Thank you, I'll call back later," quipped my wife from the other end and hung up the phone quickly. I sat there wondering how this night was going to turn out. I sat there in silence going over in my head the plan that my wife and I had made earlier in the week. Cindi, my wife of ten years was to go to the hotel bar downstairs which was known to be filled on weekday nights with out of town businessmen. These men were doing what men away from their wives seem to always do, go on the prowl for one night stands with local women.
  • (11 KB)  WEEKEND PARTY by Karen
    Twelve year old Jeri packed a weekend bag. School was out for the summer, and Jeri was going to spend the weekend with Christine, her girlfriend. As she packed her bag, Jeri imagined her girlfriend's budding figure. Her breasts... maybe half grown with tan nipples that stood up erect when Jeri touched them. OR SUCKED THEM! Her hips were already flaring out into womanhood, and between her well formed thighs .... oooh, Jeri shivered at the thought of her girlfriend's beautiful pussy, adorned with it's silky blond hair, sparsely adorning that juicy spot!
  • (6 KB)  (MM/F, WIFE, Illegal Immigrants, Humiliation, NC?)
    Using the same method we'd always used when returning to the United States from Mexico after visiting our parents in Guadalajara, we'd crossed the border just six hours ago from Mexico, reaching our spot in a run down San Diego neighborhood around 3:00 AM, where our ride was supposed to pick us up at exactly 9:00 AM. I'd arranged and prepaid three months earlier for a van ride with two gringos from San Diego to our apartment and children (who were staying with my sister) in Tacoma -- taking the train or the bus was too dangerous.
    Susan and I married soon after we met, a mistake. Each of us thought that the other was going to fix his/her life and we were both fooled. We met at a training class for a job neither of us wanted. During the morning session Susan and I were stealing glances at each other. Susan is blonde and 5'3" -- I prefer larger women, brunettes or redheads -- but Susan was very pretty and bold in the way she kept my gaze when I caught her checking me out and I thought maybe I could get something going with her. I must have felt really good about myself that day because I went up to her at the lunch break and invited her to join me. We went downstairs and I told her I had a joint and did she want to smoke it with me in the park across the street?
  • (3 KB)  WHEN DAWN BREAKS by V.P. Viddler
    "Want to see Dawn lose control?" I said to Rob. "It's such a beautiful sight." Dawn shook her head, her eyes begging. Dawn was sitting in a chair, with her arms tied behind her around the back, a rope lashing her wrists together and securing them to the chair. Dawn was clothed, but her shirt was unbuttoned, the inner bulges of her breasts showing. And her skirt was shoved up to the tops of her thighs. To the bottom of her panties. And Dawn's legs were bare. Except for the two ropes. One rope was wrapped tightly around her ankles, holding them fast together and also binding them to the lower rung of the chair. The other rope was wrapped tightly around her legs, just above the knees.
  • (13 KB)  White Lady: The Sexual Adventures of Colin Werth
    There's nothing like a coke whore. Especially since crack came along. Lots of young women learn to love the White Lady. Mostly they first get introduced to coke by their boyfriends. Helps get'em ready for sex, gets that pussy all wet and slimy, makes ‘em feel beautiful, sexually confident. Adventurous. Course now, true love seldom lasts and boyfriends tend to get bored by the same old thing. After a while that leaves an awful lot of lonely cunts around looking for a bit of powder to lighten up the night. What makes a man like Colin Werth possible is that cocaine is illegal and expensive.
  • (14 KB)  Fucking Who's the Boss
    Jonathan Bower zipped in through the front door, calling out as he arrived "Is anyone home?" No one returned his yell, so he dropped his books in the living room and ran upstairs to his room. There he quickly stripped down to his underwear. Fishing underneath his mattress, he soon came up with his current stash of pornography, a dog-eared Hustler and an ancient Penthouse.
  • (8 KB)  MY WIFE AS A WHORE. By Dave Carlile. Part 1
    Allow me to tell you a story about something that happened to me not long ago. I was on my lunch break from work and I told my boss I would be coming back late as I had some things to take care of. As I was driving, I remembered an adult bookstore I had been meaning to check out was near where I was going, so I swung by and went in. Adult sex shops and porn are a secret vice of mine; I was sure my wife would disapprove, and I have never really breached the issue with any of my friends -- I've always considered it sort of a personal thing. Anyway, I like to get my porn fix a couple of times a week and this place seemed like it would do the trick.
  • (6 KB)  MY WIFE AS A WHORE. By Dave Carlile. Part 2
    Needless to say, I was stunned. I couldn't believe I had watched my wife fuck a complete stranger and that I'd been so turned on by it. I sat down heavily on the couch to collect my thoughts. My new-found stripper friend, Starr sat beside me and put her arm around me. She told me she was sure it was the first time anything like that had happened with Kerry before; In fact, it was the first time Starr had seen or heard of any of the girls having sex with a customer. I gave her a wry grin and she laughed and said I didn't count. Starr let me use a phone to call my work to get the rest of the day off and showed me the fire exit so I could sneak out unseen.
  • (7 KB)  MY WIFE AS A WHORE. By Dave Carlile. Part 3
    Kerry acted completely normal when I got home from work, as if she'd spent the day doing normal activities. I noticed details that had excaped my attention earlier, though. She had been taking more care of her appearance lately. She was spending more time at the gym and her nails were carefully painted and manicured where she had never bothered before. I didn't let on that I knew anything but I couldn't help but be more horny than usual -- there was something intangeable about her that attracted me to her more than I had before. A few weeks passed since I had been to Show World and I hadn't been back for fear of being caught, but I was beginning to think a visit to the back terrace was in order to re-satisfy my curiosity.
  • (7 KB)  MY WIFE AS A WHORE. By Dave Carlile. Part 4
    If anything, Kerry acted more and more normal, even though I knew she was going down to Adult World every day while I was at work. Eventually, the nagging curiosity got to me and I was forced to make another visit. I made my way quickly through the lower, retail area of Adult World wearing an overcoat and dark sunglasses. The narrrow stairs and hallway seemed more dank and musty smelling as I carefully made my way down to the-one way booths. I dropped my quarters in the slot and peered through the warbled glass as the partition slid up.
  • (9 KB)  MY WIFE AS A WHORE. By Dave Carlile. Part 5
    "I have to go out for a minute." Kerry stated flatly. She was dressed to kill, she was wearing makeup and her hair was done. "Where are you going?" I asked, knowing she would lie. I was tired of the lying. I wanted to clear the air and tell her I knew she was selling sex, but I couldn't think of a way to start. I wasn't sure how I felt about it; On one hand, I felt I should be upset and angry at her for going behind my back and being such a slut, but on the other hand, I was extremely excited by what she was doing. I guess I felt a little guilty for not being as angry as I expected myself to be, and I also felt embarassed that I was so turned on by it. I wasn't certain how she would react -- whether she would think I was some sort of a freak for not hating her for what she was doing.
  • (5 KB)  MY WIFE AS A WHORE. By Dave Carlile. Part 6
    Kerry and I lay on the couch, our arms around eachother. I was trying to relax after a long day at the office and my wife was winding down from a long day of erotic dancing and other, more larcenous activity. There was nothing good on TV, so we were listening to our favorite jazz station on the radio. "How was your day?" She asked me. "Is that situation with the Burns account getting any better?" "Fine." I said. "...and no, the Burns account is still failing. How was your day?" "I had a good day..." Said my wife, smiling. "I danced most of the day, then I kicked off early. I had one of my special clients today."
