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      Waddy of "Becca's Plight", "Mr Ross"....(MFg, MMFg, drugs, nc, nc, pedo, pedo)

      Waldi of "Ala"....(nsc)

      Wannabe12 of "Blind Date", "Ecstasy Island, ch 1", "Ecstasy Island, ch 2-3", "Ecstasy Island, ch 4", "Ecstasy Island, ch 5", "Ecstasy Island, ch 6", "Ecstasy Island, ch 7", "High School Reunion", "Lil Baby, part 1", "Poolside Pal", "Strip Poker Showdown", ""....(F/ff, MM/fff, MMbb/ggggggg, MMm/fff, MMm/fffff, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Pedo, concensual, consensual, consensual, consensual, dad/daughter, diaper, ff, ff, ff, first, group, group, group, mb, mf, mf, mm, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, pedo, time, toys, toys, first time Mf ff F/ff pedo Mf pedo)

      Warlock of "My Naturist Neighbour's Boys", "My Naturist Neighbour's Boys, ch 2", "The Summer Ball - Day 1"....(M/b/g, anal, mbb, mbb, oral, tort, tort)

      Warlock2 of "Sam"....(F/b, mother/son)

      Watcher of "Helping Hand", "The Circle Jerk Club"....(dad/daughter, incest, mf)

      Waterboy of "Oh Suzanna (A true story)"....(Mf, pedo)

      WaywardOne of "Diana's Aclass='palisade'>wakening", "Fun For Patty, part 1", "Fun For Patty, part 2", "Kids At Play:class='palisade'> The Sleep Over", "Private Schoclass='palisade'>ol Girlfriends", "The Girls of class='palisade'>Thailand", "The Littlestclass='palisade'> Girl Scouts", "Tina 1, class='palisade'>ch 1-4", "Twice Thclass='palisade'>e Fun", "Uncle Paul and class='palisade'>Daddy John"....(M/fff+, cons, cons, cons, ff, ff, ff, incest, incest, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, M/fff+ cons nsc nsc nsc)

      Weldo of "Filtered Light"....(nsc)

      WenchSaucy of "The Barber Chair (Saucy Wench Adventure #1)"....(d/s)

      Wendy of "A Story"....(nsc)

      Wendy Roberts of "Wendy's Revenge or "Don't Piss Off A Redhead""....(BDSM, Hetero, MF, NC)

      westcountryman of "Amy, Jo and Dr. Sally Smith, part 1", "Jon's First Story", "Mary, part 1", "The Training of Jane, part 2 (Jane's mother)", "The Training of Jane, part 3: Meet the Twins", "The Training of Jane, part 4 (later that evening)", "The Training of Jane, part 5 (Next Day - Jane's First Treatment)", "Training Jane, part 1"....(Bg, FF, FF+Fg, FFM, FM, Fg, Fg, Fgg, GG/FGG/FFG, MMb, MWb, Mb, Mb, Mbbb, Sg, canning, canning, chest, doc, elecrtic, electric, ff, ff, flat, gb/gg+Fgg, gg, males, mother, nipple, nipple, nipples, panties, playing, wanking, ff doc Sg elecrtic nipples flat chest)

