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      Yada of "Holmby Hills, part 1: Lori's Story", "Tanya's Story, ch 1-2", "Technical Virgins, part 1", "Yadayadayada, part 1"....(ATM, anal, anal, anal, anal, atm, cumswap, cumswap, cumswap, ff, incest, incest, incest, incest, mf, mom/daut, slutty, teen, young, young, atm incest)

      YamaYama of "Christi the Slut, part 1: Her youngest moves in", "Christi the Slut, part 2: Turning Amy Out", "Christi the Slut, part 3: More fun with Amy", "Christi the Slut, part 4: Hayley gets a ride", "Christi the Slut, part 5: Amy Gets Ready To Ride", "Little Slut's Day Care, part 1", "Little Slut's Day Care, part 2: Emma", "Little Slut's Day Care, part 3: Emma goes home", "Video- Barely out of Diapers #1"....(Bi, F, F, F, F, FMf, Ff, Ff, Fff, M, MMf, anal, anal, anal, beast, bi, cons, cons, cons, f, f, f, incest, incest, incest, incest, inter, inter, inter, mast, mast, mast, mast, mast, mff, oral, oral, pedo, ws, cons MMf Bi inter incest ws)

      Yellow Snow of "Ahead Of The Game, ch 7", "Ahead of the Game, ch 1-4", "Ahead of the Game, ch 10", "Ahead of the Game, ch 11", "Ahead of the Game, ch 12", "Ahead of the Game, ch 5", "Ahead of the Game, ch 6", "Ahead of the Game, ch 8", "Ahead of the Game, ch 9", "Death of Innocence", "Love Conquers All"....(anal, brother/sister, brother/sister, brother/sister, brother/sister, brother/sister, control, ff, ff, ff, incest, incest, incest, incest, m/Ff, m/ff, mc, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mff, mind, mother/son, mother/son/brother/sister, rom, romance, romantic, teen, teen, violence, violence, violence, violence, teen incest brother/sister violence mf violence teen romance)

      Yendler of "A Very Brady Orgy, ch 1 of 2", "Bride Plus", "Exploits Into Incest", "My Fantasy Cum True", "My Fantasy Cum True, part 2", "Passing The Class", "Seduction of a Family, part 1", "Sex Stone Plus, part 2", "SexStone", "SexStone, part 3", "Sleeping Beauty", "Snow Bound, part 1", "The Little Sluts"....(Blackmail, Inlaw, MF, MF, MF, MF, Masturbation, Mf, Mf, Mf, Oral, SlightlyNC, affair, anal, bj, brother/sister, con, control, control, control, cousins, duaghter, f/ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, ff, first, group, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, inlaw, m/ff, m/ff, m/fff, m/ffff, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mind, mind, mind, mm/f, mom, mother/son, mother/son, oral, oral, oral, oral, preg, sex, sex, sister/sister, teen, teen, teen, teen, teen, time, unconscious, voyuerism, m/ff ff oral incest teen m/ffff ff f/ff teen anal group)

      YinYang Smiley of "Frack, ch 1", "Frack, ch 2", "Frack, ch 3", "Frack, ch 4"....(Dad/Dau, Dad/Dau, Dad/Dau, Dad/Dau, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Panty, Panty, Panty, Panty, Pedo, Pedo, Pedo, Pedo, Pedo Panty)

      YJ of "Chinese New Year Special", "Cikgu Leila", "Godmother", "Hari Mendung", "Hostmom", "The Maid", "The Secretary", "mother 2"....(Malaysian, fm, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf, mf fm mf mf)

      yng cck of "Before Exhib life", "Chinese Lesson, 1b: Just a wife comment", "Chinese Lesson, ch 1", "Chinese Lesson, ch 3: The arrival", "Chinese Lesson, ch 4: Morning service", "Chinese Lesson, ch 5: Noon Show and Afternoon Delight", "Chinese Lessons, ch 2: The Departure", "Chinese Lessons, ch 6: Nightmare", "Exhib Life VI", "Window Show, part 1", "Window Show, part 3", "Window show, part 2", "exhib life V", "exib life, I to IV"....(/exhib/M, FF, Fm/mmmFM/dad, M, M, M, M/goat, M/m/ffffm, MF, MF, MFFF, MFMMMM, MM, Mf, Mfff, Mg+/Mb+, Msolo, Wife, Wife, Wife, Wife, b+g+, bbbbbbM, beast, chinese, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, exhib, family, ffffffM, first/mm/mmmfff/mf/mF/mFMMM/exhib/msub/blackm, group, groupDom/Msub, groupM/F, humil, humiliation, implied, incest, incest, m, m, mDom/Msub, mf, mf, mmf, mmf/ffff, mom, punish, rape, rape/Asian, solo, solo, son, suggested, suggested, watch, exhib mmf/ffff MFMMMM suggested incest MFFF chinese family group first/mm/mmmfff/mf/mF/mFMMM/exhib/msub/blackm/)

      young-one of "The Education of Jenny, ch 1", "The Education of Jenny, ch 2"....(cons, cons, fg, g/g, gangbang, mast, mg, mg)