    I find her at the bus station, an obvious runaway lost in our big city. I talk to her some, find out her name is Carrie and she's 13 1/2 years old. She has an absolutely beautiful slender face, pert nose, pouty lips. Lon g dark hair to her shoulders. What looks like a nice figure. She won't tell me where she's from. I offer to buy her some lunch there at the depot. We talk a bit more as she eats. She's running away from an alcoholic mother and father, a home she can't stand anymore. I offer to take her to a nearby runaway shelter. She hesitates, but with no money she really has no where else to go. As she climbs into my car I chloroform her to sleep.
  • (27 KB)  White Captive. Chapter 1 (M+/F, INTER, NC)
    The low powerful sports car pulled smoothly into the long curved driveway and came to a silent stop before the large darkened two-story colonial-type house. The lights switched off, throwing the well kept grounds and garden into greater blackness. Inside, the boy reached over and pulled the young, silken-haired girl close to him and locked his lips tightly to hers. There was only the sound of a heavy impassioned breathing for a moment and then a small abrupt cry from the girl.
  • (34 KB)  White Captive. Chapter 2 (M+/F, INTER, NC)
    The interior of the shack was even more shabby than the outside. Susan tried to hold back for a moment at the doorway, as Duke disappeared inside and lit an old-fashioned kerosene lamp, then returned to pull her in. The interior of the weather beaten shack was even more shabby than the outside and a bit cold. "Build a fire, Stitch," Duke commanded to the sulking form that was last to enter. "And don't burn the god damn place up." "I-I-I kin build a-a-as good a f-f-fire as y-y-you can," he stuttered defensively, and then stepped outside again to collect the wood. "Ya oughta lay off him, Duke," Coke said when Stitch was out of earshot. "He's one o' us, and oughta be treated right."
  • (31 KB)  White Captive. Chapter 3 (M+/F, INTER, NC)
    There was no sun the next morning, and the low forest mists surrounding the clapboard shack created an air of dismality that seemed to permeate the atmosphere with a heavy cloak of doom. Susan sat huddled before the fire, draped in one of the tattered blankets from the bed upon which she had been so brutally ravished last night. Her body ached horribly in all the tender places the three negroes had so mercilessly pressed their attentions upon. Duke had awakened her early, in the same position she lay after the horrible depraved attack, and she was grateful for she had been able to freshen herself a little in the cold water from the kitchen before the others awoke.
  • (14 KB)  White Captive. Chapter 4 (M+/F, INTER, NC)
    Susan dimly heard the door shut behind them as Duke kicked it shut with his foot. It didn't stay completely closed but swung open slightly so that it didn't shut away the piteous moaning sounds of the distraught Jodie being assaulted again on the bed where Susan, herself, had been so bitterly humiliated last night. She wanted to cry out and plead with him to shut the door to take her mind from what was happening to the poor negro girl and what was about to happen to her. But she dared not make a sound now as the tone of the negro leader's mood had changed and she was frightened of what he might do if she uttered the slightest protest.
  • (14 KB)  White Captive. Chapter 5 (M+/F, INTER, NC)
    Susan awoke to the sound of a squirrel running across the roof of the shack. At first she lay still, her blurted eyes looking toward the ceiling in con fused thought. Where was she? It didn't look like her ceiling at home, the powder blue one with the tiny white flowers sprinkled over it that seemed to bloom right there in the room when a bright sunny day came. No, she was somewhere else and there was a different odor. A strange one that she had never smelled before, like, like something raw and savage. She started to move and then groaned under her breath. Her muscles were so sore between her thighs that she could not move them and lay still again until the pain went away.
  • (2 KB)  White Captive. Chapter 6 (M+/F, INTER, NC)
    The groaning pick-up truck loaded with vegetables on the back stopped in a cloud of dust when its driver saw the petite, blond girl waving it down. He opened the door and let her in and then resumed his journey toward the town ahead. "Been for a walk, miss," he ventured, unaccustomed to having strange passengers on his weekly trip into the market. "W-Why, yes, yes I have," the girl answered hesitantly and said nothing else. "It's a long way from town, must've takin' you all day, might near," he continued, refusing to let the conversation lag as she would have liked.
  • (14 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 1
    Margaret Sorenson spilled another quarter-cup of Spic 'n Span into the plastic wash bucket and swirled it around with her delicate hand, feeling the grit instantly dissolve into sterile suds. She churned the suds to life and dipped her scrub brush into the hot soapy water to continue the humble task of scrubbing years of accumulated wax from the yellowed floor of her landlord's kitchen. Her modest red and white checkered house dress, still speckled with furniture polish from yesterday's house cleaning, pulled across her lap to expose her slim thighs. Margaret poked a finger to tuck a strand of blonde hair behind her nape-tied scarf and, wiping a purling drop of sweat from her unwrinkled brow with a swipe of her sudsy hand, sat up to admire the rewards of her plebeian task.
  • (16 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 2
    Chris O'Brien took one look at her checkbook balance and swore. Damn! There was no way she could pay the rent and afford bus fare too, not to mention coincidentals like laundry and an occasional glass of wine. Then the worst realization imaginable struck the sandy haired girl between the eyes like 40,000 watts of voltage: there was no more money coming in until she found a job. Thank God they were getting food stamps!
  • (7 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 3
    Chris listened apprehensively to the key turning in the lock, waiting for her roommate to step through the door. They'd have to discuss their money tragedy, Chris knew, and this might be the last free moment of Sandy's man-hungry day before the telephone started ringing and the doorbell buzzing. "Hi, ya!" beamed Sandy, closing the door behind her handing Chris her mail. "Here... look." She thrust an official looking envelope in Chris' hands. Food-stamps. First of the month. What do you say we buy a couple of Porterhouse steaks and celebrate? God, it seems like an eternity since we've had a real meal," she complained, collapsing on the faded velour couch with a squeak of the protesting springs. "Mine came too, only I got them for a whole family."
  • (6 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 4
    Chris pulled the belt to her fleecy robe tight around her still damp body and wrapping a towel around her sopping, freshly shampooed hair, emerged from the bathroom to find the landlord pacing back and forth in the living room a letter in one hand, a cigarette in the other. On the sofa sat Sandy, pale-faced and saucer-eyed, taking inhumanely long drags off her cigarette and exhaling with exhausting force. The blue smoky aura around her dark hair testified to the lengthy encounter between the renter and rentee. A tale of woe for poverty-stricken victims of America's unemployed. Chris heard nothing above the low roar of the top 40 rock station except for the words 'welfare fraud' and 'eviction.' Fear froze her to the floor, her two feet two ice cubes melted to the tray. She clenched her jaws tight. Damn!
  • (12 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 5
    Roger's apartment was on the second floor in the back where his living room window overlooked a small rose garden in the middle of the concrete stone maze of apartment buildings and garages. It was the only apartment with such a view, blessed in its solitudinous location and free of traffic noise. Best of all, it had an exceptionally large living room, good for entertaining and business combined. Tonight, though, he didn't need the rose garden. Tonight was that certain lucky moment every man dreams of but seldom finds. Christ, what a girl, what a hell of a woman!