      wet_amber of "A Day of Surprises", "A Dream Situation", "A Typical Saturday", "A Visit to the Grandparents", "Angels", "Babysitter, part 1", "Babysitter, part 2", "Best Laid Plans", "Brothelkeeper", "Carole's Gang Bang", "Carole's Holiday", "Catch 'em, Fuck 'em, Kill 'em", "Charmed", "Charmed 2", "Convent From Hell", "Convent from Hell, part 2", "Dirty Little Fuckers, part 1", "Dirty Little Fuckers, part 2", "Dog Walker", "Egyptian Mummy", "Family Games", "Family Reunion", "Frank", "Frank, part 2", "Fuck Family", "Gatesville Community", "Gods Disciples", "Greg", "Helen's Family, part 1", "Helen's Family, part 2", "Holly's Awakening", "How The Other Half Live, part 1", "How The Other Half Live, part 2", "It All Began With A Photograph", "Jimmy and Alison", "Julie Takes Charge", "Just a Normal Weekend", "Kelly", "Lauren", "Learning Can Be Fun", "Lesson In Seduction", "Leyla and her School Friends", "Life in the Sticks", "Lindy", "Lindy 2", "Lindy 3", "Making of a Three Hole Slut", "More Lessons In Seduction", "No Such Thing as Soft Drugs", "Not A Nice Man", "Nothing Ventured", "Paedophiles 2", "Peter", "Phone Call That Changed Everything", "Questionable Motive", "Questionable Motive Again", "Quid Pro Quo", "Ricks Place", "Schoolgirls", "Seducing Mom and Dad", "Sibling Lust", "Tammy", "Teachers Pet", "The Dinner Party", "The Drug", "The Fuck Club", "The Paedophiles", "The SS Throbbing Cock", "The Slut Family", "The Wedding", "Toby", "Twins", "Uncle Dave", "Underage and Horny", "Unexpected Sleepover", "Video Fuckers", "XXX41- The Experiment Continues", "Young Love", "Zoo Girl"....(/oral, Extreme, Family, Family, Group, Group, Incest, Incest, Incest, Incest, NC, NC, Parody, Parody, TV, Teen, Teen, Teenage, WS, WS, WS, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, bang, brother/sister, brothersister, childdog, daughter, dog, dog, dogs, father/daughter, gang, girl/dog, girl/dog, girldog, girldog, group, group, group, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, mother, 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Underage sex girls 9 and 11 / incest / zoo sex underage girldog Underage sex / paedophile Underage sex / paedophile Underage sex / paedophile Underage sex / anal / lesbian Underage sex / paedophilia Zoo sex girldog / underage sex / group sex / old woman / incest sistersister Rape / Underage Incest motherdaughter/ Underage sex/Anal/Zoo sex girldog Pedo / anal / extreme underage sex / zoo sex young girldonkey Incest sisterbrother / uncleniece / preteen girl Underage sex / paedophilia Underage sex / lesbian / preteen Underage sex / lesbian / preteen / anal Incest motherdaughter / underage sex / anal Incest motherdaughter / group sex / young girls / anal Underage lesbian sex Incest motherdaughterfather / zoo sex girldog / preteen sex Incest brosis / underage sex Underage sex / paedophilia / incest uncleniece Group sex / incest fatherdaughter / brothersister / anal Incest motherdaughterfather / group sex / WS / scat / zoo sex woman dog Group sex / orgy Group sex / anal / NC / torture / snuff Pedo / anal / extreme underage sex MFg6 Slut behaviour / group sex / anal Family incest / zoo sex girldog / anal / ws Family incest / group / zoo sex womandog / anal / WS Incest motherson/ underage boy/underage girl Incest mother/daughters preteen twins zoo sex preteen girls/dog Underage sex Underage Sex / Incest brothersister Underage lesbian sex / incest motherdaughter Incest sistersister / underage sex / anal / group sex / zoo sex girldog Group sex / incest mother daughter / zoo sex girldog / anal / underage sex Incest brothersister underage sex Hertro sex Zoo sex girlwolfchimpgorilla anal)

      wetbymorning of "A Trip To The Orient, part 1", "Baby Billy's Diapers, part 1", "Baby Sitting The Neighbors", "Brother's Diapers", "Catching My Boy In Bed With Diapers", "Dad's Drunken Abuse", "Girl or Boy It's Your Choice", "I Kissed A Boy", "Kevin's Babysitting Adventures, part 1", "Logan's Pampers", "Mexican Adventure", "My Loving Wife Amy", "My Sexual Introduction", "My Teenaged Visitor", "My Uncle Is The Best", "Punishment for Bedwetting", "Staying Home From School", "Stealing Diapers From The Neighbors"....(F/b, MF, anal, b, b, bb, bb, bb, bb, bb, bb, bb, bb, bedwetting, bedwetting, bedwetting, bedwetting, bedwetting, bedwetting, bedwetting, bg, cons, diap, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diaper, diapers, diapers, diapers, drugged, first, first, g/g, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mb, mb, mb, mb, mb, mb, mb, mb, orgasm, pants, pee, pee, plastic, sucking, t/b, t/b, teen, time, w/s, wet, wet, mast first orgasm b mast bedwetting diaper diapers bb F/b bb diaper bedwetting)

