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  • Workin' from seven to eleven every night
    Really makes life a drag...
    I don't think that's right
    I feel I've been the best, the best of fools
    I did what I could, ya

    Cuz I love you, Baby
    How I've loved you, Darlin'
    How I've loved you, Baby
    My lovely little girl, little girl

    But, Baby since I been lovin' you, ya
    I'm about lose my lovin' mind


    Everybody tryin' to tell me
    That you didn't do me no good
    I've been tryin', lord, let me tell you
    Let me tell you I really did the best I could

    I been workin' from seven to eleven every night
    I said it kinda makes my life a drag drag drag
    Lord ya that's right now now

    Since I've been lovin' you
    I'm about to lose my lovin' mind



    Do you remember, Mama
    When I knocked upon your door
    I said you had the nerve
    To tell me you didn't want me no more, ya
    I open my front door, I hear my back door slam
    Ya know I must have one of them moods now, moods now
    That's alright, ya ya

    I been a workin' from 7-7-7 to 11 every night
    It kinda make a life a drag, a drag, drag
    Ya, it makes me drag

    Baby since I been lovin' you
    I'm about to lose
    I'm about to lose
    Lose my lovin' mind

    Just one more, just one more
    Since I been lovin' you
    I'm gonna to lose


    (as written and performed by Led Zeppelin)

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