  • (2 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 6
    Chris O'Brien took a glance around her, the plush red velvet draperies, the crystal chandelier casting glimmers of light over the potted palms in the corners of the restaurants... and wondered why she had been so reluctant to give up a night alone in her dumpy apartment for a French meal at Fisherman's Wharf overlooking the San Francisco Bay. She glanced around the restaurant again. The lights were low, the atmosphere hushed. Waiters moved across the deep carpet as quietly as cats. And Francois, her date for the evening, with his lean, handsome face, his classic features, the touch of gray at his temples that made him look even more distinguished than his accent could attest to.
  • (3 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 7
    The stereo ground out an old Beatle's tune, slowing now and then with the power failures typical of poorly wired urban apartment buildings. It may have been two high school girls dressing for their first dates, judging from the excitement and expectations, matching lipstick and nail polish, changing stockings and shoes. "It all went well last night then?" asked Sandy, stroking the hair brush through her long, thick locks. "Perfect. Just perfect! In fact," confessed Chris poking an earring through her pierced ear, "he was a real doll. Very mature and dignified and he didn't even try to kiss me! God, maybe I have bad breath or something," she chuckled, never loosing sight of her profile in the dressing mirror.
  • (12 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 8
    Chris' mouth just sort of hung open for a minute as she mindlessly climbed the last of the carpeted steps and walked into Roger's apartment where the blaring sounds of music could be heard, along with the wafting smell of sweet-smelling hashish being burned in a pipe. "You didn't say anything about dope, Sandy. You know what happens to me when I get stoned. I loose control and do things I shouldn't. I don't want these men to think I'm a common whore." Suddenly there was a tall, well dressed Spanish-looking man standing before her, looking very grim at first, but quickly smiling warmly. "Hello, I'm Jose. You must be Chris."
  • (10 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 9
    At that moment Chris despised her friend, hated her for getting her into this loathsome situation. As always, it was Sandy who talked her into it. She leapt to her feet, backing away from the man cautiously, intent only on making it to the closed door a dozen feet away. One of the men jumped and blocked the door. He grinned down at her. "Oh, no you don't, bitch... you ain't running out on us now. You're paid for this... you're a whore... a whore!" he spat. The words stung more than her ears, sluicing through the fogged stoniness of her brain. A whore. It's true, she'd been hired to be a prostitute. All that jive about speaking French and Spanish... all of it was a set up.
  • (2 KB)  White Slave. Chapter 10
    Three days later Chris O'Brien stood waiting and staring mesmerically at the Friday afternoon traffic snarling its way down Geary Street. She'd told the cab driver to pull up to the curb and honk, and hopefully he would have enough patience to do that. Her suitcases were too heavy to carry down the long hallways of the apartment building by herself, and she needed to save her strength for the plane ride back to Detroit.
  • (15 KB)  Whitewash by Tom Bombadil (M/F, MM/F, F/F, Semi N/C, Lampoon)
    It all started just over two years ago. John and I had been married for almost a year and had bought ourselves a tiny little house all of our own. We could afford it, barely, because I was doing good in my job, and he was getting lots of construction work. He's a carpenter's apprentice. Most people would have considered our new home too small, too old, and too run down to be worth buying, but that just meant the price was within our reach. The owner really wanted to sell for some reason, so he used his influence down at the bank to make sure we got our loan. We were in love, we were in lust, and we were in heaven.
  • (16 KB)  Whitewash by Tom Bombadil (M/F, MM/F, F/F, Semi N/C, Lampoon)
    Saturday night, John rented a couple more movies. Maybe it was a coincidence, or maybe he noticed my fascination with a few of the scenes from the previous week, but one of the tapes was titled "Lesbian Tongue Lashers", or something equally stupid. Nevertheless, that night, there was another first. Half way through the second movie, after watching woman after woman shriek through orally induced orgasm after orgasm, I was so hot, I dragged John down on top of me, right there on the couch! It was the first time for us anywhere other than in bed. If the women were faking it, I didn't care. My imagination filled in for any lack in their acting abilities.
  • (17 KB)  Whitewash by Tom Bombadil (M/F, MM/F, F/F, Semi N/C, Lampoon)
    Saturday morning, at seven a.m. sharp, I was at Dirty Dick's door. Cindy greeted me with a quick, furtive kiss, then escorted me to the kitchen. Breakfast was being served and I was to help with the serving. Eight men, besides Dick, were there, and they all took great delight in pinching both me and Cindy until my bottom felt black and blue. Other than that, we were ignored. After breakfast, they all disappeared into the far reaches of the mansion. Cindy, Tanya, and I had the rest of the morning to talk.
  • (7 KB)  Wicked Mother-in-Law by Caesar
    "Julia, you okay?" Paul looked around the half open door into the semi-dark room. Inside was the master bedroom, and his mother- in-law. He opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind him. "Do you need anything?" Again silence. Time quickly allowed him to get used to the shadowy darkness of the large room. Paul saw the inert form laying near the edge of the queen-sized bed. His mother-in-law. Outside the door, he could hear the party, still loud after eight hours, and which promised to continue for several more. It was obvious to the man that his wife's mother was totally inebriated. Drunk! Not the first time, either.
  • (34 KB)  What I Did With MY Hypno-Box! by FranZAM
    I have invented a highly effective (but expensive) induction device which I demonstrate at conventions and for private physicians. It is almost totally compelling in its visual effect, and results are astounding in the profession. The device is a swirling spiral-light box which also gives out an almost subliminal hum. On more than one occasion, I have left this device, turned on, sitting on the dresser of my hotel or motel room, and have on returning from breakfast, discovered one (or more) cleaning personnel standing before the light show... completely mesmerised!
  • (3 KB)  My Wife's First Black Man
    My wife's name is Kattie and so that I can keep the guy's name anonymous, I will call him Jim. My wife had never fucked a black guy until her first time with Jim and she was very nervous about doing it. She is from Scotland and her snow white skin is a deep contrast to the skin of a black man. But the time was right and Jim was in the right place at the right time.
  • (30 KB)  WIFE (M+/F, WIFE)
    Things have gotten a little out of hand. I suppose my mistake was agreeing to the wager in the first place. On the other hand, if I had won.... Oh, well, my turn will come. It all started with a playful game of scrabble. My wife Linda and I (my name's Peter) have been happily married for 8 years, and are in our mid 30's. We live what most would call a middle class life (I hate the word yuppie; sounds too much like guppy), although both of us went through a wild time during the 70's.
  • (8 KB)  I LIKE TO DANCE. By Lisa
    It all started because my husband, Jeremy, likes to show me off to his friends. I have a nice face, and a really good body. I stand 5'9" and weigh a trim 120 pounds, with long blonde hair and brown eyes. My husband says that I am a perfect "10". Whenever he goes on a business trip, Jeremy buys me exotic lingerie or a sexy swimsuit. Although the lingerie is used only in private moments with my husband, Jeremy has encouraged me to wear the most revealing swimsuits, or the skimpiest bikini, in public. I always seem to attract a lot of attention from the guys around the pool. I love it; I feel very daring and sexy.
  • (2 KB)  "Wife Tells All" By The Dungeon Master!