      Wetfly6969 of "3 Dying Wishes", "3 Dying Wishes", "3 Dying Wishes, ch 2", "A Car For My Daughter", "A Night to Remember", "Allah Will Provide", "Allah Will Provide, part 2", "Allah Will Provide, part 3", "Allah Will Provide, part 4", "Allah Will Provide, part 5", "Allah's Army", "Allah's Army, part 2", "Alone", "Barber Shop Whore, part 1", "Barber Shop Whore, part 2", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 1", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 2", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 3", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 4", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 5", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 6", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 7", "Big Jan, Little Jan, part 8", "Butter Face, part 1", "Butter Face, part 2", "Butter Face, part 3", "Butter Face, part 4", "Butter Face, part 5", "Butter Face, part 6", "Butter Face, part 7", "Caycee Dugas: Abduction of Innocence, part 1", "Caycee Dugas: Abduction of Innocence, part 2", "Charlotte the Harlot, part 1", "Cum On My Face Book", "Cunnie", "Depressing Times, parts 1-5", "Fatherly Guidance, parts 1-5", "Fatherly Guidance, parts 11-15", "Fatherly Guidance, parts 6-10", "Fatherly Guidiance, part 16", "For a Father's Love", "For a Father's Love, part 10", "For a Father's Love, part 11", "For a Father's Love, part 12", "For a Father's Love, part 6", "For a Father's Love, part 7", "For a Father's Love, part 8", "For a Father's Love, part 9", "For a Father's Love, parts 2-3", "For a Father's Love, parts 4-5", "God's Will, part 1-5", "God's Will, part 10", "God's Will, part 11", "God's Will, part 6", "God's Will, part 7", "God's Will, part 8", "God's Will, part 9", "Having Faith", "Hermie the Lust Bug, Fully Loaded, part 6", "Hermie the Lust Bug: Fully Loaded, part 1", "Hermie the Lust Bug: Fully Loaded, part 2", "Hermie the Lust Bug: Fully Loaded, part 3", "Hermie the Lust Bug: Fully Loaded, part 4", "Hermie the Lust Bug: Fully Loaded, part 5", "I Wish I Was A Mommy", "Ice Cream Girl, part 1", "Ice Cream Girl, part 2", "Ice Cream Girl, part 3", "Ice Cream Girl, part 4", "Ice Cream Girl, part 5", "Ice Cream Girl, part 6", "Innocents Lost", "Jodi, My Adopted Niece, part 1", "Jodi, My Adopted Niece, part 2", "Jodi, My Adopted Niece, part 3", "Just Survive Somehow", "Just Survive Somehow, ch 2", "La Casa de Leche", "La Casa de Leche 2: Behind the Green Door", "Nightmares", "Nightmares 2: A New Beginning", "Parasite, ch 1-2", "Parasite, ch 2", "Parasite, ch 3", "Parasite, ch 4", "Play Misty for Me, parts 1-3", "Salvation", "Sex and Candy", "Sleepwalker, part 1", "Sleepwalker, part 2", "Sleepwalker, part 3", "Surrogate Lovers, ch 1", "Surrogate Lovers, ch 2", "Surrogate Lovers, ch 3", "Surrogate Lovers, ch 4", "The Best of Both Worlds", "The Birthday Girl", "The Crack of Dawn", "The Famer's Granddaughter, ch 10", "The Farmer's Granddaughter, ch 1", "The Farmer's Granddaughter, ch 11", "The Farmer's Granddaughter, ch 12", "The Farmer's Granddaughter, ch 13", "The Farmer's Granddaughter, ch 2", "The Farmer's Granddaughter, ch 3", "The Farmer's Granddaughter, ch 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      Wet Pervert of "Golden Shower Piss Drinking Slut"....(Analingus, Cum, Drinking, Facials, Golden, Incest, Period, Piss, Showers, sex)

      Whisper of "Jason's Trespass", "Kim's Journey", "Kim's Journey, part 2", "Kim's Journey, part 3", "Little Boys, Big Desires - Neighborly Neighbors", "Worlds Apart", "Worlds Apart 2"....(F/b, FFFb, FFb, Fb, Fb, Female/young, Fg, Fg, Fg, Transvestite, Woman/young, Women/young, b, boy, boy, boys, first, fisting, incest, mast, oral, oral, oral, ped, pee, scat, scat, sex, watersports, worship, worship, ws, ws, Fb Woman/young boy oral worship)