      Young Fox of ""Jack Durango Meets His Doom", FBI agent story", ""Undercover Operation": A Jack Durango Story", "Aldo, The CockFighter", "Amy", "Angelo, Boy Gigolo", "Australian Jewels", "Bertram D. Born", "Billy, A Coming of Age Story", "Boris the Freak", "Brandi, ch 1", "Brett and Brittany", "Burlesque", "Casey and Cassandra", "Chasity", "Child Bride", "Child Whores", "Claudia and Catlin", "Cock Cure", "Cody & Consuela", "Countess Sara Washington", "Deception", "Deus Ex Machina, A tale of Southern Incest", "Doris Clitoris", "Family Matters", "Fawn", "First Kill", "Fun In The Woods", "Further Adventures Of Doris Clitoris, Pre-Teen Sex Machine", "Gilliane", "Grandma Larson's Sculptures", "Homage to Cuckold Wimp John", "Jack Durango & the Baroness Sabatini--An FBI Story", "Jack Off Joey", "Jack and his Lala", "Jesse", "John Byzantine", "John Dalton", "Jolie Learns to Fuck", "Judy's Gift", "Lucy", "Lulu and Mr. Fitts", "Maid Service", "Mandy", "Meeting Young Fox", "Mistral", "No Breasts", "Preteen Tails", "Railway Man", "Rebecca", "Regressions", "Shipwreck", "Sibling Singers", "Sluts", "Smoking", "Spontaneous Combustion", "Survivors", "Ten Tails", "The Author", "The Baby Holster", "The Cat Meets the Fox", "The Christmas Anus", "The Gagnon Saga, parts 1-8", "The Judge", "The Millennium Bug", "The Retreat", "The Second Coming", "The Trial", "Three Faces Of Deborah", "Tim and Blackie, Con and Missy", "Tracey", "Training Philip", "Transference: A Jack Durango FBI Story", "Trisha, My Oversexed Daughter", "Uncle Bevan and his Nephew James Play with the Maid", "Vinnie and Me"....(513, Abuse, Addiction, Alcohol, BroSis, Caution, Heavy, M/f/g, MF, MF, MF, MF, MF/f, MF/f, MF/fb, MM/fm, MMf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mf, Mff, Mfff, Minors, Orgy, Preteen, Sex, adventure, bisex, bit, brosis, caution, con, cons, cons, dad/daughter, dildos, f, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, just, lesbian, lez, mF, mf, mf/F, mf/MF, mg, mg, mg, mg, multiple, multiple, or, orgy, partners, partners, pedo, pedo, pedo, perversity, preg, preteen, preteen, preteen, rape/torture/kill, sadism, semicons, teen, time, travel, violence, young, youth, preg con incest pedo lez orgy Mf incest dad/daughter mg or f MM/fm rape/torture/kill Orgy incest youth Mf multiple partners MMf mf/F incest dildos xxk Mf None xxk M/f cons M/f incest Inc preteen magic Mf/Fb incest father daughter mother son f/M M/Ff inc con masochismCaution f multiple partners M/f preteen consensual M/f young cons MffMFfff M/f Inc MF/mg male prostitution M/F short stories Mg Time Travel M/f f/M inc hyp Historical M/fff teen/preteen mf teen inc humor M/f Young Lez Kiddie Orgies Preteen smoking fetish caution bad for your health f/mmmm inc bi pedo M/g short stories None xxk M/g/b Bi Pedo Caution Dementedly perverse insensitive downright gruesome M/F/g cameos by celebrity writers Anal family sex hideous depravity None xxk F/m SciFantasy M/ff incest Inc/MFgg m/f inc mfmfF some lez M/f incest inc/m/fyoung M/f MfF inc cons preg M/m/f inc bbg inc con)

      Young Man of ""Mom's Bad ............ Boy"", ""Mom's Bad ............ Boy"", "Cross The Yard", "Fishing Trip with the Boys", "Learning Early, ch 1", "Learning Early, ch 2", "Mom's Happy", "Mr. Chase's Fun, ch 1", "Starting Young", "The Tree House part 1", "The Tree House part 2 & 3", "Youth, Theirs and Ours 1", "Youth, Theirs and Ours 2"....(Best, F, M, M, Mb, Mb, Mf, Mm, Voy, Ws, anal, b, b, beast, beastiality, con, con, f, g, g, incest, incest, mast, mf, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, nsc, oral, trans, tv, ws, ws, Best nsc nsc nsc nsc nsc)

      Youngset of "A Dream?", "Frank's Big Night", "Jeff's trip, part 1-10", "Lynn's Dream", "Mr Miller's Plan", "The Stray, part 1", "The Teen and The Man", "Work in Progress, part 1 & 2"....(nsc)

      YoungstuffLover of "Cheyann, part 1", "Cheyann, part 2", "Debbie's Daycare Discipline", "My Little Sluts, part 1", "My Little Sluts, part 2", "My Little Sluts, part 3", "My Little Sluts, part 4"....(F/g2/ginfant, M/f/g, MFfff, MFfff, MFfff, MFfff, anal, babysitter, caution, extreme, ff, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, incest, lesbian, mast, masturbation, oral, oral, oral, oral, oral, ped, ped, ped, ped, ped, ped, pedo, reluc, s/m, spank, spank, spank, spank, spanking, toddler, toddler, ped spank oral MFfff incest)

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