    My wife just started working in an office after not working for 12 years. I married Linda when we were both 18. At 30 years old she's still a beautiful woman with long, auburn hair, firm 38-D tits and a round, shapely ass. Linda has always been very modest and would never even wear a fashion that couldn't accommodate a bra. However, she has always been an extremely sexy woman and a hot lovemaker. Since she was a virgin when I married her, she's never had or even seen another man naked. That is until last month.
  • (3 KB)  Wife Stories #1 by Bhandwalker
    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Dave and my wife's name is Lena. We have been happily married for the past 7 years and have two beautiful little girls. Our sex life has always been very good and we are both a little kinky. How this all started I'll never know, but now that it has it's hard to put an end to it. About a year ago my best friend Kyle came down to our house to spend the evening watching a few movies and check out some new programs for the computer. The kids had gone to their grandmothers for the weekend and we had the house to ourselves. I decided we needed some beer and perhaps some spaghetti for supper. Lena suggested we all take a ride to the store and pick up what we wanted.
  • (5 KB)  Wife Stories #2 by Bhandwalker
    After our first experience with Kyle our lives pretty much returned to normal. Not much was said about the incident. Kyle and I continued to talk on the phone at regular intervals and no mention was made of the fact that I had watched him pump his cum into Lena's mouth, my beautiful wife of seven years. Four months after the first encounter I again invited Kyle down to our house. He had acquired some new computer programs and we were going to check them out. When Kyle decided to accept my invitation to come down and perhaps spend the night I called my wife at work. I asked her if she would mind if Kyle came down. She didn't even hesitate and said that it was OK with her. Later in the conversation she told me she would pick up some wine and beer at the store on her way home.
  • (8 KB)  Wife Stories #3 by Bhandwalker
    Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Dave and I'm a successful computer professional. I'm married with children and lead a perfectly normal, white, middle-class lifestyle. My wife's name is Lena and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, she is a great mother and the perfect companion. There is only one problem, I have a tendency to want to see my beautiful wife fuck around with other men, not very often mind you, but the thought of Lena and another guy together gets me very excited.
  • (5 KB)  Wife Stories #4 by Bhandwalker
    This is a story about my lovely wife Lena, and my chance to get one of my biggest fantasies fulfilled. Lena is 5'4", blonde hair, and has a body that won't quit. She also has a great set of tits, size 36D, with the hardest nipples I have ever seen. Lena also keeps her pussy almost completely clean shaven, with just a small tuft of hair about an inch or so above her clit. My biggest fantasy has always been to watch her have sex with other men. I know this must sound strange, but nothing turns me on more then to fantasize about her touching strange cocks, sucking on them until their owners spurt all over her face and tits and then letting them fuck her until they make a sticky mess of her freshly shaved pussy.
    My wife, Rae and I (my name's Dom) have been married for 10 years. Overall, we have a good relationship and most importantly, we have become good friends. As what happens with many married couples though, our sex life has taken a back seat to family obligations, children and work. At times, this could be extremely frustrating to both of us. We needed something to put the spark back in our sex lives, to give us something to look forward to.
  • (10 KB)  THE WILLOWS by Golden Boy
    As you apply the last touch of silver gloss to your lips you lean back and gaze approvingly at yourself in the mirror. Perfect, you think as you look at the thin red line circling each darkened nipple. Next you apply three long white whiskers on each side of your nose. "Meow!" You smile at yourself and the whiskers move slightly. "Full of surprises tonight," you say as you apply dark green shadow around your eyes and back towards your ears. "When I take off my mask I'll still be masked." Finally you apply a light touch of glitter high on the cheekbones in front of your ears.
    To start with, are names are, well, lets just say John and Karen. We are happily married (10 yrs.), white, and both of us are 26 years old. Before I go any further, I'll tell you a little about my wife and I - especially my wife. Karen is what can only be described as a very petite brunette. At just under 5', she weighs 103 lbs., has a 34-25-34 figure and has the deepest, darkest blue eyes you've ever seen. Even though her breasts are quite small, I've got to tell you, her legs more than make up for her "itty-bitty" tits. If it sounds like I'm bragging, I am. Karen's legs are as smooth as silk, and despite her being short, her legs never fail to catch a guy's eye.
    Three months later... Finally the day arrived when Karen & I were married. We went to Florida for our honeymoon, and after spending a week there we started our way back home. Karen's 18th birthday was only a few days off, so we decided to celebrate it early by staying the weekend in Dallas. Anyway, we had just left a Restaurant in North Dallas, and on the way back to the motel where we were staying, we saw a rather nice looking club on one of the main thoroughfares, so we decided to stop and get a drink.
  • (3 KB)  Who's The Boss
    Tony slowly opened his eye's when he heard the alarm clock. Like any other midweek day he woke up at 7:15 am to make breakfast for the family. Still sleepy he went to the bathroom. After he got out he put his clothes on and went for the kitchen downstairs. The breakfast was ready when Samantha walked in. Despite being 17 over a couple of month's she already looked like a woman of 20, and not only in a physical way. She was very smart too. That's why she was already in college. The second person who came in was Jonathan. He looked exactly like any 15 year old average highschool boy. He only was a little bit taller then the other guys.
  • (3 KB)  When I Was Twelve (ff/mast/exhib/best/pedo) by Shere
    The spring that I turned twelve, I still looked almost like a boy. I sure dressed like one--denim cutoffs, polo shirts, Keds, dirty fingernails, unpierced ears. Though I did wear my black hair long. I pulled it back in a ponytail for gym class. I was a cute kid, but a tomboy all the way. So it sort of surprised me when I started to feel this sweet ache between my legs when I looked at certain boys in my class, and when I got more and more into the dirty jokes my friend Carla liked to tell when we ate cookies in her parents' basement. Carla was half-Mexican, older, and more sophisticated.
  • (66 KB)  Wicked Love Making (mf,mmf,incest,preg,milk,breast)
    After all that had happened, I still considered myself lucky. Of course, there had been very tragic moments in my life, but they seemed only to have given me more strength, and trust in myself. Nature had of course influenced me and somewhat turned me into a sad person, but this day changed it all for me, I started to live anew. I had only lived half my life, I was still young... Let me tell you how it started...
    "Send fifteen of those to each store Maggie, and get me Tuesday's sales reports as soon as you can, okay?" "Yes Ms Armitage, Oh, there's a phone call in line 2 for you, someone at your son's school I think." Alison Armitage, the 29-year old Vice-President of Operations wheeled her chair around and grabbed the phone, "Hello, this is Alison Armitage." "Ms Armitage, this is Candy Buck the principle at the high school. Your son Zaine has been in a bit of trouble today."
  • (6 KB)  The Woman I wish I could Marry
    My Mother and I became lovers years ago, just before my 17th birthday. To this day, we continue to love each other and satisfy each other's sexual needs. I have a mild panty fetish, which is really the catalyst that brought my Mother and I together in the first place. First...let me describe the most beautiful, sensual, and sexual woman I know...Mom. She has shoulder length, chestnut brown hair. Her dark brown eyes are large and warm, and she still has the face of woman many years younger than she actually is. Her breasts are not large, but jut out from her chest with just a hint of sag. They bounce quite provocatively when she is bra-less. She has a nice trim waist, and nice flaring hips, commonly referred to as "baby-making-hips".