      White of "A Pedo Party", "A Ring Of Power", "A Room With Benefits", "A Special Gift", "A Tale Of Slavery", "A Walk In The Forest", "Adventures With Little Gwen", "Aunt Emma's Story", "Blackmailed Into Incest", "Blackmailed Into Perversion", "CPI Productions: Introductions", "Descent Into Perversion", "Fading", "Fading, part 3", "Family Treesome", "Fortunes Of A Family", "Fun 4 Family", "Haiti Heaven", "His Four Sisters", "I'm Daddy's Lover", "John And The Magic Armband", "Laura's The Whore", "Living Fuck-Doll", "Love At The First Touch", "Marooned In Paradise", "Master Program, Book 1, part 1: origins", "Master Program, Book 1, part 4", "Master Program, Book 1, part 5: Origins", "Master Program, Book 1, part 6: Origins", "Master Program, book 1, part 2", "Master Program, book 1, part 3", "Mother's Desire, part 1", "Mother's Desire, part 2", "Mother's Desire, part 3", "Mother's Desire, part 4", "Mother's Desire, part 5", "My Life In Japan", "Nice Neighbours", "Not Quite Aspirin", "Obedient Seed", "Paul's Birthday Present", "Sold For Sex", "Stacey's Mom", "Stud For Little Girls", "Submissive Family", "Sun Yi's Vow", "Susie, The Girl Mc", "Tales From The Neighborhood", "The Demon Totem", "The Family Stud", "The Four Formulas", "The Little Whore", "The Merry Maid", "The Power Of The Mind", "The Powers That Be, part 1: The Inheritance", "The Powers That Be, part 2", "The Remote Control", "The Sentence", "The Stepson", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 1", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 10", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 11", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 12", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 13", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 14", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 15", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 16", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 17", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 18", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 2", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 3", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 4", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 5", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 6", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 7", "Tommy Is In Charge, part 9", "Tommy Is In charge, part 8", "Whore And Daughter", "World Of The Dead"....(/mc/Mdom/mind, F, F/F/m/inc, F/m/f/g/inc/preg, F/m/f/ped/inc, F/m/g/incest/mc, F/teen/f/g/ped/inc, Ff/Mf/fg/inc/ped/spank/whoring, Inc/ped, Incest/Pedo/M/F/f/m/g/b/multiple/orgy/bestiality/bondage, M/F/f, M/F/f/g/Asian/anal/oral/incest, M/F/f/g/incest/pedo/MC/magic, M/F/f/inc/ped, M/F/fteen, M/F/fteen/incest/watersports, M/F/fteen/mc/Mdom/incest/bodymod, M/F/fteen/mc/Mdom/incest/bodymod, M/F/fteen/mc/Mdom/incest/bodymod, M/F/fteen/mc/Mdom/incest/bodymod, M/F/fteen/mc/Mdom/incest/bodymod, M/F/g/inc, M/F/g/inc/ped/paralyzed, M/F/g/incest/pedo/submissive/SM/spanking/bondage, M/F/g/ped/inc, M/F/g/ped/inc, M/F/g/ped/inter, M/F/m/f/b/g, M/F/teen/inc, M/FF/f/g/incest/pedo/blackmail/interracial, M/f/g/inc/breeding, M/f/g/ped/inc, M/f/g/ped/inc, M/f/inc, M/fteen/g/inc, M/g/prostitution, MC/M/F/f/g, MC/mF/mf/inc/oral/anal/lesb/sm/bondage/romance/threesomes/in, MC/mF/mf/inc/oral/anal/lesb/sm/bondage/romance/threesomes/in, Man/Women/teen, Mf, 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      WhyKnot of "Kimmy 1", "Letty, part l", "Zoe"....(Con, Cons, MF, MFgg, gMF, gg, incest, incest, incest, Cons)

      Wicked Stepfather of "My Bad Girls"....(Mf, bdsm, dad/daughter, incest, spank)

      Wife Watcher of "Rough Trade", "Used Wife", "Voyeur Husband"....(F/mmmmm, F/mmmmm, Wife, slut, F/mmmmm)

      WifeWatchingHusband of "Campfire Threesome", "Center of Attention", "Cumuppance", "Guest Of Honor", "Hot Tub Honey", "Lusty Reflection", "Melissa Cums By Plane", "Melissa Gets Groped", "Melissa In The Backroom", "Melissa In The Parking Lot", "Melissa Plays Poker", "Show Off", "The Professor's Wife", "Too Much Wine", "Up The River"....(Exhibitionism, Exhibitionism, Groping, Groping, MF, MFM, MM+F, MM/F, MM/F, MM/F, MM/F, MMF, MMF, MMF, MMF, MMM+F, MMM/F, MMM/F, Masturbation, Noncensentual, Nonconsentual, Older, Sleeping, Spanking, Stud, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Watching, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, Woman, Young, course, good, group, nc, old, raunchy, sex, sex, some, Wife Watching Older Woman Young Stud MMF Sleeping Wife Watching Masturbation MFM Wife Watching)

