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    Memberships are for 30 day or 720 hour periods, the expiration date is the 31st day. Memberships expire the moment the 30th day is over and the 31st day has begun.

    If you sign up in the middle of a day, your first day of membership won't start counting until midnight. The formula we use is 24 x 30 + (24-x) => 720, where x equals hour of day at signup. So, every membership receives a partial day or a few extra hours in addition to their 30 day or 720 hour period.

Terms of Service:

  • A Palisade membership provides access to all member-only areas and material. Story updates are not guaranteed to occur on a daily basis. Enovels are a bonus and may end or be removed without notice...

  • Mass Downloading software of any type NOT ALLOWED in the member only areas.

  • the FULL terms of service

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