  • (2 KB)  WOODS SHOW
    A few years ago, in 1990, we were visiting 'family' for a week and most everyday we'd go for a walk in the woods near their house. Just behind the pine trees we walked in, across the gravel road, was a housing construction project. Most every time we'd walk into this wooded area I'd get her at least partially undressed, and one of the times photographed her taking off all but her panties. However, she wasn't too happy about this as it was just a short distance (150 ft) from the workers.
  • (4 KB)  My New Room-mate by Susan M. Hodges
    Well, I finally finished moving into my new house about two months ago. And boy, what a job. I am glad all the boxes and everything are unpacked and put away. After moving from my college apartment and leaving my two roommates behind, I really looked forward to moving to Denver and starting a new life on my own. The new job was really great, but the night life was a little slow. One thing about my new house is that it's so quite all the time. About a month ago I met another neighbor in the park and she had the most beautiful Dane I have ever seen. She bought him from someone else for companionship, but admitted he was a pretty good watchdog to have around also.
  • (11 KB)  With Sue: A Weekend on the Island
    Dear Bill: It was really your idea at first, for me to go out to Block Island for a weekend to relax, but you couldn't have known what would happen out there. I know you won't be able to understand right away, but I'll try to explain it as fully as I can in this letter, and maybe after that it'll be easier to talk about it face to face. You remember that especially hectic week in May, full with ladies' groups, Sunday school, talent shows and bake sales? You and I were sitting in your office in the church, late Friday night, talking about how tired we were. Well, I was talking about it, anyway. You had just finished explaining to me, in your usual stiff fashion, how you couldn't possibly take a break this weekend -- there was no one to do the church service for you on Sunday, no one else who could chair the trustees' meeting, and so on.
  • (1 KB)  
    Lawyer friend made his annual summer visit last week, up from california. Traveling with two eighteen-year-old girls and a small boa constrictor. In an anemic VW van with PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT written on the side. The inside of the bus was decorated like the set for Alice in Wonderland. He's forty-seven. Wife, four kids, house in the Brekeley Hills, job in the city with big firm . . . the whole catastrophie.
  • (2 KB)  WHITE SLAVE. Chapter 1
    The haze was starting to lift. Kelly felt as though she had been on a 3 day drunk. Her vision was blurry but was quickly becoming normal. She found herself fastened to some platform in an X shape. There was a curtain in front of her with lights on the other side. She could hear voices from the lighted room but could not make out what was being said. She slowly started to remember what had happened. She was going to the corner store. It was late evening. While she was walking along, a black van had pulled up beside her. She completely ignored it when two figures jumped out, put a hood over her head and shoved her into the back of the van. She then felt a sharp jab in her arm and had blacked out.
  • (2 KB)  WHITE SLAVE. Chapter 2
    Kelly felt herself slowly coming out of a deep sleep. She tried to move but was bound hand and foot. She looked around the room. She appeared to be in some kind of huge tent. She was lying on some big cushions that had been spread out on the floor. Gradually, everything became clearer and she remembered her previous terrifying experience. Just then, a curtain was pulled aside and in walked a very fat little arabic looking man wearing a funny costume and turban. He must have weighed over 300 pounds. He was followed by a giant of a man who was naked except for a turban.
  • (4 KB)  WHITE SLAVE. Chapter 3
    Kelly was gently awakened by 2 naked females. She woke up with a start but they silently reassured her not to be frightened. She looked at them with terrified eyes but somehow knew that they would not hurt her. They untied her feet and helped her up. Two naked men came into the room and she immediately saw that they were eunuchs. Their penis had been cleanly sliced off at the base leaving only their testicles intact. Kelly looked at them in disbelief. They were there to make sure that she did not try to escape.
  • (3 KB)  WHITE SLAVE. Chapter 4
    Abdul then laid down on the floor and motioned Kelly to get down on her hands and knees. She did not move immedialtely and so she felt the sting of the eunuch's whip on her ass. She quickly got down on all fours. "To make sure that you do not forget your place", said Abdul, "your master will periodically whip you. This will not be a severe beating but more as a sort of foreplay for him". As he spoke, the eunuch approached Kelly as she remained on her hands and knees. Suddenly, she felt a light sting on her ass. She winced but it was not hard enough to cause more than a moment's pain.
  • (3 KB)  WHITE SLAVE. Chapter 5
    The next morning, Kelly awoke and found a table covered with strange and exotic foods. She had been so scared that she didn't realize how hungry she was. She greedily ate down a hearty meal. No sooner had she finished than two females came in and she was once more led to the other room containing the huge bathtub. She was bathed again with the usual lesbian lovemaking that accompanied the ritual. When they were finished, she was led over to a table containing some things that she did not quite see. She was told to bend over, grab her ankles and obediently complied. After about a minute in this humiliating position, she felt something being inserted into her rectum. She opened her mouth in surprise but said nothing.
  • (4 KB)  WHITE SLAVE. Chapter 6
    Kelly's 'training and conditioning' continued for weeks. The constant abuse and sexual humiliation were having its effect on the young impressionable girl. She had sucked his cock so often and was fucked so many times that she began to expect it and didn't really mind. She was actually starting to enjoy it and thought that her situation was normal.
  • (2 KB)  WHITE SLAVE. Chapter 7
    The next day began as had all the others since her capture. She was bathed and perfumed as usual. When she returned, Abdul was in her tent accompanied by His Royal Highness. Kelly went over to him immediately and knelt in front of him with bowed head. He was obviously pleased. She was then administered her daily whipping while they both watched. She was actually enjoying watching both men watching her being whipped. When the eunuch stopped, The Prince was already naked. His fat ugly body towered in front of her. She looked at his tiny cock dangling between his hairy legs. The training that she had received over the past month was the only thing that forced her to take it in her hand and slowly put it in her mouth. He looked down at her but was so fat that could barely see his feet let alone his cock.
  • (16 KB)  Wicked, Willing Daughter. Part 1, 2
    It all started when my wife was out of town for a conference leaving me and my 18 year old daughter at home. My wife left on a Saturday evening, and the next morning, I was lounging in bed reading the Sunday paper. My daughter, as she often had done with her mother and me, came into the room and crawled into bed beside me. She complained about having a stomach ache, and I was rubbing lightly over her "tummy". Unintentionally, my finger tips brushed the bottom of her breasts. Realizing what I'd done, I quickly moved my hand down, but it was taken by my daughter's hand and moved back up over one breast. She pressed my hand into the flesh of her firm teenage breast, and I could feel the nipple harden under my palm. I knew I should stop what she had just initiated--but did not!
  • (5 KB)  Wicked, Willing Daughter. Part 3, 4
    The three of us--myself, my wife Helen and our daughter Jennifer--lay there in the bed looking from one to the other. Helen's hand was moving slowly up and down the length of my cock; Jenni had just reached for her mother's breasts, and I, to show my choice, covered Jenni's cunt with a palm. No words were necessary. We had made our decision! "Hey, you two!", Jenni, our self appointed director, exclaimed, "If we're going to do this, let's get started. I'm ready! There's something I'd like to do as a beginning to our...uh...what shall we call it? ... 'sexual bonding'...