      Wild at Heart of "Medieval Cousins", "Trying To Reform A Bad Girl"....(MF, Mfteen, incest)

      WildBill of "Cindy's Swimming Lessons", "Jenny At The Movies", "Susan", "Uncle Bob", "Uncle Bob Takes Cindy Shopping"....(MF, Mf, Mf, Mf, anal, dad/daughter/niece/cousin, lesbian, oral, preteen, uncle/niece, uncle/niece, uncle/niece, anal oral lesbian)

      Wildman of "Charlie & Me, part 1", "Charlie & Me, part 2", "Charlie & Me, part 3", "Charlie & Me, parts 4-6", "Jodi's Story", "Jodi's Story, part 2"....(M+F, M+f, M+f, MF, MF, MF, Mf, Mf, Msolo, Msolo, bd, bd, bd, bd, con, con, cons, forced, fsolo, fsolo, group, group, incest, incest, lt, lt, nc, nc, oral, oral, oral, orgasms, orgy, orgy, orgy, reluc, reluc, toys, reluc group orgy bd)

      WildTexan of "5th Grade Sex Education", "5th Grade Sex Education at Lizzy House", "5th Grade Sex Education at Lizzy House, part 3: and sex in the park", "Child Service 101", "Midnight Fucking w/2 girls And 2 boys", "Nude Beach Sex", "Nude Beach/Hotel/Underground Brothel", "Sex for an A+, part 1", "Sex for an A+, part 2", "Shower Fucking", "The Nude School"....(1, 1013, 2grl, Anal, Cons, Cons, Cons/preg/anal/oral, M, M, M/fffmm, M/ffm, M/ffmm, M/many, MF, Mf, Mf, Mfff, Preg, age, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons/anal/oral, fffmmm, fm, fm, forced, guy, mm, mmfff, mmfff, mmm, noncons, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, preg, preg, preg, preg, sex/nc/cons/intercourse, threesome, underage, oral 2grl 1 guy Mf age 1013 sex/nc/cons/intercourse)

      Wiley06 of "Fantasy 1.0", "Teacher_1.0"....(Mf, Mf)

      Will Alan of "Candy Cane", "Candy Cane 2: Dumb Drops - Sister Inlaw's Subjection", "Two Fingers"....(Exhibition, F, Humiliation, MF, Mastrubation, Mf, Solo, mc, noncons, reluct, spanking, spanking)

      Will Amour of "Daddy's Girl", "Mr. Fletcher", "Sith Inspection"....(Daddy/Daughter/preteen/incest, MMg, Starwars, Teacher/Student, fiction, incest, mm, rape, fiction)

      William Caxton of "A Gift for Hibiki (Part 4 of "Hibiki")", "Hibiki in Shibuya (Part 3 of "Hibiki")", "My Gal Hibiki", "Solving the Hibiki Problem"....(Asian, Asian, Asian, Asian, MF, MF, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, cons, cons, cons, cons, first, incest, incest, incest, incest, cons Asian)

      William Parker Morgan of "Enchanted Isle, part 1", "Enchanted Isle, part 2", "Enchanted Isle, part 3", "Enchanted Isle, part 4", "Enchanted Isle, part 5", "Enchanted Isle, part 6"....(M+m+b+F+f+g+, M+m+b+F+f+g+, M+m+b+F+f+g+, M+m+b+F+f+g+, M+m+b+F+f+g+, M+m+b+F+f+g+, Mb, Mb, Mb, Mb, Mb, Mb, Mg, Mg, Mg, Mg, Mg, Mg, ScFi, ScFi, ScFi, ScFi, ScFi, ScFi, TV, bdsm, bdsm, beating, best, cbt, cbt, cbt, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, cumbath, cumeat, exhib, extreme, fat, first, fist, fist, fist, freaks, group, group, group, group, group, group, herm, hum, hum, incest, incest, inter, nc, nc, nc, nc, nc, nc, nec, orgy, orgy, orgy, orgy, orgy, orgy, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, relig, rom, rom, rom, rom, rom, scat, scat, sm, snuff, snuff, spank, tor, vio, vio, vio, ws, ws, ws, ws, vio snuff first ScFi)