  • (42 KB)  Daddy Don trolls for tiny-titted trailer trash trollops. By Dick Gozinya
    A Wally World Giant Store probably seems a poor place to find romance, but Don VanHorn wasn't looking for romance. He had a developed a taste for young stuff. And, for that, the middle-aged college professor had found that the Wally World store in the small, southern rural community where he lived offered excellent hunting grounds. On weekends, especially weekends around the first of the month when all the welfare families received their checks, the store was literally jammed with possibilities.
  • (8 KB)  Never Ending Blood
    Julie was a young woman of African descent; elegant and tall, she had huge breasts with nipples so large and firm her blouse could not conceal them; her long, powerful legs and hips were well served in the white crotch-tight pants she wore. A freshman at Eagle State College, she and Amy were friends . . . "Julie, you and my little brother get acquainted, I've got to run out for a few things." "We'll make out just fine," said Julie. "Hi, Julie." "Hi. Todd. I'm just about unpacked," said Julie. She
  • (19 KB)  Gym Rape
    It took weeks of observation and planning to make sure his efforts would pay off. He sat in his car parked in the shopping center where the gym was located. The back door to the gym was always open and he could see the young girls working out on the equipment through the door. He watched for the first few days to figure out the pattern and then chose a Thursday for his plan. On Thursday the gym teacher went home and left one or two girls to practice alone until their parents came about an hour later. One girl was there more often than the other. He would watch her come out of the back door when her Mom or Dad pulled up. She looked about 12 or 13, short black hair, very pretty. He decided that she would be his target.
  • (16 KB)  
    I have just said goodbye to Stephanie. Now, I am at the airport in the Midwest, waiting for my flight to San Francisco. There I would rent a car to drive to the Valley, where I would start working after New Year's. As I have a couple of hours until my flight, I want to tell my part of the story. As I am one the last of those who tell their stories, I shall not waste time to retell the same story the second time.
  • (5 KB)  Xmas Day by Orni
    It was Christmas eve and Alan was sitting in the front room waiting till the kids went to sleep. His wife Jody was busy in the kitchen preparing the Turkey. As he sat drinking he thought about his kids. Tiffany was fourteen now and it had been difficult to decide what to get her for Christmas. She was at a difficulty age and in the end they decided to get her some small items of clothing, panties etc., and give her some money. Tony was thirteen and was going to get a bike plus some small articles that would be left at the bottom of his bed.
  • (12 KB)  
    The washcloth, Karen thought, a nice thoughtful touch. Karen relaxed and began to drift into a light sleep, the warmth of the washcloth keeping her warm. Karen stirred lightly when it was removed. A hand spread warm, thick foam over her pussy, the sound it made was interesting to Karen. Now fingers were moving around her slit, wiping away the foam and send-ing small charges of electric current through her. Karen felt the re-awakening of her carnal side, the primitive desires slowly opening their reddish eyes.
  • (6 KB)  The Bet by basket kase (M/F Teen Incest Cons)
    My father left us when I was ten. He was a nasty fuck, so while it was tough financially (which I didnt' understand then), it was for the best. My Mom worked long hard hours, and I brought in an extra twenty or thirty bucks a week doing odd jobs with my friend Sal. Anyway, when I was thirteen my Mom met this guy Chris, who was pretty cool. He had a son named Jason. Jason was two years younger than me and was a real pain in the ass. A year later they were married and Jason moved in.
  • (12 KB)  
    In the beginning I was afraid to use my powers. I had discovered them some time during my early teens. I think when I was fourteen, but it might have been earlier. The first time I clearly remember using the power was when my younger sister, Missy, had gotten into my stuff. She was only 10 or so, and I was thirteen. My stuff consisted of a variety of things: notes from some girls on the bus, my models, old Lego creations, my books, and other such items. She was always going into my room when I was out and messing up my stuff. Some times she'd break them, but most of the time, she would just take them from where they belonged and move them to somewhere else. I'd tell on her, of course, and she'd get restricted to her room and stuff. She always came back though.
  • (20 KB)  Coed Fun & Games
    It was 7 A.M. when Ann hit the showers. She had an 8 o'clock class what was it? Psychology? God, why did she sign up for that subject? Oh well, she needed an elective. How else was she going to maintain her hopefully busy social schedule? As the hot water beat softly against her young and supple skin, the fog started to clear from her head and she remembered that she wasn't in her private shower back home. She lived in a college dormitory now and the showers were all open to each other. "Why don't they provide a little privacy around here?" Oh well, Ann secretly enjoyed the lack of privacy. Sometimes she found herself wondering, with a certain sense of excitement, just who would be joining her in the shower each morning.
  • (11 KB)  
    I fucked my son last night and today. If you had told me yesterday afternoon that I would do it, I'd have gotten really upset, cursed you, called you perverted, and told you you were crazy. But I did it, I fucked my son. My name is Linda. I'm a 40 year old woman. Judging by the number of come ons I get, I guess I'm pretty good looking. I keep in shape and get a lot of compliments on my body from men at my gym. I'm married. My husband is a good provider and I love him. He's an engineer and sometimes has to travel on a project for extended periods of time, a month or more. In the last few years our sex life has slowed down, though when we do it, I'm usually satisfied. I've never been unfaithful to him before in our 18 years of marriage. my son Mark is sixteen.
  • (91 KB)  "The Boy In The Attic." by KTM.
    Robbie crouched in the attic, his fist pushed deep in his mouth. This sort of thing just didn't happen in Iowa, not in one's own home. The brigands were in the house, and if they knew he was there, they would kill him, just like they'd killed his dad. He was close to wetting himself or crying because he realized that he'd screwed up. When he scrambled to the attic, he'd left the rope dangling down for the attic steps. He could hear heavy clomping foot-steps in the hallway, and rough voices arguing about checking the attic.
  • (13 KB)  At the drive-in (incest story m/f)
    I didn't start fucking my sister untill after I joined the service. It was my first night home on leave after boot camp, and my sister, Shelly, and I had been going to double-date, but my date fell through and so did hers. We'd both really wanted to see the picture playing at the drive-in, so we decided to see it anyway. I borrowed Dad's big old two-door Olds and picked her up at her apartment. Shelly's a sexy little thing, and she looked good enough to eat as she got in the car. I got a half hard-on just looking at her, even if she was my sister.
  • (16 KB)  Young Angie
    She was nine when I moved in, a spidery little kid, all gawky and self-conscious as only a city kid can be. And she was bright and sweet and unaffected. She was the landlord's daughter, and the fact that such a neat kid would be in my new apartment building was one reason I took the place. The trouble started three years later. "Hi. This is Angie." (As if I might not recognize her voice. Sure, she'd been less likely to spend time chatting with the old guy on the fourth floor in the last year -- especially the last few months -- but that was okay. And her voice was immediately recognizable, nonetheless.)
  • (11 KB)  YEARNING by Karen
    Twenty-three year old Junette studied her nude reflection in the mirror and she blushed. It seemed as if she were blushing all the time, maybe because of her crazy yearning. She picked up a brush and started brushing her long blond hair that hung in waves to her shoulders. Laying the brush down, she pinched one of her already erect nipples and she squirmed with sexual pleasure. It never took more than one pinch and she was excited and her fingers slipped between her thighs to her shaven mound. She rubbed at her clit for a moment before pushing a finger into her moist cunt.
  • (88 KB)  Young honey
    I guess I can't even remember when I wasn't horny. I have always been sexually oriented from my earliest memories. I can remember from when I was about seven or eight one time that my uncle Mark was over on a Sunday dinner to our home in West Texas and he had been showing off about how strong he was by making me hold my arms at my sides with my elbows stiff and he would hold onto my elbows only and raise me off the floor. We had been playing like that after supper that late afternoon and for some reason that I can't remember now, I wasn't wearing my panties. I used to wear cotton panties then.
  • (8 KB)  Young Hot Passions by Sleazy Liz
    With a loud sigh, the slender, tall, handsome Rick lifted himself up on his hands and knees, his back bowed slightly as he looked down beneath him, and smiled as he saw the reason for his pleasure. There below his hard, flat stomach he could see the thick furry shaft of his huge cock just before it disappeared into the most lovely girl he had ever known. As he slowly, but firmly thrust his hips upward, causing that fat shaft to sink into that dainty little body, he felt her lift her body up off the bed in an effort to receive as much of his cock as she possibly could.
  • (27 KB)  Young Karen
    Somehow I managed to retain my virginity until 17. Not by choice, certainly. I was as horny as anyone at that age and, I tried every means I could think of to get laid, short of prostitution. I didn't have the initiative for that. Problem was, I'd made the mistake of falling in love at 14 with a very sensible girl. We went steady throughout high school, and she capitulated only after graduation. Sigh.
  • (24 KB)  Young Becky. By: The Whole Nine Yards
    "Goodnight Robby," said Rebecca as she quickly kissed him on the cheek and ascended the stairs in her short nightshirt. "Goodnight," was Rob's response, not looking at his nine-year-old sister, concentrating more on our air-hockey game, which I happened to be winning at the time. Rob and I, my name is Mike, were, and still are, best friends. We've been best friends as far back as I can remember, and our parents say that we used to share bottles when we were little. We are now both seventeen, juniors in high school. Rob has one sister and I have an older brother.
    Jennifer Wilson walked home from school that day. The young freshman enjoyed the crisp September afternoon as she strolled down the sidewalk on the half-mile trip home. It was Friday, and her friend, Heather Bradley, had invited her on Thursday to come home with her on Friday. The two girls were planning to change into their J.V. cheerleading uniforms at Heather's home, have dinner at a local burger joint and then go to watch the first varsity football game of the year. But Heather had apparently come down with the flu and didn't come to school that day. So, Jenny had to change her plans and go home until the game.
    The following Tuesday, St. Luke's was scheduled to play a home J.V. football game, their season opener. Jenny wore one of her cheerleading uniforms to school that day, as was customary for game days. She walked to her last-period class for the day, biology with Mr. Lewis, thinking about the fun that she was anticipating that evening after the game with her cheerleader friend, Angie. She wore a white long-sleeved oxford shirt with a red button-down vest over the top of it. The vest fit tightly, with white snaps. On her left breast was a small emblem showing a falcon, while the white letters "SLHS" ran down from her right shoulder to her right breast.
    Jennie met her friend Angie Walker after school, and the two young cheerleaders walked the short distance to Angie's home. Angie was a sophomore, a year older than Jennie, and somewhat more sexually experienced, as well. She was about 5'5", and every bit as attractive as Jennie. Angie's brunette hair was thick and wavy, and hung to the middle of her back. Her smile was sweet and angelic, and her cheeks dimpled slightly.
    It was a full week since Jenny Wilson's interlude with Mr. Walker. She found it hard to keep it from her best friend, Angie Walker, but she knew she must. She wondered what Angie would do if she found out. The two young cheerleaders walked to the football field for Tuesday afternoon's Saint John's J.V. game against nearby Franklin High. It was getting colder as fall neared, and this was the first opportunity for the J.V. girls to wear their new winter uniforms.
    Jenny arrived home from school, dressed in her cute little school uniform. Her long blonde hair was parted in the middle and pulled back in two ponytails, with bangs to her eyebrows. Her white long-sleeved blouse, the blue plaid pleated skirt which hung so short from her thin waist, and white knee socks with blue-and-white saddle shoes looked absolutely marvelous on the delightful young girl.
    It was just before 7:00 PM that Saturday night when young Jenny arrived by taxi at the Excalibur Hotel. Packing three of her cheerleading uniforms and pom pons in two duffle bags, she walked briskly to Room 120. Jenny knocked on the door. A man, who Jenny guessed to be in his forties, opened it and peeked outside. "Are you Jenny?" he asked. "Yeah," she smiled. The man returned the smile. "Come on in," he invited her. Jenny stepped in. It was a large and luxurious suite, with a king-size bed. Jenny quickly counted nine men, all sitting and apparently waiting for her.
    Jenny and Susie went back into the bathroom and peeled their cum-stained uniforms off, tossing them to the floor. They washed themselves off, then changed into their next set of cheerleading uniforms for the waiting men. After putting on the little outfits, they checked their hair and makeup before going back out for their next fuck-and-suck session. "Are you okay?" Susie asked her young sister. "Yeah, I think this is fun!" replied little Jenny. "We're gonna make a lot of money tonight, too."
  • (5 KB)  Young Lesbians
    A couple of years back I lived when I was living in a mobile home I had the strangest experience. I was home from work early and relaxing when I heard some voices coming from the rear of my home. This is where my storage shed was so I though someone might be breaking in so I went to the back bedroom to look out. As I got closer I could tell that voices belonged to girls. I peeked out the window and saw two young girls standing at the rear of my shed. The oldest one looked to be about 13 and the other was about 12, both were wearing the traditional school uniform of blouse and skirt. The youngest told the other girl if she wanted to look it would cost her $3.00 and another $2.00 for a feel.
  • (49 KB)  YOUNG LOVE
    I am rounding the curve, almost home. It has been a long day of work - housework and shopping IS work, you know - and I am ready to get home. My husband, Bob, is out of town on business and my son, Bobby, is away at college. It will be a peaceful evening so I can just sit around and relax. As I pull into the driveway, I see Ken next door playing with his dog in his front yard. Ken, 20, grew up with Bobby and is a year older. I have known Ken since he was four years old. He is into body building and his muscles look hard as a rock. He is wearing a tank top today, as usual, to show off his muscles. He also has on faded cut off blue jeans. He is throwing sticks for his dog to fetch.
  • (13 KB)  The Young Slut
    What a question! 'Course I don't watch porno flics! Kids my age don't get chance unless they're lucky! Right away I wished the guy hadn't asked, although I suppose I had let him think I was over eighteen and not just another hot'n'sexy almost fourteen year-old! I was so stuck for words I stopped gobbling his cock for a moment and just knelt in front of him with a dumb expression on my face.
  • (5 KB)  The Church Youth Counselor
    When I was 19 years old I was a volunteer assistant to the youth director at my Baptist church. I had grown up in a religeous environment and, while I didn't buy much of the stuff being taught by the guilt peddlers, I did find the environment of the church to be a gentle caring place. I liked working with the kids who ranged in age from 11 to 17. I worked more with the 11-14 age group since I wasn't that far in age from the older group. We did a lot of activities together and I found myself becoming very fond of all of them.