      William Rush of "After the End", "Into the Valley", "Rebecca", "The Adventures of Collin", "The Apprentice", "The Continued Travels of Antosh Teshna", "The Fortunate Ones", "The Fortunate Ones: Pax", "The Fortunate Ones: The Lost", "The Slaves of Derethe", "The Times I Remember", "The Travels of Antosh Teshna", "This Love Lost in My Heart", "Voyeurism, Masturbation, and Jeff"....(Mb, Mb, Mf, Tb, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, anal, bbb, bbb, consenting, graphic, mb, mb, mb, mb, mb, mb, mg, nc, nc, nc, nsc, nsc, nsc, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, spanking, tb, toys, violence, mb mg nc oral anal nsc tb bbb oral consenting)

      Willie Makit of "Jailbait"....(Mff)

      Will Taliesin Jarvis of "Noel's New Neighbors", "Shoe Fits"....(FF, FFM, FM, anal, breasts, cum, fisting, group, objects, oral, orgy, porn, slut, slut, swinging)

      Will Wanton 69 of "A Father's Desire", "After School Activities", "Afternoon Snack", "Awakenings", "Eclipse", "Jennifer's Surprise", "Latina Heat", "Mother's Night", "Office Meeting", "Porn-writing Mother", "Relative Relief", "The Perverted Mother", "Without Restraint"....(15, F, F+b+g+, Fg, Fm, Fmf, Fsolo, Fsolo, MF, MF, WM/BF, anal, anal, anal, anal, analfinger, bald, bi, brother/sister, caution, combinations, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, cunt, dirtytalk, dirtytalk, dirtytalk, dp, dream, exhib, fantasysex, farting, feet, feet, fetish, ff, ff, ff, fist, fm, foot, foot/stockingfetish, front, hirs, imagined, implied, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, instory, interr, interr, man, mc, mf, mom/kids, mother/daughter, mother/son, no, nosex, nylons, on, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral/MF, orgy, ped, ped, pedo, pictures, pissing, public, real, rim, rim, rim, rimming, rimming, scat, scat, sex, spitswapping, various, ws, ws, anal rim incest mom/kids MF incest brother/sister cons rimming farting foot/stockingfetish spitswapping)

      windeln of "Natasha Rides a Greyhound Bus", "Natasha and My Brother", "Natasha and My Dealer", "Natasha in Old Folsom Prison"....(Daughter, Daughter, Pedo, Pedo, Voy, Voy, brother, daughter, daughter, drug, father, forced, incest, toddler, voy, Voy Pedo)

      Wish I Could of "Fun-time With Valerie", "The Trip"....(M/f/F, M/f/F, dad/daughter, young)

      Wishlist of " ", "A Dad Should Love His Son", "A Typical Day at the Convent School", "At the Mall", "Before School", "Billy's Snuggle", "Busted", "Camping", "Casidy", "Cindy the Principal (Billy's Snuggle, Part 2)", "Comfort", "Daddy Helps Himself", "Dedicated", "Don't Talk About It; Just Do It", "Don't Wake Daddy, Sweetheart", "Endless Chain", "Eric", "Finally", "Fooling Around With Mom", "Helping Mom Out", "Home From School", "In the Middle of the Night", "Kim's Secret Kiss", "Little KIM", "Marion", "Me and Bobby McGee", "Meemaw", "Mike", "Mike's Mom", "Mom Helps Me Out", "Mom was Raped", "Mom's Delicate Condition", "Mom's Hand", "My Daughter Likes Them Young", "My Little Lizzy", "No! It hurts", "Peeping on Nicole", "Peeping on Nicole", "Pony Ride", "Rape", "Releaving Mom", "Rubdown", "Shame", "Sleepover", "Something Fishy Here", "Swing Time", "The Family Way", "The Magic Ring", "Truck Driver", "Visit with Grandma", "With Mary Again"....(Dad/dau, Daughter, F, F/D, F/D, F/b, F/d, F/d, F/ff, FF, FF/f, FFff, Father, Fd, Ff, M/preg, M/s, MF, MF, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mg, Mother/child, Mother/daughter, Mother/daughter, brother/sister, dad/dau, father/daughter, father/son, father/son, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, fm, fm, fm, fm, fm, fm, fm, fm, fm, grandad/grandau, grandmother/granddaughter, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, mb, mf, mf, mf, mg, mg, mm, mm, mm, mm, mother/daughter, mother/son, mother/son, mother/son, mother/son, nuns, ped, pedo, pedo, FF/f Mf pedo fm ff mf mother/son incest MF Mf fm mother/son father/daughter incest ff grandmother/granddaughter incest mf fm ff ff brother/sister sis/sis moth/son moth/dau inc m/F m/f f/F inc moth/son moth/dau bro/sis M/F inc mother/son anal M/F mother/son rape incest M/F m/F mother/son inc m/F M/m inc M/f F/f f/f inc M/F M/f F/f Mother/child inc M/f F/f inc M/f F/f f/f dad/daut moth/daut inc F/f M/f Mother/daughter Father/daughter inc M/f m/F Mother/son m/F Mother/son incest m/f m/F F/f M/f incest voyeurism F/f M/f father/daughter incest M/F/f moth/dau dad/dau mother/son m/F M/F M/f mother/son inc F/m M/F M/f M/m incest MF inc fatherinlaw F/f F/F F/M F/m inc incest)

      wishman of "Simply Suzanne"....(Mf, pedo/conc)

      Wistful of "A Private Education, part 1", "A Private Education, part 2", "A Private Education, part 3", "A Private Education, part 4", "A Private Education, part 5", "A Private Education, part 6", "Anna Finds It Hard To Get To Sleep"....(Fb, Fb, Fb, Fb, Fb, Fb, MFg, bond, cons, cons, cons, cons, exhib, incest, mast, mast, mast, ped, ped, voy, voy, voy, ws, ped MFg ped incest)

      Wizard of "Blind Girl's Bluff", "Customs and Cultures", "Double Date", "Jenny's Bath", "Marianne and Cindy", "Naked in School: Outdoor School", "Rosie's First Date", "Sense Of Humor", "Thanks", "The Accidental Pervert", "The Trailer Park", "The Trailer Park: The Fourth Year", "The Trailer Park: The Road Trip", "The Trailer Park: The Second Year", "The Trailer Park: The Third Year"....(Mbgg, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mg, Mggg/cons, Mggggbb, Pedo, bg, bg, bg, bg, bg, bgg, cons, cons, cons, cons, cons, f/b, fggg, humor, humor, mf, mf+, mfffff, mg, mg, pedo, pedo, pedo, romance, romance, romance, slow, slow, slow, slow, romance humor mfffff bg slow romance humor mf+ cons slow)

      woodpedo of "Kimmy", "Megan"....(anal, anal, first, first, mg, mg, oral, oral, ped, ped)

      Wormwood of "A Loving Mom"....(bb/g, bg, cons, first, fm, incest, time)