  • (51 KB)  Young Girl
    The memory of that day is very clear to me still. Some things just stick in your mind and stay there, and then pop up when you don't expect it. I don't know why that day is still so vivid to me when other more important events are a just hazy impression. It is the day this portion of my life started, though, so it's also a good place to start my story. I was young, about 4 years old, when one of my mom's friends came over to visit. She brought over her two daughters, who were 5 and 7. My Mom and her friend sat in the living room, having coffee and talking and doing other boring stuff. Collete and Lisa and I wandered into my bedroom in the back of the house to play.
  • (30 KB)  Young Love. By Huggy Bear
    I am rounding the curve, almost home. It has been a long day at work and I am ready to get home. My husband, Bob, is out of town on business and my son, Bobby, is away at college. It will be a peaceful evening so I can just sit around and relax. As I pull into the driveway, I see Ken next door playing with his dog in his front yard. Ken, 20, grew up with Bobby and is a year older. I have known Ken since he was four years old. He is into body building and his muscles look hard as a rock. He is wearing a tank top today, as usual, to show off his muscles. He also has on faded cut off blue jeans. He is throwing sticks for his dog to fetch.
  • (7 KB)  Young Slut Part 2
    From that moment on I was hooked and sat glued to the big TV screen with one hand rubbing away at my clit through the thin material of Mom's pantie-gusset. The hunky stud actors really got me drooling at the way they'd keep shoving their big cocks into one smiling open-legged girl after another before finally unloading their cum into some lovely porno- chick's open mouth. She'd stare right into the camera and play with the spunk for ages before swallowing it, which I thought was devine! The film ended with a super orgy where everyonefuckedeveryoneelse and the girls were left plastered with spunk. Fantastic! My knickers were sopping wet and I felt so horny I never said a word when one guy led me off and into a bedroom.
    My wife and I were browsing around an adult bookstore, I was so engrossed in a section that had magazines about 3somes and gang bangs, that I didn't notice when my wife wondered off to look at the section on naked men. The first I knew of it, was when I heard a guy saying to his friend. "Look at that sexy bitch, she looks a bit young to be in here. Mind you, she'd look good on the end of my dick." I looked up to see who he was referring to. They were staring across to the opposite side of the shop where a group of men had gathered around a girl. There was a lot of laughter and sexy comments.
  • (6 KB)  Young
    I don't want to sound like a pervert but I've been having an affair with a young girl for about a year now, and, what's best, it doesn't look like I'll ever have any problems with it. You see, my little friend Crystal, who just turned 13, has one helluva guardian, Becky - Crystal's 22 year old sister, who knows all about it. Best part is, Becky loves to join in with us. And, for those of you who think we're taking advantage of the kid, Crystal is the one who initiated things with me!
  • (2 KB)  IN YOUR DREAMS by V.P. Viddler
    "I'm sorry I'm late." "You will be." "Oh god." "Do you have it on?" "Yes, I do." "Ah. And how is it?" "It hurts. It hurts a lot." "It's supposed to." "I know. But it wasn't so bad when I first put it on. But it just gets tighter. Tighter and tighter." "I know. That's how it works. Ingenious, isn't it?" "I thought I'd get used to it. But it just gets worse." "Beautiful." "All right. What do I have to do?" "What do you mean, my dear?" "Don't fool around. What do I have to do to get it off?" "Off? But I don't want it off." "I bet you don't. But I damn well do. That thing hurts." "I know. I can see that. I can see it in your face. And in the wonderful way you squirm around in that chair."
  • (12 KB)  Young Stuff
    As he hurried back toward the hotel, he looked for Debbie along the sidewalk in front of him. As he waited for a light to change, he finally spotted her standing on the opposite corner. At least he thought it was her - he wasn't expecting Debbie to be quite so 'dressed up', so he wasn't really sure it was her at first. He stared across the street at the girl. The brunette he'd spotted was wearing a blue dress with puffy short sleeves. Although the dress had a fairly modest neckline, the hem was very short, barely reaching to the middle of her thighs. She wore white stockings, black high-heels, and didn't look like she was just 16. He quickly concluded that it was Debbie and he yelled across the noisy traffic at her.
  • (8 KB)  Rosie by LewdLinda (mf, pre-teen)
    So the little girl from a couple of floors down shows up at my door one morning asking if I'd buy girl scout cookies. Just like in the movies. I guess her mother thinks it's okay for her to ask the people in the building. I thought it strange her being alone, but in the city, kids seem older at an early age. I pegged her for being maybe fourteen. She was a pretty thing, small, little titties just starting to form. I looked at her and imagined what it would feel like sticking my prick in her tiny pussy hole, then feeling it nibbled by those little cunt muscles and squeezed by her tight little stomach.
  • (14 KB)  Young Stuff
    As he hurried back toward the hotel, he looked for Debbie along the sidewalk in front of him. As he waited for a light to change, he finally spotted her standing on the opposite corner. At least he thought it was her - he wasn't expecting Debbie to be quite so 'dressed up', so he wasn't really sure it was her at first. He stared across the street at the girl. The brunette he'd spotted was wearing a blue dress with puffy short sleeves. Although the dress had a fairly modest neckline, the hem was very short, barely reaching to the middle of her thighs. She wore white stockings, black high-heels, and didn't look like she was just 16. He quickly concluded that it was Debbie and he yelled across the noisy traffic at her.
  • (11 KB)  YVETTE by Karen (ff scat)
    Yvette had just received a brochure from Denmark, a brochure depicting and describing almost every conceivable act between two women. This brochure had come from the most notorious lesbian brothel in all of Europe! After reading and looking at the brochure for two days, Yvette packed a bag and drew her meager savings out of the bank and purchased a ticket to Copenhagen. She was going to see whoever ran this brothel, if she could work there. If she was unable to work there, at least she would be able to employ these girls that worked there.
  • (3 KB)  
    He first caught my eye when I got off the freeway. He was standing at the southbound onramp just off of Beach Blvd., his thumb was out. As I waited for the green light, I noticed how broad his shoulders were beneath his unbuttoned shirt. When the horn blew behind me I looked back to find the light had changed. I decided I should fill my tank there at the Mobil station. As I was pumping my gas I could still see him there. Guys were cramming their necks to get a better look at me as I stood there. I knew I looked good in my light blue tank top over the white leather miniskirt. As I finished and got back into my car I drove down to Stark and made an illegal, "U" turn.
  • (10 KB)  Ziff (wf-bm, cheating)
    My wife, Coleen, manages a small travel agency. Last week, she hired Titus. That hiring resulted in fireworks for Titus, my wife and me -- and I'm writing to tell you about it. First let me describe the "stars"of my letter. Titus is Black, 28, and a real hunk -- muscles everywhere. Coleen is 25, 5'6, 120 lbs, 36-22-34. She had sandy-blond hair and large blue eyes. She wears sexy clothes, too-low cut and tight tank tops, miniskirts, textured nylons, but at her work she dresses rather conservatively, usually business suits and skirts.
  • (3 KB)  Incident at the Zoo
    "Look, mommy, a gorilla!" the little girl screamed. Kate thought, for the hundredth time, that seemed a very stupid thing to say. She had been working at the zoo for over 5 years, and all children seemed to say the same thing. She stopped looking out the window from the cage and went to the back. The intercom was located back there, and she picked it up. "Attention please. The zoo is closing now for the day. Please exit as soon as possible, as the animals want to get some sleep." She heard a small burst of laughter from outside, as she always did. As she put the mike down, Steve came in.

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