      writersblock of "A Girl Named Slut", "Abducted Slut", "Abducted Slut 2", "Abducted Slut 3", "Abducted Slut 4", "Addicted To Sluts", "All Of The Time Slut", "All Of The Time Slut 2", "All The Time Slut", "Animal Slut", "Babysitter Slut 4", "Babysitter Slut, part 1", "Babysitting a slut", "Big Cunt Glory-Hole Slut", "Bimbo slut", "Black cock slut", "Born To Be A Slut", "Born To Be A Slut-Making Movies", "Born To Slut", "Camp For Sluts", "Cheerleader Slut", "Cock-old Slut", "Crazy Sluts", "Crazy Sluts 2", "Daddies slut", "Diary Of A Slut, part 2", "Diary of a Slut, part 1", "Dungeon Slut 1", "Dungeon Slut 2", "Dungeon Slut III", "Everyone's Slut", "Family of sluts", "Family slut", "Fuck Slut", "Fuck Slut 2", "Future sluts", "Girl Next Door Slut", "Girl Next Door Slut II", "Gutter Slut", "High School Slut", "How To Become A Slut", "I want to be a slut", "Kid sluts", "Learning to be a slut", "Master of a slut", "Master's slut", "Nympho Slut", "Nympho Slut II", "Pain & Humiliation Slut", "Park Slut", "Part time slut", "Playground Slut", "Pre-teen slut", "Proud Of My Slut Daughter", "Rape Slut", "Returned A Slut", "Returned A Slut, part 2", "Returned A Slut, part 3", "School Of Sluts", "School Slut And The Submissive", "School Slut Gets a Tattoo", "School Slut New Year 2", "School Slut The Dominatrix", "School Slut-A New Year", "School Sluts Go Party", "School slut", "Secret Slut", "Sick Sluts", "Slut And Sissy", "Slut Of All Sluts (Re-written)", "Slut mother and daughter", "Slutfest", "Sluts Rule", "Slutty New Reality", "Slutty Slut", "Sodom & Gomorra sluts", "Teaching A Slut", "The Pig", "The making of a slut", "Theater Slut", "Too much of a slut", "Total Slut", "Trained slut", "Truck stop slut", "Twelve Year-Old Slut", "Twin Sluts, part 1", "Unknown Slut", "Used slut", "Wanting To Be A Slut", "Whore, slut", "Wishing for a slut"....(2, BDSM, F/g/slutty, Family, Fg/MMMM/Mom/Daut, Fggg, M+, M+f/pimp/teen, M+fgm/family, M+g, M+g, M+g/slutty/pro, M/F/ff, M/f/f, MF, MMMbb/g, MMMf/pro/teen/glory, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mff, Mg/hooker/gang/mom, Mother/Daughter+MMM, Revision, Sis/Slutty/Pain/Gang, Slut, Stripper, Twins, Web, adultbookstore, bb/g, bg, body, build, daut/general, dog/f, dom/sub, everything, f/dog, f/horse, fg, g/m+, g/m+/school, g/mmm, g/pros/cockold/mother, g/sucking/mast, gang/g, gangbang, ggg/mmm, glory/gang, gm, into, m+f, m+f, m+f, m+f, m+g, mf, mf, mf/Mf/M+whore, mod/school, modification, mom/daut, mom/daut, neighbor, nympho, pedo/M+f/young, pierce, pro, pro, pro/gang/slutty, sis/pain/slutty, sitter, slut, sluts, sluttishness, slutty/fist/young, sluttyness, tattoo, up, whore, young, young/sub/gang, bb/g MMMbb/g sis/pain/slutty Sis/Slutty/Pain/Gang dom/sub glory/gang mod/school Revision 2 Fggg sluts into everything Mf M/f/f Mff m+g/ pro m+f/ pro/ neighbor slutty/fist/young MMMf/pro/teen/glory M+f/pimp/teen Mf dog/f mf m+f g/m+/school slut Slutty Life young/incest/gang m/f m/f/F M+f M/f M+f/prostitution M/F dom/sub set up young/slut/gang g/F/MM Mom/daut gang/pro f/M+/ Slutty/ Pro/ Young M / g young ped M/f slutty split personality M/g g/M+ mind control g slut fantasy/g/MM M+/f dad/daut f slut/Ff rape M/f MMM/f Cons Slutty gang pro cons Multi M/f lerning slutty Incest/ group/ teacher/ m+f ff/mom/daut/gang three sluts a mom+strangers f/m f/M f/mmm general school sluttishness ggg/dom/gang/slutty g/m g/M g/mmm general sluttishness Orgy/ Beast/ Fist/ School age M+f sub/slut mm/gf M+/f slutty action M/g MfF daut/dad/mom transgender M++f dog M/f mmm/f Ff/M+ slutty action MMM+F master/slave mom/daut/cockold/sissy/gang dad/daut+gang slutty/+M/pro/incest pedo gg/Mgg/webslut/gang f/M sub/humil young/slut/gangbang/pedo young slut M+beast used F/f f/M+ piercings MMM/f M/f slut dad/daut M/f/ fisting/ animals/ crazy stuff M+/f/prostitution M/f dad/daut prostitution F/gg mom/daut Young/Slut/hooker/gang M/f/slutty/young/M+/f M/g Daddy is my pimp M+f transformation prostitute M+F superslut wife)

      Wunderkind of "Of Boys and Monsters"....(Bloody, Canibalism, Monsters, Snuff, mb)

      Wyverndrake of "Dakota, part 1", "Dakota, part 2", "Mike's Pool Party", "Queen's Ring, ch 2", "The Queen's Ring, ch 1", "The Temple, part 1: Melisande"....(Fg, Fg, MF, MF, MFf, Mf, Mm/Ffg, anal, anal, beast, beast, fantasy, felching, fsolo, herm, herm, implied, implied, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, magic, oral, oral, reluct, rough, implied incest implied beast)

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